The E-Sylum:  Volume 9, Number 47, November 19, 2006, Article 3


Harry Waterson writes: "This is a response to the acquisition of
subscriber #1000 and a suitable testimonial for the event. Attached
is a picture of the Edward Grove medal for the Society of Medallists.
It is #88 struck in 1973. It is called The Alphabet and I have always
thought it appropriate for The E-Sylum and its readers and

The reverse depicts a montage of the 26 letters of the alphabet
with the size of each letter determined by its frequency of use in
the English language. This is the springboard for a complicated yet
elegant idea:

Determine the top 26 contributors to The E-Sylum from subscriber #1
to #1000, size each name to reflect the amount of submissions published
(the more submissions the larger the name) and then create a wallpaper
of these different sized names. Here a clever graphic artist would
be helpful. Then use this wallpaper as the background or watermark
for all future editions of The E-Sylum.

This background would need to be subdued enough so as not to distract
from the legibility of the publication. When #2000 comes along, adjust
the background appropriately or delete it completely for a better idea."

[This is an interesting concept.  I do like the Grove medal, and
located a copy online for our readers to view. It's on the Medal
Collectors of America (MCA) web site:
Medal Image

Unfortunately, we don't have an accurate count of E-Sylum authors,
although we all know who our current regular contributors are,
starting with Dick Johnson.  A bigger problem is that The E-Sylum
is a plain-text newsletter without graphics of any kind.  That was
a conscious decision in the beginning, to keep the newsletter simple
and the size small.  But at some point we could upgrade to an HTML
format and incorporate some small graphics.  In any event, we could
certainly do something at some point with the design and layout of
the NBS web site.  I built it by hand years ago and it's never been
given a real facelift.  -Editor]

Warner Talso writes: "Recognition is mandatory.  I suggest a FREE
lifetime subscription to E-Sylum"   [I thought that was my joke.
E-Sylum subscriptions are already free to all. -Editor]

Dick Johnson writes: "Subscriber #1000 should be rewarded with ...
a numismatic book (or books) - after all, this is a newsletter for
numismatic book lovers.  If enough subscribers donated a buck they
could pick and choose the book they want the most.  Or donate a
duplicate book.

I'll start the ball rolling. I'll donate both.  How about it,
E-Sylum subscribers! Haven't you learned at least a dollar's worth
of numismatic information from reading this weekly newsletter?

While we are at it, why not donate something to Wayne himself? After
all, he has earned it -- putting out The E-Sylum weekly for all these
years! He has done a lot of work for our pleasure, and not made a cent
from this ongoing project. We have all gotten a free ride all these
years.  Wayne deserves a little "thank you" gift.  Send a buck, a
couple books, or both!

[Well, I did make my first 74 cents last month, when Google made a
test deposit in my checking account for the revenues from Google
ads on our web site.  By prior arrangement NBS and I will each get
a cut, and if he'll let us we'll also reimburse John Nebel for web
site hosting, which he's been doing for free in addition to his
volunteer programming.   In November Google revenues were between
two and six dollars a day, so no one is likely to get rich on this.
If anyone cares to contribute, please email me first.  -Editor]

Canadian Numismatic Association E-Bulletin editor John Regitko writes:
"When the C.N.A. reached milestones in its sale of correspondence
courses, we gave the individuals an honorary one-year membership in
the CNA, as well as publicity in the CNA Journal, CNA E-Bulletin and
Canadian Coin News.

As a believer that you should always put your money where your mouth
is, Chuck Moore (C.N.A. President) and Paul Johnson (C.N.A. Executive
Secretary) have agreed that we should do something for the 1000th
subscriber to the E-Sylum.

We are pleased to offer a one-year membership in the C.N.A. (a US$35
value) as well as a copy of the “bible” on Canadian coin grading (a
CDN$29.95 value), including shipping charges.

We are also issuing a challenge to have the national groups (i.e. ANA)
and regional groups (i.e. FUN, Michigan State, Ohio State, etc.) and
everybody else to match our offer.

I hope that you and the existing recipients of the bulletin understand
that it is not just the prizes, but I think that if it is “worthwhile”
enough we can get publicity for the E-Sylum and the Numismatic
Bibliomania Society in every bulletin issued by those that contribute
a prize. I will certainly ”play it up” in the C.N.A. E-Bulletin."

Bob Neale writes: "At the least, get the milestone event featured in
the other numismatic press, Coin World, Numismatic News, Numismatist,
Ban Note Reporter, etc. Maybe those pubs will offer subscriptions to
the holder of #1000! Congratulations on maintaining a terrific emag.
I really don't know how you manage, but I sure hope you'll be able to
keep it up."

[It'll be up to the editors of those publications if they choose to
cover the event.  It may not be deemed newsworthy, but we can still
break out the hats and hooters and have our own little party.  I do
know the ANA plans to publish a short item on us in an upcoming
Numismatist issue.  -Editor]

Dave Kellogg writes: "Subscriber #1,000 probably won't care to have
his or her name emblazoned in caps or any other special treatment.
Their reward is receiving the E-Sylum - again and again!   What is
really important is to recognize our editor who has produced so many
fine editions for so long, with such consistency and in such an
upbeat fashion.

All of us should be thinking, "What can we do for YOU?" Here's a
start: We could all send a note of congratulations to Wayne.  A
thousand notes of praise would be a wonderful legacy to show his
grandchildren (at some distant time)."

[I get nice notes all the time from our readers, and all are greatly
appreciated.  Knowing how well this newsletter is received helps keep
me going each week.  It's past midnight here, and I should have
called it a night long ago.  One thing readers could do is write an
occasional letter to the editors of their favorite numismatic periodicals
or club journals to acknowledge and promote the benefits of E-Sylum
subscriptions and NBS membership.  -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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