The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 10, March 9, 2003, Article 2


  Dave Bowers forwarded the following message from
  newspaper dealer Jim Lyons, who suffered a robbery.
  Bibliophiles are encouraged to keep a look out for
  offerings of the listed missing material.

  "This is to inform you that I was subject to a newspaper
  robbery sometime between May and September, 2002.
  I didn't notice it until some time later and still haven't been
  able to determine the extent of the robbery.  But here's a
  list of what I have found so far:

  Bound Volumes:

  Daily Evening Bulletin, San Francisco:
  Oct 8 (vol. 1 #1) to ca. Apr 7, 1856, may be marked withdrawn from
  the California Historical Society, early 1970s.
  A second volume, from Stanford Library.
  Apr 8, 1856 probably to Oct 7, 1856.
  Jan to June 1857.
  Jan to June, 1858.
  Jan to June, 1860.
  Apr 9 to Oct 6, 1860.
  Oct 8, 1860 to Apr 9, 1861.
  Apr 10 to Oct 7, 1861.
  Oct 8, 1861 to Apr 7, 1862.
  Apr 8 to Oct 7, 1862.
  July to Dec 1862.
  1863 complete
  1864 complete
  1865 complete (lacks Apr 15)
  Many of the above will be stamped Stanford Library.

  Daily California Chronicle, San Francisco:
  July to Dec 1854.
  July to Dec 1855.
  Jan to June 1856.

  Daily Alta California, San Francisco:
  July to Dec 1851, in nice white cloth binding stamped
     Stanford Library.
  July to Dec 1853.
  Jan to June 1857 in pretty red leather binding stamped
    Stanford Library.
  July to Dec 1859 in great near-new black cloth binding.
    Probably stamped Stanford Library.

  Sacramento Daily Union:
  March 19 to Sept 17, 1858.
  March 19 to Sept 18, 1860.
  June to Nov 1860.
  1861 complete (two sets).
  July to Nov 1863.
  July to Dec 1865.
  Jan to June 8, 1866.
  Jan to June 1867.

  Other Civil War volumes of uncertain date.  May be stamped
  Stanford Library.

  Loose Issues:
  Pacific News, San Francisco, 1850 to May 1851, estimated
  25 or 30 issues.  Most or all in very clean white near new
  condition.   California of Civil War date, estimated 75 to 150

  Tombstone Epitaph, 1880 to 1882, estimated 75 issues, all
  in custom cut polyester folders with my notice of deacidification
  at the bottom  right corner.  In typical brittle and chipping
  condition of the run I  got about 1984.  Some may have tiny
  Bancroft Library rubber stamp on dateline.  Of course the
  notice may have been cut off or the whole polyester folder may
  be gone.

  About 50 to 100 single sports pages, all in custom cut polyester
  folders.  Dates between 1907 and early 1950s; titles may
  Chicago Record or Record-Herald, S. F. Bulletin, N. Y.
  American, Stockton (Cal.) Record, San Diego Tribune, New
  York Daily  News, S. F. Daily News, N. Y. World, N. Y.
  Sun, N. Y. Herald Tribune, Boston American, and the Boston

  As I said, this is all I've found missing so far.  Whoever took
  the papers had a key to the office and found my storage
  locker keys in the office desk.  Whoever took the papers had
  a good knowledge of what I had.

  I ask you to please keep your eyes open for any of this
  material and to contact me (phone (650) 949-1525, mailing
  address: P. O. Box 580, Los Altos, CA  94023) if anybody
  offers you any of it, if you hear about it, if you see it on a list
  somewhere, or if it should appear on eBay.   Thank you.

  Jim Lyons

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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