The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 45, October 29, 2003, Article 1


  Stephen Pradier's information about the Kolbes came from
  George's web site - it had been posted just minutes before
  he wrote to me.  It was updated again at 5pm Pacific time
  today.  Check there for further updates: http://www.numislit.com

     Due to fire threat in Crestline:

     10/28/03 2:30 PM PST
     George and Linda have been evacuated and are safe.

     10/29/03 5:00 PM PST
      No additional information.

  Mike Hodder writes: "George and Linda Kolbe are safe.
  They're staying in San Bernardino with George's sister. He
  can see Crestline from a window in her house . He hasn't
  been allowed back up the mountain so he doesn't know
  the status of his home.  He managed to remove some
  materials from the house before evacuation. He hopes to
  return to Crestline soon and will report to all who are
  concerned. He thanks everyone who's asked after him
  and is worried.  He says he and his family are safe, which
  is the most important thing at a time like this.   The Ford
  Family and all his friends at the ANS have wished him
  only the best of luck and I've passed this on to him."

  Fred Lake writes: "Many thanks for keeping us posted on
  efforts to contact George Kolbe. I, too, tried to reach
  George without success.

  All of us in the numismatic community are hoping for the
  best in this tragic situation. The amount of irreplaceable
  literature in George's inventory is staggering and we can
  only pray that the fires will spare the Kolbe's home and
  all of its contents.

  Please keep all of us informed of any new developments."

  Stephen Pradier adds: "Foxnews.com has a listing of all
  of the fires in California on its website.  The one where
  George is located is referred to as the OLD FIRE.

  According to their information there have been 4 deaths
  and 500 homes destroyed in that area.  The OLD FIRE
  encompasses Lake Arrow Head and Crestline."

  A story posted three hours ago on the Santa Paula Times
  web site states:  "In San Bernardino County, the so-called
  Old Fire destroyed more than 400 homes before jumping
  the highway and heading into the heavily forested area of
  Crestline, where 25 more homes were lost."


  There are some signs of hope - yesterday the Los Angeles
  Times reported: "Though firefighters haven't been able to
  prevent fires from overrunning hilltops and hundreds of homes,
  they have had some victories along the way.  A community
  landmark, the Cliffhanger Restaurant in Crestline, was saved
  Sunday when firefighters covered it with protective gel made
  out of the same absorbent material used in baby diapers. The
  blaze surrounded the building but moved past without damaging
  it, much to the amazement and satisfaction of weary firefighters."


  Bill Gibbs, Dick Doty, Col. Bill Murray, George Vanca
  and others have written of their concern for the Kolbes
  and efforts to contact them earlier.  I'll keep E-Sylum readers
  posted if we learn anything new before our normal Sunday

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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