The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 51, November 30, 2003, Article 4


  Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director of the American
  Numismatic Society writes:  "Enclosed is the press release for
  Tuesday's event at the new ANS building.  The library will be
  dedicated in the name of Harry Bass Jr.   Note that all E-Sylum
  readers are welcome to attend this event, which will be held on
  Tuesday, December 2, from 11.30 onwards at 140 William
  Street in New York City."   [The press release follows. -Editor]

  On December 2, 2003, at 11:30 a.m., the official dedication of
  the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Library will be held at the new home of
  the American Numismatic Society at 140 William Street in New
  York City.  The Library, which holds the largest collection of
  numismatic literature in the world, will occupy both the 5th and
  6th floors of the new building.  During the ceremony on Tuesday,
  Doris Bass, Harry's widow, and her two sons, David and Michael
  Calhoun, will present a check of $400,000 to the American
  Numismatic Society.  With this gift the Harry Bass Foundation will
  have contributed over $4,000,000 to the Society. "We are deeply
  grateful to Doris and her sons for this generous gift.  The library in
  the new building will be a fitting tribute to Harry's extraordinary
  leadership," says Donald Partrick, President of the American
  Numismatic Society.

  Harry Bass had a significant influence on the Society, both as
  a Councillor and during his years as President, a post he held
  from 1978 until 1984.  As an accomplished businessman and
  a devoted public servant, he served as Dallas County Chairman
  and Republican State Committeeman.  Bass also administered
  two foundations, the Harry Bass Foundation and the Harry W.
  Bass, Jr. Research Foundation.  Through the former, he provided
  support to many Dallas area institutions and through the latter
  he furthered research and scholarship in certain areas of U.S
  coinage. Harry Bass assembled one of the largest and finest
  collections of U.S. gold in the world and built a comprehensive
  reference collection of U.S. gold.

  In 1997, thanks to the support and vision of Harry Bass the
  ANS set up its first website, which was one of the first museum
  websites on the internet.  It is today one of the foremost resources
  for the numismatic community. Scholars, collectors and researchers
  from all over the world can access images and information on the
  remarkable collections of coins and books at the ANS.  This year
  alone the ANS had hits from 92 different nations.  On average the
  website receives over 100,000 hits a month. To the present day
  two full-time staff members are being paid from the funds donated
  by Bass for maintaining the website and updating all technology
  at the ANS.  The ANS takes great pride in having its Library
  bear the name of Harry W. Bass, Jr.  "Harry was one of the first
  people to realize the importance of computers and information
  technology for museums. Over two decades ago he started the
  ANS on its course towards computerizing all its objects. Without
  him we would not be where we are today," says Frank Campbell,
  ANS Librarian for 30 years.

  "The ANS, founded in 1858, is the second oldest Museum in
  Manhattan and houses America's most comprehensive collections
  of coins, medals, tokens, paper currency and other items."

  [I hope many of our readers will be in hand to witness this
  historic event.  This is also a good time for all friends of
  numismatic literature to consider a donation to the Francis D.
  Campbell Library Chair fund, as discussed in previous E-Sylum
  issues.  Flyers were included with the latest Asylum mailing.
  I urge NBS members to take the time NOW to write a check.
  Others may simply send a check made out to "The American
  Numismatic Society" (with a notation that it is for the Campbell
  Library Chair Fund) to the Society's present address, 617 West
  155th Street, New York, NY 10032.  For further information,
  see the ANS web site at

  QUIZ QUESTION:  If the ANS is the SECOND oldest
  museum in Manhattan, what's the OLDEST?  -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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