The E-Sylum:  Volume 4, Number 39, September 23, 2001, Article 5


  Howard A. Daniel III writes: "My wife is VP, International   
  Development for the NASDAQ Stock Market and she   
  works about three weeks of every month in Tokyo, Japan.   
  She is the project manager for creating the NASDAQ-Japan   
  Stock Market site that will be operational in about April,   
  2002.  She was in Tokyo, Japan, with three of her staff   
  and they were out of harm's way on September 11.   But   
  the Japanese government had warned them a few days   
  prior about possible bomb threats against Americans in Japan.    

  Besides Tokyo, she has offices in Washington, DC; London,   
  England; and at  One Liberty Plaza in New York City.  One   
  Liberty Plaza is the location of her three primary US-based   
  staff people and it was badly damaged on September 11.   
  At one time, it was thought that the building might fall down   
  or even have to be torn down.  But the engineers have reported   
  it to be stable and repairable, but it is now being used as a   
  morgue and triage for the emergency medical services   
  supporting the digging out of the building debris of and around   
  the World Trade Center.  Her three staff people flew back to   
  New York City on September 14 but they have not yet been   
  able to enter their offices to inspect the damage.    

  I was scheduled to fly to Tokyo on Friday, September 14, on   
  All Nippon Airlines (ANA) to visit my wife for ten days.   
  All ANA flights were stopped on September 11 until they   
  flew the one plane they had on the ground at Dulles International   
  Airport back to Japan on September 13.  ANA told me that   
  when they were allowed to fly their regular daily flights, all of the    

  people who had not flown out on earlier flights were going to be   
  offered seats ahead of me and I might have to wait up to four or   
  more days for a seat.  My wife could not reschedule me into her   
  very tight schedule, so we canceled this month's trip.    

  During my trip, I was going to attend a coin show in Tokyo on   
  September 16 and 17.  Herb Cook, an American dealer who   
  lives in Tokyo, was going to take me around the bourse to   
  introduce me to the Japanese dealers and translate for me as I   
  ask them for Southeast Asian numismatic pieces and related   
  references in any language.  But my search for pieces for my   
  collection and references for my library is small potatoes   
  compared to the tragedies created by four hijacked planes on   
  September 11, so I easily pushed the show out of my thoughts.    

  My first thoughts were about my wife and her people.  After   
  satisfying myself that she and they were safe, I went to my   
  closet and storage room.   I am a retired US Army Master   
  Sergeant, but I am in a category of retirees who can be recalled   
  to active duty until I am 65 years old or until I cannot pass a   
  physical.  I will be 60 years old next month and am physically   
  fit for my age, so I am recallable.  The Army has already proved   
  my status by recalling me for Operations Desert Shield and   
  Storm.  Because I had volunteered, I was in the first group of   
  300 men, much to the dismay of my wife.  So if the situation   
  "hits the fan", it is likely I will eventually receive a second   
  telephone call for me to report for active duty.    

  So my second thoughts were about my uniforms and gear.  I   
  assembled everything in one of my guest bedrooms in case I   
  needed to quickly leave and drive to Fort Meade, Maryland,   
  where I was last processed onto and off of active duty.  The   
  business of the US Army requires young men and women,   
  but there is work some of us old farts can do to release younger   
  soldiers for more difficult duty.  I hate to think about replacing   
  any American to be sent into harm's way, but I am still hoping   
  I will be recalled, so I can somehow directly contribute to   
  finding and eliminating those who caused and/or supported   
  the September 11 and earlier tragedies.  My wife has warned   
  me not to volunteer again, but it is becoming very irresistible,   
  and anyway, I finished a book on the computer I took with me   
  during my last stint of active duty.  I did my Army 12-hour   
  shifts, and afterwards, so I could sleep, I slowed down by   
  completing the writing of a numismatic reference about   
  Southeast Asia.  The people we are after can slow us down   
  for a few days but Americans have a spirit and drive in them   
  that no one can permanently put down.  I know we can find  
  them, destroy them, and continue our lives at the same time.   
  Do not let the terrorists change your life!   Support the effort to   
  take care of our people in need because of the tragedies, and   
  to rid the world of these bastards, but  please continue working   
  and doing your thing, to include numismatics."   

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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