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Adams, Geoffrey Charlton(Comments on book collecting from Adams' Jan. 31, 1905 auction sale catalog)I/1:2
Adams, John WestonRarity and Value of Large Cent LiteratureI/1:3-5
 Woodward vs. FrossardI/2&3:27-32
 U. S. Numismatic Literature Vol. IIII/2:29; IV/1&2:7
 (research help requested: broadside auctions)VI/1:26-27
 Additions and Errors (to United States Numismatic Literature, Vol. I)VIII/3:7-9
 The Wylie HoardXI/1:3-5
 Vignette from the Davis SaleXV/2:16
Alexander, David ThomasonWayte Raymond's Coins of the World, 1938-1955XIII/2:6-13
 Ephemera of the 1909 ANA ElectionXIII/3:10-21
 Ephemera of the 1909 ANA Election - A Bibliophilic UpdateXIII/4:12-16; (L)XIV/2-4:12
Andrews, DougSeven Steps to Protect Your Library InvestmentXX/4:105-109
Arefiev, V.New York Auction Trumps Montel Show on NBCXVI/4:23-24
Atchison, Darryl A. A Selection of Desirable 19th Century Auction Sales Containing Important Canadian Numismatic MaterialXX/1:14-2
Augsburger, LeonardGenealogical Methods in Numismatic ResearchXX/4:110-111
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Bagg, Richard A.Book Prices Current, Part 1 (Norweb Part III, 1988)VII/2:13-14,16
Banner, BruceThe Evolution of a SpeciesXV/I:13-14
Beresiner, YashaDealer Sees Market UpswingII/4:15-16
Bergman, John F.Bergman Sale Features BargainsIII/2:9-10
 How to Pack BooksVIII/2:19-21
 The Sale of the Adolph Hess LibraryIX/3:5-8
Bisordi, Raymond L.A Checklist of ANS Numismatic Notes and MonographsVI/3:83-88
 The Works of John MuscalusVII/4:21-23
Bloch, Jules J., II(letter re: buying books at auction)IV/3:4-5
Block, DavidNapoleonic Medal Books Have ProblemsIII/2:5-12; (L)III/3&4:19-21
 From the EditorVI/3:70; VI/4:101;
VII/1:5; VII/2:5;
VII/3:22; VII/4:5;
VIII/1:6; VIII/3:4-6;
VIII/4:6; IX/1:25
 The Life of a Journal: Das NotgeldVI/4:102-115
 A Sixteenth Century Coin Collector and His BookIX/2:12-17
 [review] Elizabeth M. Harris, The Art of Medal EngravingX/2:21
Bourne, RemyDid You Know- (1982 ANA Convention Speech on Periodicals)II/2:24
 Overview of Obscure Numismatic PeriodicalsIV/3:10-13,16
 Fixed Price List: The Forgotten Part of Literature CollectionsV/3:13,16-17
 Rare Auction Sale CatalogsVI/4:116-118
 From the PresidentVII/3:6-7; VII/4:3
 A Revisit: Rare Auction Sale CatalogsXIII/4:21-22
Bowers, Q. DavidTry Collecting CatalogsI/1:10-11
 Revisiting the Early 1950sV/1:16-19
 A Difference of OpinionV/3:19-21
 Some Notes on ArchivesXX/2:51-53; (L)XX/3:70-71
 The Fascinating Challenge of Numismatic ResearchXX/3:72-82
Breen, Walter H.A Review of Half Cent LiteratureI/2&3:33-38; (L)I/4:57-58
Bressett, Kenneth E.Some Rarely Seen Whitman Coin BooksXI/1:12-17; (L)XI/2:23
 The Original Fantastic 1804 Dollar BookXIX/3:71-72; (L)XIX/4:109
Brown, JeffBradbeer Rarity Discovered? (Confederate notes) III/3&4:8-9
Brown, Kirby W.The Origin of the Coin Plates in The American Bond Detector II/1:9-10
 A Study of Embossed Coin BooksII/3:5-7,10-11; II/4:16,18-26
Burd, William A.The Chicago Numismatic Society and the Issues of The BulletinXIV/2-4:29-30
 Early Auctions of the Chicago Coin ClubXIV/2-4:31-33
 Researching a StoryXVI/2:26-27
Burns, John 1992 Orlando ANA Convention DiaryX/4:20-25
Burton, Bruce(letter re: attribution for Sheldons)XII/3:23
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Calvin, FrankThe Brown BookVIII/4:18-21; IX/1:11-16
Campbell, Francis D., Jr.Harry W. Bass, Jr.: A RemembranceXVI/2:9-11
Campbell, Harry F.Saga of Utah's Largest Manhunt (Utah mines)V/1:10-11
 The Saga of the West (Matt Warren - token issuer)V/3:11-12
