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Welcome to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society  
mailing for October 14, 1998.  


  The Summer '98 issue has been hitting mailboxes 
  since our last mailing.  Secretary-Treasurer Dave Hirt 
  will take a deserved break, vacationing in Europe for 
  a few weeks.  He'll count the ballots for the 
  ratification of our new Constitution and Bylaws on his 


  Just for fun, can anyone put names to all the faces in the  
  photos of our meeting in Portland (p44)?  I'll give one hint - 
  the bored-looking young lady in the first row of the top 
  picture is my wife Dee, who I'm sure would have been  
  happier shopping.  The rest of us nuts had a great time, 

  Thanks to Bill McDonald, we now have links on the "Literature 
  Lists" page to some numismatic journals published in Canada. 
  President Michael Sullivan contributed the text of his article 
  on the Foote counterfeit detector - go to the "Publications"  
  page, then choose "Articles".  


   Our mailing list is growing.  The newest members include 
   Rob Yuell, Dale Kreuger, John Dirbauer, Ronald Greene,  
   Leonard Augsburger, Tom O'Mara, Benny Bolin, Peter Mosiondz, 
   Paul Johnson, and L.D. Mitchell, bringing our number to 105. 
   Welcome aboard!  


   In February, Money Tree cataloguer Ken Lowe died suddenly, 
   and the firm went into low gear to regroup.  Myron Xenos 
   ( is pleased to announce that things are back  
   on track with their 30th Mail Bid sale of numismatic literature 
   (closing date, October 30, 1998).  David Sklow cataloged the 


   Today's featured web site is the Chicago Coin Club 
   (, since the 
   featured speaker at tonight's meeting is one of our own 
   NBS Board members.   From the CCC web site:  

   "Featured Speaker: Dr. Joel J. Orosz on Early U.S. Coin  
   Collectors (Pre-1840's) One of the earliest numismatic  
   sales in the U.S. was held November 1, 1858. More than one  
   book refers to this date as the beginning of our hobby in this  
   country. They do not know that numismatists had already been  
   active for more than a century. Dr. Orosz has researched these  
   early collectors through historical periodicals and journals  
   and has uncovered many fascinating stories of people like Rev.  
   Andrew Eliot, Boston; Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere, Philadelphia;  
   Rev. John Christopher, New York City; and Robert Gilmor, Jr.,  
   Baltimore. His well-written papers on this subject have received 
   numerous awards due in large part to his ability to extract  
   relevant information that is pertinent to today's coin collectors." 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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   write to me at   

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