The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 1, January 4, 2004, Article 20


There is some uncertainty over the proper spelling for the
medals Steve Huber is interested in. Are they Geddenk
Talers (with two d's) or Gedenk talers (just one "d")?
A web search found nothing with two d's, but several
instances of one d.

Steve writes: "Thanks for publishing my reference inquiry.
Stack's recent auction catalogs lists the medal as Gedenktaler
(one d)as you suggest but I still think I've seen it with 2-d's.
For now, I'm convinced one d is correct. Thanks and Best
wishes for 2004."

Jess W. Gaylor writes: "I could not find a reference for any
new books on the subject but did find this book reference.
On page 2 of the link below, it has pictures and prices for
GEDENK TALERS. Hope this helps."

Peter Irion, Token and Medal Society Librarian, writes: " In
the V6#55 of the E-Sylum, Steve Huber asks about a new
reference for German "Gedenk Taler". I am not aware of
any new overall references on the entire Gedenk Taler series,
but there is a new specialized book out just on the silver medals
of the 1st World War. The title of the book is "DEUTSCHE
militaerischen Handlungen und denkwuerdigen Ereignisse von
1914 bis 1919". It is authored by a collector named Georg
Zetzmann, and published by the H. Gietl Verlag &
Publikationsservice GMBH in the year 2002. ISBN:
3-924861-52-8. In my opinion it is an excellent reference
catalogue for these medals and medalets. Most items and
illustrated, assigned a "Zetzmann" catalogue number, and
estimated pricing/valuation information is provided in up to
four grade levels. A significant amount of historical background
information is provided about the issuance of these pieces.

I think I bought this book in Germany for the issue price of 35
Euros in Dec. 2002. The telephone number for Gietl Verlag is
(49) 9402 93370. Best regards for a very healthy and happy
New Year."

Steve Pellegrini writes: "I believe the book you are referring to
is the relatively new (2000) book by Georg Zetzmann titled
'Deutsche Silbermedaillen des I. Weltkriegs' (German Silver
Medals of WW.I, 1914-1919). It's published by H. Gietl
Verlag & Publihationsservice GMBH. I believe Fallbrook, CA
dealer Karl Stephens (specialist in German and Polish
Numismatics) may still have a few copies for sale. He has a
website at I bought mine
from the German Auction house Münzenhandlung Harald
Möller GmbH. They too have a webpage.

The book begins with five introductory chapters of
well-researched information on the series - much of it new.
The bulk of the book is, of course, the numbered catalogue
listings. Although written in German the book is very well
organized and easy to use. Each medal is pictured and priced
in three grades and proof. The author has also provided a
rarity rating for each issue similar to that used in Hawkins &
Grueber's 'Medallic Illustrations' - R, RR, RRR. Following
the catalogue Zetzmann has created a series of indexes which
make attribution searches a breeze.

This surprisingly inexpensive book has become an instant
standard for the series. Many German and some US auctions
are already using 'Zetzmann Numbers' in their descriptions.

If you collect this historic and often dramatic series of
gedenktalers then Zetzmann's book is a must. I only hope
that Herr Zetzmann is planning a new edition expanded to
include the many medals only issued in bronze, iron and zinc.
A great many of these 33.3 - 50mm silver medals are struck
reductions of medals originally issued as large 100+ mm cast
medallions of iron and bronze. To my knowledge these rare
and impressive cast medallions can only be found catalogued
& pictured in their entirety in Schulman's out of print and out
of date, 'La Guerre Europeenne, 1914-1919.' Certainly the
cast originals of many of these medals have a place in a future
edition of 'Zetzmann.'

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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