Carlisle, C. M.Numismatics in Fiction - A Trial ListXV/3:20-43
Carlotto, TonyEarly Vermont LiteratureXII/2:16-22
Carrigan, Philip S.The Champa Sale: A Different Numismatic AuctionXIII/2:26-27
 A Brief History of Canadian Numismatics as Reflected in Its Books and Auction CatalogsXV/2:6-9
Carter, Mike Rare Gilhousen Work DiscoveredII/1:7-8
 Mystery Book Reveals Some Secrets (Vignette Book: W. P. Malburn presentation copy)II/3:12-13
Cassel, DavidA Misnomer Mystery Finally SolvedXX/2:54-58
Champa, ArmandFrom the PresidentV/4:2
Christie, BobThe Whitman Numismatic JournalXVI/4:21-22
Cochran, Bob E.[review] Thomas P. Kane, The Romance and Tragedy of BankingVI/1:25-26
Cochrane, Norman J.Thank You, Harald SalvesenXIII/1:14-15
 Collecting Catalogs Solves a MysteryXIV/2-4:36
Cohen, David H.Dunham's Easy Finding ListVIII/1:16-20
Collins, JackWelcome to The AsylumI/1:1
 Bookshelf Bibliomania (shelving your library)I/1:9
 Bibliomania Bid Battle for Books (Kolbe June 12-13, 1981)I/4:59-62
 Clapp's United States CentsVIII/1:14-15
 In Remembrance of a Numismatic Genius - Walter BreenXIV/2-4:25-28
Cooper, HughThe Plough, Not the Trowel [review: P. J. Casey, Understanding Ancient Coins]VI/2:59-60
 Numismatics in BibliomaniaVI/4:119-120
Crawmer, ArthurNumismatic Literature and the ComputerXI/1:20-22
 Moving into the New Millennium: Some Thoughts on Numismatics in the Year 2000 and BeyondXVI/3:19-23
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Daehn, William E.An Old Book Brings Old and New Collectors TogetherXIX/4:120-126
Daniel, Forrest W.The Incomplet CollectorI/4:63-64
 A Book Collector's Strategy (Phila. News, Sept. 1887)IV/4:9-10
 A Checklist of Numismatic FictionIX/2:21-24; (A)IX/4:22
 Paper Marbling in NumismaticsXII/1:14-17
Davis, Charles(letter re: buying books at auction)V/1:6-7
 (letter re: fixed price list sales results)VII/1:8
 A Trial List of Quarterman PublicationsIX/3:9-12
 The Armand Champa ExhibitIX/4:24-25
 W. Elliot Woodward, A Few Notes and New PlatesX/1:13-21
 Woodward's ScrapbooksX/2:17-18
 From the Editor X/2:18-19; X/3:18;
XI/1:22-23; XI/2:20-23;
XI/4:20-22; XII/1:22-24;
XII/2:23-24; XII/3:23-24;
 Early American Coppers Convention Notes (1992)X/2:21-23
 The Dennis Mendelson Library SaleX/4:11-13
 A Letter from Mortimer MackenzieXI/1:6-8
 The National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 ImprintsXI/4:3-7
 The Randall Haseltine Type TableXI/4:17-18
 Mehl's French Catalogue as Seen by George ClappXII/2:3-7
Deane, EdHarry Wesley Bass, Junior: A Tribute to a Great NumismatistXVI/2:3-8
Dyer, Frederick N.Storer’s Numismatic RootsXX/3:89-91
Dziubek, Larry[review] Communion Tokens of the World by Lester M. BurzinskiXVII/4:19
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Ellenbogen, RaphaelWhy the Big Fuss Collecting Numismatic Auction CataloguesXII/3:9; (L)XII/4:24
 YES... I Do Collect Catalogues!XIII/4-23; (L)XIV/2-4:12
 United States Treasury Specimen BooksXVI/1:12-18; (L,E)XVII/2:3
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Fanning, David F.Plagiarism or Cooperation?: Two Identical Premium-Paid Lists of the Late Nineteenth CenturyXX/2:40-50
 More on Identical Premium-Paid ListsXX/3:85-86
 Book Review: The Coins of Pontius Pilate by Jean-Philippe Fontanille and Sheldon Lee GoslineXX/3:92-93
 Hidden Treasures in Old LiteratureXX/4:115-116
Ford, John J., Jr.(NBS Meeting Address at Cincinnati ANA Aug. 18, 1980)I/2&3:17-24; I/4:49-56
 Non-Numismatic Books as Sources of Reference - Dr. Frances Gardiner DavenportX/4:3-9
Fort, E. TomlinsonEditorialsXVII/4:2-3; XVIII/1:3
