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Welcome to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society  
mailing #11, December 14, 1998.  


   No new subscribers this week.  Please help pass the word 
   to everyone you know who may be interested in joining our 
   forum on numismatic literature. 


   Bob Cochran of the Society of Paper Money Collectors 
   writes: "With respect to the question about what constitutes  
   a "rare" item in the world of numismatic literature:  How  
   many complete sets of PAPER MONEY, the SPMC journal, do you  
   think exist?  I personally know of 6 complete sets, but I'm  
   sure there are some more."  

   I'd like to put this out to the mailing list as a research 
   question.  Do any of you have (or know where to find) a 
   complete set of PAPER MONEY?   Maybe we'll turn up another  
   set or two for Bob's inventory. 


   NBS member (and Canadian specialist) Phil Carrigan wrote  
   in response to my earlier request regarding new acquisitions  
   of numismatic literature: "Last month I had my choice of a  
   long run of Woodward sales and purchased copies of the  
   Holland, Levick and other great sales, especially rich in  
   Canadian material.  Where could I obtain such a 'deal?'   
   Only from a good friend:  Dave Hirt, NBS Secretary-Treasurer.   
   Thanks, Dave!" 


   Buried in a November 23th Press Release from the 
   American Numismatic Association was something that 
   ought to be welcome news to numismatic bibliophiles, 
   particularly those of us with a primary interest in   
   U.S. numismatics.  "Through the generosity of the Harry  
   Bass Fund ... a new project involves the digital indexing  
   of Coin World and Numismatic News, including the date,  
   title, author, lead paragraph and page number of each  
   article in every issue of the periodicals.  This project  
   was initiated by and is under the oversight of ANA Research  
   Librarian Jane Colvard..."  

   This very subject is something I discussed recently  
   with Robert Van Ryzin of Krause Publications during  
   his visit to Pittsburgh for the P.A.N. show last  
   October.  It is sorely needed, and will be a true  
   boon to numismatic researchers.  So many wonderfully  
   researched and written articles have appeared in the  
   pages of these publications, only to be lost due to the  
   lack of a proper index.  Thanks to the foresight and  
   generosity of the late Harry Bass, an index is finally  
   underway.   Thanks, Harry, Jane, and all involved. 


   Due to a job switch, I'll no longer be using the mailing address after the beginning of 
   the year.  Future mailings will be from my personal 
   account at   I'll be updating 
   the NBS web site accordingly.  Please begin using for all communication regarding 
   the web site or this mailing list.  

   (Since I know some of you will ask, I'll be going to 
   Lycos, the internet hub company ( 
   Luckily, the job is based here in Pittsburgh, so I  
   won't have to pack up my numismatic library again...) 


   Today's featured web site is The Coins of Colonial and 
   Early America, a Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr.  
   Numismatic Endowment, University of Notre Dame,  
   Department of Special Collections.  It's a marvelous  
   source of online information about early American  
   numismatics.  If you have any interest at all in the  
   subject, be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing  
   the site. 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

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