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The Numismatic Bibliomania Society mailing list continues 
to grow; we're up to 95 names.  Our Press Release was printed 
in Coin World this week, so I wouldn't be surprised to see us 
pick up a few more people as a result.  Please continue to 
pass the word and tell anyone you know who may be interested 
in joining. 
 In addition to some minor changes and corrections, the 
 NBS web site ( now includes: 
   * pictures for Pete Smith's "A.M. Smith" exhibit 
   * the draft Constitution & Bylaws currently under consideration 
   * a new page on the NBS email list 

Editor George Kolbe reports that the following articles are  
featured in the upcoming issue of The Asylum: 
Michael Sullivan: President's Message 
David Hirt: New NBS Members 
Randolph Zander: Some Random Numismatic Reminiscences - Part 2 
Joel Orosz: The Printer's Devil 
Arthur Crawmer: Moving Into the New Millennium:  
   Numismatics in the Year 2000 
Col. Bill Murray: NBS Annual Meeting at ANA: Portland 
Anon.: Announcing the New Device: [BOOK] 
NBS Constitution and By-Laws (center insert) 
David Lange: The Development of the Coin Album - Part Three 
Board of Trustees Decisions at the 1998 ANA Convention 
Col. Bill Murray: Between the Covers 
Bob Knepper ( writes: 
"Incident of possible interest:  I recently sent a letter  
requesting twelve numismatic books, mostly German, for me  
to read at the Library of Congress in Washington.   
Unfortunately, they could locate only two.  The "special  
search" representative nicely called me two weeks before  
our trip from Anaheim to give me the poor results; he may  
have incorrectly believed we were making the trip just to  
read the books.  While at the LoC, I requested any issues  
of several current German numismatic publications - but they  
did not have any." 
Bob collects old German coins and notgeld, and would like 
to locate some of the related literature, eg. Keller's notgeld  
That's all for this week.  Happy collecting! 
Wayne Homren 
Numismatic Bibliomania Society 
(To be removed from this mailing list  
write to me at   

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