 CD Review: Scottish Currency (National Museum of Scotland)XVIII/3:91-92
Foster, JosephCNA Auction Catalog Bibliography III/3&4:4-6
Fuld, George J.Numismatic Book Collecting in the 50s XI/3:3-6; (L)XI/4:20
 Harry Bass vs. the Fuld LibraryXVII/2:15-16
Fultz, Tamara Lee(letter re: U. S. Treasury Specimen Books)XVII/2:3
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Gaspar, Peter P.The Book That Awakened My Love of CoinsXII/1:17
 Numismatics in Fiction - A Trial ListXV/3:20-43
Gengerke, MartinFrom the Editor XIII/2:5
Gibbs, William T.E-Sylum Complements Asylum for Numismatic Literature CollectorsXVII/3:14-15
Gladfelter, David[review] John J. Ford, Jr., ed., Numisma: 1954-1960XIV/2-4:55-56
Gresham, CarlingThe Last WordII/3:16; II/4:32;
III/2:28; III/3&4:21
 Don José Toribio MedinaIII/3&4:21-28; IV/1&2:9-18
 Professionals, Pet Rocks, Pet Food and Pet Peeves [semantics of "professional"]IV/3:22-23; IV/4:4-5
 Research: Necessity, Curiosity, and a Roll of the DiceV/2:10; V/3:7-9
 A Memorable Visit to Louisville (1988)VI/3:80,C1-C4
Groves, DonNorth American Indians - McKenney & HallXIII/4:19-21
Guibault, Leo J., Jr. (letter re: book grading standards)IV/3:6-8
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Harrison, Thomas D.Thank You, Wayte RaymondVIII/1:7-13
Helfer, StevenThe Bookend (basics of book collecting)V/1:11-12
 [review] New England Journal of NumismaticsV/1:26-27
Herkowitz, CarlArd W. Browning through a 1920 Looking GlassXV/3:8-12
Hibbs, RussellNotes on the Literature of South African TokensX/3:10-11
Hirt, David(letter re: buying books at auction)V/1:5-6
 (letter re: existence of Oct. 5, 1918 ANA Auction Sale)VII/4:6
 The John Allan LibraryX/1:6-9
 Sale Catalogues of M. H. BolenderXII/4:19-20
 Who Was Mrs. Marshall-XIV/2-4:43
 The 1877 Fifty Dollar Gold Patterns: A Civil War Connection - XV/1:3-4
 An Early Bowers Numismatic Literature SaleXV/2:10
 Report of Current Status of NBS (Treasurer's Report, 1997)XV/3:2
 Membership ReportsXVI/1:3; XVI/2:2;
XVI/3:2; XVI/4:3;
XVII/2:3; XVII/3:
3;XVII/4:4; XVIII/1:3;
XVIII/2:35; XVIII/3:67;
XIX/1:4; XIX/3:70
 (letter re: Roper 1851 Catalog; Charles C. Rood)XVII/1:4
 (letter re: Something About Coins by E. A. Barra (1863)) XVII/3:3-4
 Collecting Numismatic Literature in the 1960sXX/3:87-88
Hodder, Michael J.Development of the Cataloguer's StyleIX/4:5-9
 Improving on an A+ (New Netherlands Dec. 3-4, 1968)X/2:3-8
 In Memoriam - Walter Breen 1927-1993XI/2:14
 [review] Harrington E. Manville, Numismatic Guide to British and Irish PeriodicalsXII/3:10-12; (L)XII/4:24
 Who Was Major the Lord St. Oswald-XII/4:3-7
 My Friendship with Jack CollinsXIV/2-4:11
 (letter re: 1792 gold Washington Pres., 1861 Confed. half)XVI/4:19-20
Homren, Wayne K.Searching for Elusive Coin BooksII/3:14-15
 [review] Murray Teigh Bloom, The Man Who Stole PortugalIV/3;23-24
 Guest EditorialIX/2:6
 So How Much Did Priced Catalogues Cost, Anyway-IX/3:21
 Exhibit Category ReportIX/4:21
 Exhibiting Numismatic LiteratureX/1:21-24; (L)X/2:3-8
 A Bibliophile's Paradise: The 1992 Early American Coppers Convention and the Eric P. Newman Numismatic LibraryX/3:12-18
 Numismatic Nuggets from the American Society of Curio Collectors Bulletin Volume IXI/2:3-10
 C'mon in, the E-Mail's FineXII/4:16-17
 1804 Dollar Supposedly Sold to Scott & Co. ... (from N. Y. Daily Tribune, 1895) XII/1:9-10
 ¡Show and Tell!XIII/4:17-19; XIV/2-4:44-45;
 A Chronology of Lyman Low's Treatise on Mexican Revolutionary Coinage XIV/2-4:19-23
 Tips on Moving a LibraryXV/1:16-20
 President’s MessageXVII/3:2; XVII/4:2;XVIII/1:2;
XVIII/2:34; XVIII/3:66;
XIX/1:2; XIX/2:38;
