The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 30, July 27, 2003, Article 5


  Alan Luedeking writes: "I read with interest your plea for
  donations to the NBS's donation auction in the last E-Sylum
  and your subsequent report that Mr. Davisson was so far
  the only one to 'step up to the plate.'  Hats off to Allan!
  However, I wonder whether the underwhelming response
  might have something to do with the fact that a previous
  such auction (August 2001) never had its donations listed
  in The Asylum, and the results of the auction went likewise
  underreported in subsequent E-Sylum and Asylum issues.
  This proceeding might not have been the most conducive to
  stimulating waves of generous donations in future.  I know
  of at least one NBS member who still wonders to this day
  what his donations brought at auction, or whether they
  even sold at all!

  The David Fanning question concerning who won the
  best article of the year award in last year's Asylum is
  perhaps another symptom of the NBS not giving
  sufficient recognition to those of its members who
  contribute in one way or another to the society, and
  while it may be irrelevant to the majority of its members
  this should still be done on principle and might serve as
  stimulus to others contemplating similar contributions.
  For instance, I have rarely (if ever?) seen in the Asylum
  or The E-Sylum any mention of appreciation for the superb
  job of editing  The E-Sylum on-line newsletter (now in its
  sixth year!) that the editor of this great resource does;  for
  what it's worth, I think Mr. Homren should receive an NBS
  medal for his efforts, and that's something I would happily
  contribute to."

  [Well, Allan was the first to report to me that he planned
  to donate;  often donors simply show up at the meeting
  with items without necessarily announcing their intention.
  In fact, just before your email arrived Hal Dunn chimed
  in with another donation offer, and others arrived just after
  your note.

  As for reporting the donors and results in The Asylum, this
  certainly would be nice.   In the confusion of running the
  annual meeting, sometimes things fall through the cracks
  that shouldn't.  Hopefully the organization can make it
  happen this year.  Even though typically most if not all
  donors are in attendance it would still be nice to have a
  record of the event as well as publicly acknowledge
  donors and bidders.  A complicating factor is that some
  prefer to remain anonymous, but that shouldn't stop us
  from acknowledging the others.

  Thanks for your kind words on The E-Sylum.  I've received
  a number of nice notes and even a couple of great gifts from
  readers over the years.  They keep me going on evenings
  like this, when it's storming outside and I'd just as soon go
  to bed before my computer hiccups.  But it's true that time
  flies when you're having fun.  Six years was a lifetime ago
  for me - two career changes, a wife, a new house and two
  kids later, here I am still editing The E-Sylum.   I started
  it for the same reason most authors write books - it's
  something I wished I  could read but it didn't exist yet.
  Now it does, and it thrives because of the great input from
  readers like you. -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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