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Welcome to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society  
mailing for November 6, 1998.  


  The lists of "New Members" shown in previous mailings refer 
  only to the NBS email list, not the organization as a whole. 
  The number of members stated last time (115) reflects only 
  the number of subscribers to the email list, not NBS as a 


  NBS co-founder and numismatic literature dealer George Kolbe 
  reports highlights of his next two sales.  For information on 
  ordering the catalogs, contact George at  

  Part One of the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Library, Sale 75, will  
  take place on December 12, 1998.  The sale features U. S.  
  rarities, i.e. first 6 vols. Numismatist & Chapman Bid Books,  
  plus classic works on ancient and foreign coins.  Sale estimates 
  total over $200,000 US.  

  Sale 76, "Important Numismatic Books," will take place on  
  December 15, 1998.  The sale features early printed books, over  
  100 printed before 1800, plus classic works on ancient and foreign 
  numismatics, and rare U. S. periodicals: Frossard's Numisma  
  complete, Scott CCJ & Mehl Monthly complete plus Heath Counterfeit  
  Detectors, 2 BEP vignette books, etc.  Sale estimates total 
  $175,000 US.  


   Do you have an interesting new acquisition for your numismatic 
   library?   Don't be shy, tell us about it.  Go ahead, brag. 
   Drop me a few lines and I'll publish them in future mailings. 


   ... that American Numismatic Association members can request 
   that their copy of The Numismatist be mailed in an envelope? 
   This keeps your issues clean and avoids the unsightly mailing 
   label on the cover.   It's a good thing to do if you're trying 
   to keep your set up to date.  


   Today's featured numismatic web site is "COINS OF THE U.K.", by  
   Tony Clayton, a series of pages dealing with the history of  
   individual denominations used in England since the Norman Conquest: 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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   write to me at   

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