 Checking into the Hotel California: A Visit with John Bergman and George KolbeXVIII/4:104-107
 Frank J. Katen, M. A. Powills and Frank Causey Wilson’s BulletinXIX/1:14-15,OBC
 Diagnostics of the Fantastic 1804 Dollar BookXIX/3:73-74
Honoré, Carl C.[review] The Soho Mint and the Industrialization of Money, by Richard DotyXVII/2:12-13
Horning, Charles D.Is It Coogan, Cogan or Bangs - XIII/4:26-27
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Johnson, ByronNumismatic Information (personal history transcribed by Tom Sheehan)XI/3:12-14
Johnson, D. WayneThe Origin of Coin World Annual Book Edition and Remembrances of Frank J. KatenXIX/4:127
Jordan, ReinholdGerman Numismatic BibliomaniacsII/2:22-23; (L)III/1:24
 New Bibliography from East GermanyII/3:4
 The Kind of Telephone Calls I Like IV/3:19-21
 Numismatic MinibooksVI/1:13-14
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Karoleff, Bradley S. Friends Over Generations Through NumismaticsXV/1:27-28
Katen, FrankThe Wylie HoardVII/4:8-12
Keele, BenAn Overview of Copyright Law for NumismatistsXIX/1:18-20
Kirk, Edward B.(letter re: collector losing library)IV/3:5-6
Kolbe, George FrederickWelcome to The AsylumI/1:1
 Photographic Illustrations in Numismatic LiteratureI/1:5-8
 An American Classic (Crosby's Early Coins of America)]I/1:12-14
 Dealer Welcomes New Bibliography (Clain-Stefanelli)III/1:21-23
 Coast Auction Exceeds Estimate by 10%III/2:18-20
 Election Surprise, Honor, ResponsibilityIII/3&4:3-4
 Spink's Recent Sale "Memorable"III/3&4:9-10
 From the PresidentIV/1&2:3; V/1:3;
 An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Numismatic LiteratureV/2:9-10; V/3:21-23;
 Alfred Szego - A RemembranceIX/4:27
 Rollin et Feuardent: A Final Farewell?XI/4:3-7
 James A. Brown - A RemembranceXIII/3:21-22
 A Numismatic FriendshipXIV/2-4:7-9
 Browsing Through the Stack's StacksXIV/2-4:46-52
 From the EditorXV/1:28
 Collins, Me & NBSXV/4:11-12
 The First Photographically Illustrated Auction Catalogue (1860)XVI/2:25
 John Frederick Bergman: Numismatic Bookseller — FriendXVIII/4:108-109
 Frank Katen — An AppreciationXIX/1:12-13
 Numismatics in the Age of GrolierXX/1:11-13
Kraljevich, John, Jr.An Attribution Guide for "Sheldons"XI/3:18-21; (L)XII/3:23
 Bibliomaniacs Share in ANA Exhibit HallXIX/4:116-117
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Lake, FredSeed Money Twenty Five DollarsVIII/4:17-18
 Southern Regional NBS Meeting (Jan. 10, 1992)X/1:12
 Odds & EndpapersXI/3:15-16; XI/4:15-16;
XII/1:18; XII/3:15-16
 NBS Meeting (FUN, Orlando, Jan. 8, 1994)XII/1:24
 Which Books You Should Buy So You Know Which Books You Should BuyXII/3:12-14
 Regional Meeting Report (FUN, Jan. 11, 1997)XV/1:26
 NBS Meeting at FUN (Jan. 10, 1998)XVI/1:19
Lange, David W.On the Record [article: J. Pacific Coast Num. Soc.]IV/3:23; (L)IV/3:4
 Are Coin Albums Numismatic Literature-XII/3:16-22
 The Development of the Coin Album (Parts One through Six)XV/2:17-27; XVI/2:33-45;
XVII/2:22-25; XVIII/1:4-16;
Lessen, MarvinA Review of Henfrey's Journal (1864-66)XIII/4:5-6
 Some Letters by Edward HawkinsXVI/1:27-28
Loring, Denis W.(research help request: key large cent literature)V/1:13
 A Day at the Street FairXI/1:18-19
 Chapman on 1794 Large Cents, 1923, 1926a, 1926bXII/4:14-15
Lowe, KenCensus of Early NumismatistsVII/1:18-19
 From the PresidentVII/4:3
 The Numismatic Library of Frank and Laurese Katen, Part 2 XII/4:20-22
Luedeking, AlanNumismatic Books - An Adventuresome PursuitXV/3:3-7
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Malkmus, WilliamIndex to The Asylum, vols. I-V V/4:suppl.
