The E-Sylum:  Volume 5, Number 50, December 15, 2002, Article 6


  W. David Perkins writes: "For years I have had an interest in
  Capt. John W. Haseltine of Philadelphia.  I am a collector and
  researcher of the United States early silver dollars 1794-1803.
  Of particular interest to me is the Haseltine Type Table sale of
  1881, which offered Haseltine's personal reference collection
  of the early silver dollars, and Haseltine's involvement with the
  Economite Hoard, which contained a large number of these
  silver dollars. (I am also interested in  J. Colvin Randall's
  relationship with Haseltine, including research they shared
  with each other related to the early silver dollars).

  On August 31, 2000 I posted the following to an internet
  Genealogy Forum called GenForum:

  "Is anyone related to a Captain John W. Haseltine. He was
  born in Philadelphia, PA in 1838 and lived for 86 years. He
  was involved in mining, commercial art, was a legitimate Civil
  War Hero and was in the coin business. He had close
  relationships to the (then) new Philadelphia Mint.  He was a
  stockbroker for a while starting around 1885 (maybe until
  early 1890s)." (This information on Haseltine is from John W.
  Adams United States Numismatic Literature, Volume I,
  Chapter Five).

  I hadn't thought much about the information regarding
  Haseltine being involved in mining or that he was a
  stockbroker until I recently received the following via an

  "I saw your inquiry regarding Captain John W. Haseltine
  and it helped to shed light on an item in my collection.  It is a
  Pioneer Mining Company of Colorado stock certificate
  dated July 2, 1867, signed by John W. Haseltine as
  Secretary and William B. Haseltine as President (his brother?).
  John W. has also initialed and dated the 25c revenue stamp
  on the certificate.

  In researching the names, I kept finding references to the
  famed coin dealer and Civil War Colonel and suspected that
  he might be the same man who signed my stock certificate,
  but was not sure until I saw your inquiry which stated that he
  was in fact involved in mining. I'd be interested in knowing if
  you know whether William B. Haseltine was his brother, as
  my piece is signed by both of them and I can find no other
  info about William."

  The link to the scan of the stock certificate is:

  The following was included in a later e-mail:  "I have also
  found two other related references to Haseltine mining
  activities:  An 1879 Pioneer Mining stock certificate signed
  by President H. A. Stiles with John W. Haseltine as Treasurer
  and an American Exploring Company 1866 stock certificate
  signed by President William Stevens with William B. Haseltine
  as Secretary."

  Following is some information on the Pioneer Mine:
  "Reported, in 1871 to be the only quartz-mining company at
  work in the county, producing $40,000 in four months
  (Raymond, 1871, p 332) They later owned a large number
  of claims, including the Nova Zembela with ore at a depth
  of 200 ft running $200 in gold with some silver. Over 600
  tons had been removed from this mine, averaging over $60
  per ton. A tunnel was projected that would intersect this
  vein at a depth of 700 ft. The company had a 20 stamp mill
  updated with equipment necessary to concentrate and mill
  ore (Burchard, 1882, p. 525)."

  Can anyone shed some light on this information?  Is the John
  W. Haseltine that signed these documents the same Capt.
  John W. Haseltine that was the Philadelphia coin dealer?
  Is William B. Haseltine related to John W. Haseltine, and if
  so, in what way?  Does anyone have a signature of John W.
  Haseltine (the coin dealer) that they might compare to the
  signature on the stock certificate?

  I look forward to hearing from our readers.  Thank you"

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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