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On the morning of Friday, September 4, 1998, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society's Internet email list was inaugurated with the following message.

This message is being sent to members and friends of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS).  To be added or change your subscription to the mailing list at any time, Subscription Management Page 

In a Press Release going out soon to the numismatic press, we describe the purpose of the mailing list as follows: 

Numismatic Bibliomania Society Vice President Wayne Homren is collecting email addresses for NBS members,  a process which began at the national meeting at the Portland  ANA convention.  The resulting mailing list will be used to keep members and interested parties updated on NBS events and  changes to the NBS web site (  To have your address added to the list, send Wayne a note at this email address:
A number of folks signed up at the meeting in Portland.  To that initial group we've added the addresses of other current and former members that the Board is aware of, plus a few numismatic pen pals we thought might be interested. 

This is intended to be a moderated, low-volume mailing list, with no more than one message every week or so.  Its purpose and use will evolve over time - please send us your comments and suggestions. 

In the meantime, please visit our web site, and forward this  note to any other email pen-pal you think might have an interest. Remember, the list isn't limited to only NBS members.  Don't assume they're already on the list;  we're starting small, but with your help we can grow. 

Thanks for your attention, and welcome. 

   Wayne Homren 
   Numismatic Bibliomania Society 


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Less verbose announcements were also sent to the COINS and BIBLIONUMIS mailing lists, as well the the Early American Coppers "Region 8" mailing list.

The initial mailing list was comprised of the addresses of NBS officers and Board members, other current and former members, and other interested parties, for a total of 49 names.   By noon subscription requests began arriving from around the world.   Peter Gaspar of St. Louis, MO was the first.  Jere Bacharach of the University of Washington in Seattle, was second, with Dr. Hubert Emmerig of Austria a close third.  Some current members wrote to confirm or update their mailing address, and ten new folks subscribed: by 5 pm the list had already grown to 59 names.  Over the course of the Labor Day weekend another twenty people subscribed, mostly from the U.S., but from as far afield as Italy, Poland, and the Russian Federation.

Some comments from new subscribers:

  • I have been remiss in not joining the NBS much sooner, as I collect Numismatic Literature and I know many of the members of the NBS.  So... please send me an application and include me on your mailing list!
  • Sounds good Wayne.  Please add me to the list.  Should have joined NBS years ago....
  • I am not yet a member of the NBS but am interested in joining. Please tell me to whom I can pay my membership fee and additionally, sign me up for the  mailing list.
  • Is there a YN rate for the NBS? 

  • I enjoyed your web site very much. Please add me to your list.
  • Wayne, an excellent undertaking...  I am a Society member and certainly wouldn't want to miss out

Neil Rothschild offered to publicize the mailing list on the Compuserve coin forum, and Bill Malkmus offered to do the same on the NUMIS-L mailing list for collectors of ancient and medieval coinage. By September 15 the list had grown to 90 members.

COIN WORLD published an article about the email list in the July 5, 1999 issue: E-sylum compliments Asylum for numismatic literature collectors

New as of 8/22/05

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