 Reading Books When You Don't Know the Language: Hungarian VIII/2:4-8
 Index to The Asylum, vols. VI-XX/4:suppl.
 The Numismatic Messenger, 1971-1972XI/1:17-18; (L)XI/2:23
 Index to The Asylum, vols.I-XV; XV/4:13-52
 More on Budé’s De Asse…XVII/2:18-21; (E)XVII/3:3
 Index to The Asylum Volumes XVI to XVIIXVIII/1:27-31
 Bibliomania through the Ages: Four Mini-Reviews XX/2:59-61
 Index to The Asylum Volumes XVI to XXXX/4:117-123
Manville, Harrington E.Byways of British NumismaticsV/1:20-24
 Why Would Anyone in His Right Mind Collect Auction Catalogues? -- 2XII/1:3-7
Margolis, RichardA Little-known Mid-19th Century Work on French MedalsVII/4:16-19
Marotta, Michael E.Glenn R. Peterson’s The Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half DollarsXIX/3:89-90
 Authoring is the Collecting of TitlesXX/1:22-23
McCarthy, J. D.A Plea for Help and Understanding — and a WarningXIX/3:81-86
McInnis, Jordan Hugh, Jr.George Marion Klein of Vicksburg, Mississippi: My Great-Grandfather (in two parts)XVI/4:36; XVII/4:26-30
Meghrig, AlanPerturbations #1: Newlin's Half Dime Work II/2:20-21
 Meghrig Compiles Asylum IndexIII/2:16-17
Mosvick, JamesSupport Your Local Printing MuseumIX/3:8-9
 Fire Destroys Miller Print Shop (1991 - Lawrence, Kansas)IX/3:20
Moulton, KarlBehind the ScenesXVIII/3:68-70
 Remembering John BergmanXVIII/4:110-111
 Sitting on the ShelfXIX/4:118-119
Murray, Bill[review] Pete Smith, Building, Maintaining, and Disposing of a Numismatic LibraryXII/3:9-10
 Between the CoversXVI/1:19; XVI/3:42;
XVI/4:39; XVII/1:3-4;
XVII/2:11-12; XVII/3:12-13
 NBS Annual Meeting at ANA, Portland, August 8, 1998XVI/3:23
Musante, Neil E.A Bibliography of the Published Works of William Spohn BakerXII/1:3-9
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Newman, Eric P.Sylvester S. Crosby's Heliotype IllustrationsII/1:5-7
 A Numismatic Book (poem) VI/4:100
 The Earliest American Publications on American Numismatics - A RediscoveryX/3:3-9
 Developing Commentary and Observations on Differences between American and English Foreign Exchange Broadsides having no Date or Place of IssueXIV/1:3-5, insert
 American Numismatic Pamphlet Featuring the Execution of a CounterfeiterXIX/4:110-115
Nicely, Tom The Life and Times of J. Francis RugglesVI/3:71-80
Nuxoll, Elizabeth M.Revolutionary FinancesVII/2:5,7-12
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Ogilvie, Jack W.Complete Sets of The Numismatist: 1970 Pedigree DataXIV/2-4:53
Orosz, Joel J.Preservation of Leather and Paper, or What to do Before Decay "Kills" Your BooksII/4:5-14; III/1:14-21;
III/2:19-27; (L)III/3&4:11
 On the Record (Heritage Rare Coin Galleries)IV/1&2:19
 [review] Journal of the Pacific Coast Numismatic SocietyIV/1&2:19-20
 [review] John Reich JournalV/3:25
 [review] Davis Burnett, Jr., Bolivian Proclamation CoinageV/3:25
 From the EditorIV/1&2:4-6; IV/3:3-4;
IV/4:2; V/1:3-4;
V/2:2-3; V/3:3;
V/4:2; VI/1:2,5;
 The Last WordIV/1&2:20; IV/3:26;
IV/4:10-11; V/1:27;
V/2:10-11; V/3:26-27;
V/4:7-8; VI/1:29;
VI/2:60-61; VI/3:90
 The Printer's DevilVI/3:89; VI/4:121-122;
VII/1:20-21; VII/2:20-21;
VII/3:19-21; VII/4:24-26;
VIII/1:22-24; VIII/3:21-23;
VIII/4:22-23; IX/1:24-25;
IX/3:22-23; IX/4:18-20;
X/1:4-6; X/3:19-21;
X/4:9-11; XI/1:8-11;
XI/3:7-9; XI/4:18-19;
XII/1:9-12; (L)XII/2:23-24;
XII/4:10-13; XIII/1:11-14;
XIII/3:5-9; XIV/2-4:37-40;
XV/1:21-26; XVI/2:28-32;
