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To all the new members of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society 
mailing list, Welcome!  The list has already grown to 88 names, 
including subscribers from Austria, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, 
and the Russian Federation. 
Editor George Kolbe has sent the latest number of The Asylum 
to the printers, so NBS members can be assured their next issue 
will be on the way.  The 48-page issue includes a 4-page draft 
of the proposed society Constitution and Bylaws.  Eventually, 
the approved Constitution and Bylaws will be added to the 
NBS web site: 
Member Phil Ralls is working on an information gathering project 
on HOWARD ROUNDS NEWCOMB's book "The United States Cents of the 
Years 1801 1802 1803".   So far, he has information on 24 copies. 
If you own or have access to a copy of the book, please contact  
Phil at for details.  

Wayne Homren 
Numismatic Bibliomania Society  

(To be removed from this mailing list  
 write to me at   

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