The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 7, February 15, 2004, Article 3


  [The following update has been delayed in publishing because
  of email difficulties between Darryl Atchison and myself.  I'm
  sorry for any inconvenience this has caused the committee or
  those awaiting the book's publication.  -Editor]

  Dear Friends:

  On behalf of the Canadian Numismatic Bibliography Committee
  I am pleased to provide you with some current news on the
  project's progress. We have been appreciative of the wide
  support this project has received in the form of inquiries,
  advanced sales and the volunteer efforts of many individuals.

  Most importantly, as the proofreaders correct incomplete,
  missing and erroneous citations, the text of the document
  continues to be revised and improved. Those readers who
  had the opportunity to review the sample Bibliography at the
  C.N.A. 2003 Convention will be impressed with how it has
  evolved in detail and graphic design.

  A second aspect of the Bibliography is its commitment to fine
  illustrations.  We are gratified and in debt to many individuals
  and institutions as they willingly opened their picture archives
  to us.  These pictures are being converted to digital form and
  are being enhanced in preparation for publication.

  It has come as a surprise to all committee members at
  how much work is involved in bringing the manuscript to a
  print-ready state. As we work at greater levels of detail, the
  scope and magnitude of the task increases.  Original estimates
  for publication in 2003 have proved unrealistic. A revised
  objective for release at the C.N.A. 2004 Convention is now
  thought to be similarly optimistic. That being said, it is now our
  objective to achieve print production of the Canadian
  Numismatic Bibliography before the end of 2004.

  Should any pre-publication subscribers find this arrangement
  to be unacceptable, we are, of course, prepared to make a full
  refund upon request.  The Committee is confident, however, of
  how well received and indispensable a volume the Bibliography
  will prove to be. Pre-publication sales are now closed, but
  remainder copies will be offered at publication price as soon as
  the initial distribution is complete.

  Should you have questions or comments, please contact either
  Ron Greene at ragreene at or Darryl Atchison at
  tchisondf at and we will do our best to address all

  The C.N.B. Committee

  I would like to add the following personal comments to the
  statement above.

  First of all, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience that
  this delay may cause anyone.  While we have all worked as
  hard as possible to get the text completed, we really had no
  conception of just what sort of difficulties we might encounter
  along the way or just how long it was going to take to proofread
  the manuscript.  Nonetheless, the proofreaders are progressing
  and - as stated above - their work is adding immensely to the
  finished text.

  However, there is one area specifically that will cause us the
  biggest delay overall and that is in regards to the illustrations
  mentioned above.  Yes, we have been incredibly fortunate that
  many individuals and institutions have provided us with a superb
  range of illustrations.  Unfortunately, however, the vast majority
  of these were not - and still are not - in a digital (i.e. printable)
  format.  Without counting, we estimate that we currently have
  approximately 300 photographs, etc. that must be converted to
  a usable digital format (i.e. the images must be scanned,
  cleaned-up and ready for cropping, editing and insertion into
  the manuscript).

  On behalf of he review committee, I would like to ask if there is
  anyone out there in the E-Sylum readership who can offer us
  assistance in converting these pictures to good quality digital
  images.  Ideally we need someone who has the equipment (i.e.
  a good-quality high-speed scanner) and the time and ability
  to do this work.  I feel it necessary to state up front that such
  assistance would have to be provided on a strictly voluntary
  basis as this project is both non-funded and non-commercial
  (i.e. none of the authors and contributors are being paid to
  either produce the text or to publish it).

  I am very confident that if there is someone out there who is
  willing and able to provide us with this assistance we can
  greatly reduce the delay and get the finished text out much
  sooner than the "end of 2004".

  I can only ask for everyone's patience and understanding as
  we continue to work towards producing a text of which we
  all will be proud.

  Should you wish to contact Ron Greene or myself about
  anything whatsoever connected to this project our email
  addresses are included above.

  Yours very sincerely,

  Darryl Atchison
  Canadian Numismatic Bibliography

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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