XVI/3:13-18; (L)XVI/4:19-20
 (Subsequent Printer’s Devils listed by subtitle) 
 Annual Shammy AwardsVIII/2:21-23; IX/2:24-26;
X/2:14-17; XI/2:15-18;
XII/2:10-15; XIII/2:20-25;
XIII/4:7-11; XV/3:13-19;
XVI/4:14-18; XVII/4:11-19
 Why Collect Books About Coins-IX/2:18-21
 [review] Pete Smith, American Numismatic BiographiesXI/2:11-13
 Mehl's Coin Circular: A Window on American Numismatics in the 20's and the 30'sXII/3:3-8
 Jack Collins - 1939-1996XIV/2-4:4-6
 The Beginning of Coin Investment LiteratureXV/1:5-13
 Armand Champa - A Personal MemoirXV/2:3-5
 The Numismatic Bibliomania Society, 1980-1997, A History of Seventeen Years in Fifteen VolumesXV/4:1-11
 Ken Lowe: Amateur of Numismatic LiteratureXVI/2:11-12
 A Glimpse into the Lost World of Antebellum Coin DealersXVII/1:5-9
 The World Turned Upside DownXVII/1:15-29
 A. P. Wylie, Keeper of the FlameXVII/2:7-10
 Daniel E. Groux’s Descriptive Catalogue for the Maryland Historical Society and the Coins of Joel BarlowXVII/3:5-11; (L)XVII/4:4
 Ad Hominem ad Nauseam: The "Great Debate" between Michael Hodder and Theodore ButtreyXVII/3:23-29
 Where Have All the Core References Gone?XVIII/1:22-24
 Samuel Breck and his Historical Sketch of Continental Paper MoneyXVIII/2:50-59
 Missing Masterpieces: The Twilight Zone of American Numismatic LiteratureXVIII/3:73-79; (L)XIX/1:3-4
 William Gowans and the First U. S. Auctions of Numismatic LiteratureXVIII/4:124-128
 Frank Joseph Katen: Pathfinder of Numismatic LiteratureXIX/1:9-11
 Colburn’s Cogan: An Exercise in Reconstructing ProvenanceXIX/1:21-28
 Frederick S. W. Mayers’ "The Literature of American Numismatics": The First Such Article Published in the U. S.XIX/2:46-51
 William Gowans and the Contents of the Three Earliest Significant Sales of Numismatic Literature in the U. S.XIX/3:75-80; (L)XIX/4:109
 Dr. James Mease: A Forgotten Pioneer of Numismatic LiteratureXIX/4:128-134
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Paradis, MikeA Research Query: Guttag PublicationsXVIII/3:71-72
Pepper, D. R. R.Eben Locke Mason, Jr. — A Double LifeXVII/4:5-9
Perkins, W. DavidMy Amazing Story by a 1795 B-10 DollarXX/1:3-6
Pradier, Stephen B. What People Will Put on eBayXX/4:112-114
Price, EdResearch Aids: Catalogs, NBS Friends, and SerendipityXVII/2:27-31
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Raisig, L. MilesThe Case of the Missing ConsonantVII/3:8-11
Ralls, PhilAnnouncing an Information Gathering Project on Newcomb's The United States Cents of the Years 1801-1802-1803XV/2:28
Reppeteau, L. V.The Accidental NumismatistVII/3:14-17,21
 Have You Checked Head's?IX/4:10-12
Riley, Dominic"Ancient Grease" Some Thoughts on the Lubrication of Leather JointsXIV/2-4:34-35
Risk, James C.Some Particular Advice to Those about to Start a Collection of CoinsV/1:24-25
Rock, JeffRamblings of an Acute BibliomaniacV/3:9-11
 NBS Meets, Board Meets, and the Maniacs Prevail! (Atlanta ANA 1987)V/4:5-6
 Books on Copper Worth Their Weight in GoldVI/1:18-25;
 Books About U. S. Silver and Gold Coins Prior to 1837 and Pioneer and Territorial GoldVIII/3:10-18; VIII/4:7-15; IX/1:4-10; IX/2:7-11
Rubin, P. ScottFacts about the ANA Auction Catalogs of 1907 and Mid-Winter 1980 through 1987V/3:5-7
 More on ANA Auction CatalogsVII/3:18; (L)VII/4:6
 Shirley Who? or Can You Name the Stacks of the 1930s - VII/4:12-13
 From the PresidentIX/2:5; IX/3:4;
