The E-Sylum:  Volume 5, Number 46, November 17, 2002, Article 8


  Rusty Goe of Southgate Coins in Reno, NV writes:
  "Does anyone have a copy of the Coin World Almanac
  All Time Auction Prices Realized, 1980 and 1990
  editions?  If so, I would appreciate having some pages
  faxed to me at (775) 826-9684.

  The research is for a book I am writing about the coins
  of the Carson City Mint.   It will be titled, "An Enthusiast's
  Guide To A Complete Set Of Coins From The Carson
  City Mint".

  One of the chapters will provide data that shows how many
  of the scarcer CC coins are included in lists of record auction
  prices realized.

  The Coin World Almanac has featured a table with the
  RECORD PRICES REALIZED in each of its past editions.
  I have a copy of the year 2000 ed., but my previous editions
  of the Almanac have been lost.   I will eventually purchase
  the past editions.  I was just hoping that it might be quick and
  easy if a subscriber had the past editions and could photocopy
  the prices for me.  (I am at that point of the book, so it's
  currently relevant to the project.)

  I have a complete set of the Krause Auction Prices Realized,
  and have used them extensively in the research for the book.
  The Coin World Almanacs present already prepared concise
  compilations of the prices.

  If there were other concise lists providing the same
  information, I would use them too.  The goal is to show how
  prices for CC coins have risen during the past 40 years,
  allowing some of them to be included in these "Top 50"
  or "Top 100" lists.

  Of course, with the 1933 $20 Saint recently selling
  for $7.59 million, and the 1804 Silver $1 selling for
  $4.1 million, the bar for coin prices has been substantially
  raised.  The record for a Carson City coin is $637,000
  (1873 N/A Dime), which falls far short of those seven
  figure prices. However, beginning in 1975, with the sale of
  the James Stack collection, Carson City coins were well
  represented.  The 1873-CC N/A Quarter sold for
  $80,000, by far, the most expensive coin in the sale.

  Another chapter of the book provides a 70-year price
  history of each of the date/denomination combinations
  from the Carson Mint.  Beginning in 1932, the tables in
  the book provide prices for uncirculated specimens of
  CC coins if possible, otherwise, the highest circulated
  grade available.  I have pricing data available for all the
  silver coins during that period, and all of the gold coins,
  except for 1932.   I need the pricing information for CC
  gold coins from 1932.  There are 19 of each denomination
  of gold coin -- the $5, $10 & $20 Liberties.   If someone
  has this information, I would be grateful to reference it.

  Also, there's another subject.  If anyone has
  copies of documents that undeniably prove that the Mint
  Director at Philadelphia gave orders to the Mint
  Superintendent at Carson City to limit the mintage of dimes
  and quarters from 1870-1874.  And, related to that, any
  documents that prove that the Mint Director gave orders
  to the Superintendent at Carson City to withhold the
  distribution of these dimes and quarters from 1870-1874,
  and then ultimately to have these coins melted.   If what I
  have just described is true, it will once and for all account
  for the extreme rarity of these CC dimes and quarters.
  Breen and other numismatic authors have suggested that
  this is what happened.  But there have never been any
  documents provided to substantiate it.

  I have been using the "Annual Report From the Director of
  the Mint", for the years 1873 and following for part of my
  research.  There are certain years that I haven't had access
  to, specifically 1874, 1878, 1879, 1881 and 1893.  The
  ANA Library doesn't have them either.  If any subscriber
  has copies that I can either borrow or purchase, I would
  be grateful."

  Rusty's email address is: rusgate at

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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