The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 15, April 13, 2003, Article 8


  Tom Fort, Editor of our print journal, The Asylum, writes:
  "As a few readers may know, each issue of the journal
  Anglo-Saxon England contains a bibliography of works
  published the previous year dealing with Anglo-Saxon
  studies   It occurred to me that a similar idea might be good
  for The Asylum. After all, we are not the only journal to
  publish works on numismatic literature (check out Joel
  Orosz' article in the latest issue of the American Journal of
  Numismatics as an obvious example).  Therefore, it is my
  idea to list in the Summer 2003 issue of The Asylum all
  works dealing with numismatic literature which appeared
  outside of our pages between 2000 and 2003.  To make
  this list even half as complete as I would like, I will need
  much help from E-Sylum readers and their friends.  I would
  like people to look through their libraries and other libraries
  (both public and private) and send me via email any listings
  they can find.  I especially need to hear from readers who
  live abroad and have access to material that is not in English.
  Likewise, those of you familiar with US coinage and writers
  (of which I have little knowledge) will be a big help.

  The listings should have the following:
  For books: Full name of author, full title, place and year of
  For articles: Full name of author, full title of article, full title
  of publication, volume number, issue number (if there is one),
  year of publication, page numbers.

  Things which count: Any work that deals with numismatic
  literature in a substantial way.  If the material in the work is
  not obvious from the title, then please send a brief description
  - no more than two sentences.  For example, there might be
  a book on numismatic aspects of the reign of the emperor
  Vespasian that contains a chapter reviewing the history of the
  scholarship on his coinage. Such a book should be listed.
  Biographies of numismatic writers are welcome, but please
  use some judgment.  For example, W.B. Yeats did write
  a short monograph on Irish coinage, however this was not
  his primary (or even secondary) interest. Unless the work on
  Yeats devotes a substantial chapter, or more, to this work I
  would not include it.  On the other hand, Theodor Mommsen
  wrote a massive book, and a number of articles, on Roman
  Republican coinage. He also used numismatic evidence in a
  number of his other works. A biography on him would be
  acceptable.  Likewise, obituaries of numismatic writers are
  also good.

  Things that I do not want: Notices of publication or literature
  sales, like those that appear in Coin World or Numismatic
  News.  Likewise book reviews that simply give a summary
  of the contents should not be sent.  On the other hand, critical
  book reviews are welcome. I, also do not want to list auction
  sales or fixed price lists. The obvious exception to this are
  publications like the Numismatic Circular and the Rare Coin
  Review which include scholarly articles along with their lists
  of items for sale. Web sites, no matter how good, will not be
  listed because they lack the permanence of the printed page.

  If you know of something and are not certain please contact
  me and I shall let you know. All those who submit material
  will be listed (unless they say otherwise) in the article. I can
  be reached at 

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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