IX/4:4; X/1:4;
X/2:24; X/3:23;
X/4:18; XI/1:24;
XI/2:24; XI/4:23;
XII/1:24; XII/2:23;
XIII/2:4; XIII/3:4;
XIII/4:4; XIV/1:2;
XV/1:2; XV/2:2
 The Most Important ANA Auctions of Each DecadeIX/3:12-19
 ANA Convention Notebook (1991)IX/4:22-24
 The Printing History of the Gilbert Half Cent BookX/2:10-14
 Bolender SnapsX/2:20
 Don't Believe Everything You Hear about Coins; Check Contemporary Sources for Facts!XII/4:7-9
 Stack's: Sixty Years of Numismatic AuctionsXIII/1:23-25
 Henry Chapman was not Perfect!XIII/3:23-24
 One of My Closest Friends in NumismaticsXIV/2-4:10-11
 Variants of the 1851 Roper Auction Sale CatalogueXVI/4:37-38; (L)XVII/1:4
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Saville, DouglasThe Roman Imperial Coinage: The History of a Remarkable SeriesXIX/2:39-45
Schuman, BobThe Holy GrailXIX/3:87-88
Sklow, David J. The Numismatist: The First Six Volumes — Where Are They Now?XVII/3:18-22
 Membership ReportsXIX/4:108;
 Secretary/Treasurer’s MessageXX/2:39;
Smith, PetePre-1900 Fixed Price Lists and U. S. CoppersVII/1:9-15
 A. M. Smith's Coins and Coinage: A Trial ListIX/4:13-18; (A)X/1:11
 [review] Charles Davis,American Numismatic LiteratureXI/2:18-19
 Guillaume Budé, 1467-1540XI/4:12-15
 An Afternoon with Frank and Laurese KatenXIII/4:24-25
 August 17, 1996 - Dazed and ConfusedXIV/2-4:13-18
 Dr. Heath and The Detroit PhilatelistXIV/2-4:41-43
 The Dick Punchard Library SaleXVI/1:8-11
 News from the NetXVI/3:40-41;
 More on Charles C. RoodXVI/4:29-36; (L)XVII/1:4
 Who’s Who in Numismatics (You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Title)XVIII/1:18-20
 Frank Katen vs. the ANAXIX/1:16-17
 President’s MessageXIX/4:106-108;
 Response to Fanning [re: Premium-Paid Lists]XX/3:83-84
Spillman, Jim C.Walter H. Breen's Annotated "Miller" XIII/1:8-9
Stewartby, Lord Edward BurnsXVIII/2:36-49
Sullivan, Michael Joseph"Trial List" of ANA Auction Catalogs III/1:9-11
 You Name It (predecessors of Coins)IV/3:17-19
 (research help requested: U. S. bank histories)VI/1:27
 The Museum of Bookbinding (Bath, England)IX/3:24-25
 Dr. Henry Bronson: Physician and HistorianX/4:13-15
 Kelly's Coins and ChatterXI/1:22; XI/3:11
 Bowers' Special Coin Letters, 1970-1981XII/1:19-21
 The Katen Library Sale, a ReviewXII/2:22-23
 The Armand Champa Library Sale, Part OneXII/4:17-19
 Collecting Numismatic Periodicals, as Illustrated by the Emissions of Chas. A. Steigerwalt, 1878-1909XIII/1:15-22
 From the PresidentXV/3:2
 Index to The Asylum, vols. I-XVXV/4:13-52
 President’s MessageXVI/1:2-3;
 The Foote Counterfeit Detector and Armand ChampaXVI/1:20-26
Szego, AlfredThe Reprint - Don't Knock ItI/4:64
 The Largest Private LibraryVII/2:17-18
 The Modern Photocopy MachineVII/3:12-13
 The Mystery of Ercole GnecchiVIII/2:9-11
 German States BibliographyVIII/3:19-21
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Van Zandt, Frank[review] Denis R. Cooper, The Art and Craft of CoinmakingXI/3:10-11
 ANA Convention Report (Baltimore 1993) XI/3:16-18,24
 Scarcity of Early Issues of The American Journal of NumismaticsXI/4:10-12
 [review] Philip L. Mossman, Money of the American Colonies and ConfederationXII/1:13
 Two Varieties of the Levick Plate of 1793 CentsXII/2:8-9
 McLachlan Set of Woodward Sales Stirs InterestXIII/2:13-20
 [review] Brian Robinson, Pennies and Linen Towels: The Story of the Royal MaundyXIV/2-4:54
