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Welcome to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society 
mailing Volume 02, Number 02:  January 11, 1999.  


    Our newest subscriber is Russ Logan.  Russ is a coauthor with 
    John McClosky of the new book on U.S Half Dimes.  He reports 
    that the book is almost ready for printing, and the Deluxe edition is 
    oversubscribed.    To order, contact Brad Karoleffs at or write to:  JRCS, PO Box 135, 
    Harrison OH 45030. 


   Note that my new email address is 
   Be aware that there is currently a slight problem with this address 
   - my  Internet provider is forwarding copies of  my email to my old 
   office address, and these copies will bounce back to the sender 
   until we get this straightened out.  Meanwhile, please ignore the 
   errrors and continue to write to 


   For NBS members awaiting their next copy of  The Asylum: 
   Editor George Kolbe reports that the issue is now being printed. 
   The volume 16, number 4 issue has 44 pages.  The contents 

      President's Message-Michael Sullivan 
      Some Random Numismatic Reminiscences Part 3-Randolph Zander 
      The Printer's Devil, The 9th Annual Shammies-Joel J. Orosz 
      Letter to the Editor-Mike Hodder 
      The Asylum: 1999 Publication Schedule 
      The Whitman Numismatic Journal-Bob Christie 
      New York Auction Trumps Montel Show on NBC-V. Arefiev 
      ¡Show and Tell!-Wayne Homren 
      More on Charles C. Rood-Pete Smith 
      George Marion Klein of Vicksburg: My Great-Grandfather-J. H. McInnis 
      Variants of the 1851 Roper Auction Sale Catalogue-P. Scott Rubin 
      News from the Net-Pete Smith  

   "News from the Net"  is a new column by Board member Pete Smith 
   summarizing the NBS activity in this newsletter and our web site. 
   Perhaps it will entice more of our brethren to get online and join in. 


   A few more reports are trickling in.  Leonard Augsburger was another 
   disappointed underbidder - his $300 bid on lot 39, Bowers' "Empire Topics" 
   number 1-19 was bested by another bidder at $350.  

   Phil Carrigan bid on six lots and was successful on these: 
     Lot 214:  Woodside & Oliver sale, 1892 (NY Stamp & Coin) 
     Lot 219:  W.W.C. Wilson sale, part III, 1927 (Wayte Raymond) 
     Lot 235:   Hart sale, 1895 (Scott Stamp & Coin)  

    "each of which are great Canadian-content sales.  I raised my bid to get the 
      Wilson catalog having lost a chance to buy the copy from Champa III to my 
      friend George Kolbe. " 


    Pete Smith  "would like to add a clarification to Larry Mitchell's 
    comments on eBay.  The eBay "Books" category has only six 
    subdivisions: General, Rare, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children and 
    Textbooks.  There are thousands of offerings in each category.  

   The Coins and Stamps category has many subdivisions includiing 
    one for "Publications."  This includes old redbooks, Bowers' catalogs, 
    and the kinds of things of greatest interest to collectors of numismatic 

    Larry Mitchell notes a change in his email address - it is now 


    Brad Bloom saw our web site and inquired about membership; 
    Jorge Crespo of  Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico is also considering 
    membership - he's a collector of Puerto Rican coins and exonumia. 


   Today's featured web site is CNN's page devoted to the Euro. 
   The address is 
   The site has illustrations of the proposed national euro- 
   denominated coins and currency scheduled to debut in 2002. 
   Choose "Euro Picture Gallery". 

  Wayne Homren 
  Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

  The Numismatic Bibliomania Society is a 
  non-profit organization promoting numismatic 
  literature.   For more information please see 
  our web site at 
  There is a membership application available on 
  the web site.  To join, print the application and 
  return it with your check to the address printed 
  on the application.   For those without web access, 
  contact Dave Hirt, NBS Secretary-Treasurer, 
  5911 Quinn Orchard Road, Frederick, MD 21701  

  (To be removed from this mailing list 
   write to me at   

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