Victor-McCawley, Chris[review] J. R. Grellman and Jules Reiver, Attribution Guide for United States Large Cents 1840-1857V/1:25-26
 The Noyes Early and Middle Date Cent BooksX/1:9-11
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Welch, HaroldA Friend I Barely Knew (Ken Lowe)XVI/2:13-14
Wester, Robert I.The Crosbys of Charlestown, New HampshireII/1:1-4
 Engraving Art, Science in Book (W. L. Ormsby volume)III/1:4-9
 ANS Plans New Building ... in 1906III/3&4:6-7
 The Vermont Coinage by Reverend Edmund F. SlafterIV/4:5,8
 Ormsby's Bank Note EngravingVII/1:21
Wetterstrom, Kerry K.Collecting the Auction Catalogs of Numismatic Fine ArtsXVI/1:4-7
Wilson, CalNBS Alive, Doing Well (presidential message)II/3:3-4
 Election Time! Call for NominationsII/4:3-4
 About Those ANA Auction CatalogsII/4:27-31
 Book "Doctor" Arrives from England (Alan Grace)III/1:3
 Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to Us (brief history NBS)III/2:3-4
 NBS Board Meeting Report (Aug. 1986)IV/3:8-9
 (research help request: biographies of numismatists)VI/1:27-29
 In Memoriam: Kenneth Eason MaplesVI/2:58
Wilson, JohnNBS Regional Meeting, St. Louis (Oct. 31, 1987)VI/1:7-9
Wilson, John and NancyThe Ken Lowe Library SaleXVIII/3:80-83
 Overprinted Coin Show “Red Books” and Mr. YeoXVIII/3:89-90;
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Xenos, Myron"You Don’t Say": Numismatic Gleanings from the PastXX/1:24-26
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Zander, Randolph[review] Harrington E. Manville and Terence J. Robinson, British Numismatic Auction Catalogs 1710-1984IV/3:24-25
 On the Record: Sydney K. Eastwood's NumismaIV/4:9
 Professional: Smile When You Call Me ThatV/1:9-10
 The Yudin Library (in Library of Congress)VI/1:11-13
 Some Random Numismatic Reminiscences (in three parts)XVI/2:16-25;
Zavos, RobertThe Rarest Numismatic Title (K. Ahwash: Half Dimes)VIII/1:20-21
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 Critic's Corner (reviews: Swiatek/Breen and Iacovo books on commerative coins)II/1:11-12
 Erratas (sic) and Such (re: errors in Essay-Proof Journal article on Heath's Infallible Counterfeit Detector)II/2:28
 NBS Annual Meeting Report (Aug. 1986)IV/3:8-9
 [review] IAPN Members, Numismatics - Witness to HistoryV/3:25-26
 Book Prices Uncurrent (1812)VII/1:22-23
 Book Prices Current, Part 2 (three 1988/89 auctions)VII/2:14-15
 Confusion Rains SupremeVII/2:19
 About the Size of ItVII/4:14-15
 Binding vs. CasingVII/4:20
 Books for CollectorsVII/4:27
 Describing BooksVIII/2:12-18
 Books at AuctionVIII/4:16
 [review] Remy Bourne, American Numismatic Periodicals 1860-1960IX/1:17-23
 [review] John W. Adams, United States Numismatic Literature, vol. II, Twentieth Century Auction Auction Catalogs IX/2:27-29
 Recent Publications on Book CollectingXIV/2-4:28
 NBS Officers and Board Members, 1980-1987XV/4:IBC
 Awards Presented to NBS and Its MembersXV/4:IBC
 Announcing the New Device: Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge [BOOK]XVI/3:24
 Teenager Wins Numismatic Literature Essay Contest XVII/3:11
 In Memoriam: John F. Bergman (1944-2000) XVIII/4:98-103
 In Memoriam: Frank Katen (1903-2001)XIX/1:5-8
 Candidate Bios for the 2001 Election of Officers for the NBSXIX/2:55-60
 Numismatics in the Age of GrolierXIX/4:135-136
 David Herman Block (1926-2002) XX/4:129
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