The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 10, March 7, 2004, Article 2


  George Kolbe writes: "Another installment of John J. Ford, Jr.
  Library June 1, 2004 auction sale highlights follows:

  Photographic Plate Paste-ups for the 1952 A. N. A. Sale
  Catalogue and other New Netherlands catalogues

  Rare Bankers Directories, including Rand, McNally and

  Important Business Directories, including Dunkley and
  Woodman's 1867-8 Business Directory of the Principal Cities
  in the West and South, Dun & Co.'s 1867 Mercantile Agency.
  United States Business Directory, etc.

  An interesting handwritten 1862 letter from J. A. Bolen to
  "Mr. Mason," concerning tokens and including a drawing of

  A group of eight scarce monographs on Medicina in Nummis

  A February 23, 1856 Bill of Lading for the Clipper Ship
  Midnight, recording the shipment of 70,424 pounds of
  ?Sweeps,? i.e., precious metals, from the San Francisco Mint
  to the New York Assay Office

  A February 3, 1870 letter from Secretary of the Treasury Geo.
  S. Boutwell, to O. H. Lagrange, Supt. Branch Mint, San
  Francisco, concerning regulations pertaining to "when gold or
  silver shall be cast into bars or ingots, or formed into disks at
  the Mint of the United States, or any of its branches thereof??

  A January 13th, 1858 letter from the Superintendent's office,
  Branch Mint of the United States, to J. M. Eckfeldt, Esqr.
  Coiner &c., reading: ?Enclosed you will please find a printed
  copy of notice of the closing of this branch on and after the 19th
  inst. The bullion received for coinage to the 19th inclusive will
  be refined and coined before we cease operations.?

  An original manuscript by Archibald Firestone entitled
  Descriptive List of California Gold Dollars 1853 ? 1876,
  describing over fifty pieces, accompanied by Samuel W.
  Comstock?s inventory of Octagon & Round California Gold
  Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarter Dollars, including 389 pieces:
  75 dollars, 165 halves, and 149 quarters

  A beautifully bound 1942 military commission on vellum,
  presenting First Lieutenant Hans Karl Sattler with the Knights
  Cross of the Iron Cross, signed by Adolf Hitler

  Various research papers, correspondence, and other materials
  relating to Private Gold Coins, Bars, Ingots, etc., featuring
  several early papers on pioneer gold coins written by John J.
  Ford, Jr., along with early correspondence with Paul Franklin

  United States vs. John W. Haseltine. Affidavit of Defence.
  June 23, 1910. An original document pertaining to United
  States pattern coins. The resolution of this lawsuit reaffirmed
  the right of individuals to own patterns without fear of
  government confiscation

  A remarkable body of correspondence pertaining to the
  disposition of the two 1877 $50 gold coins acquired circa
  1909 by William Hartman Woodin, documenting a number
  of aspects concerning this great controversy that, up to now,
  have been often misunderstood

  An appraisal by Wayte Raymond of 1,350 pattern coins in
  the Newcomer collection

  The original manuscript/typescript of John J. Ford, Jr.?s
  First Numismatic Work

  The original 1909 letter/invoice from John W. Haseltine to
  William H. Woodin, establishing the date acquired and the
  price paid by William H. Woodin for the unique set of
  controversial United States $50 gold pattern coins which
  now reside in the national collection

  The Original Walter Breen Manuscript on New Jersey
  Coppers, written circa 1956-1958

  Two superb sets of Nagy photographs of New Jersey Coppers

  A remarkable 1863 Payroll Document from the San Francisco
  Mint, listing ?F. B. Harte Clk. To Superintendent,? as an
  employee, and featuring Bret Harte's autograph acknowledging
  receipt of his salary

  A revealing body of correspondence pertaining to the estate of
  Ard W. Browning, including the appraisal of his collection by
  F. C. C. Boyd

  A fine photograph depicting Farran Zerbe's "Unique Money of
  the World" booth at the 1915 Panama Pacific International
  Exposition/World's Fair in San Francisco

  Rare Bankers' Magazines and Journals, including Homans
  and Rhodes

  An appraisal by Wayte Raymond, B. Max Mehl, and M.
  Schulman comprising a record of Waldo Newcomer?s
  numismatic holdings at the time of his death in 1934

  The Complete, Original Inventory of the Waldo C. Newcomer
  Collection and F. C. C. Boyd?s Original Appraisal/Inventory
  of the Remarkable Colonel E. H. R. Green Collection. Two
  of the most remarkable items in the Ford Library

  A Separate Inventory of Col. Green's Latin American Gold

  An 1864 letter from Henry Phillips, Jr. to Joel Munsell
  concerning Phillips' numismatic magnum opus

  A rare 1865 Civil War military periodical, the "Soldier's
  Letter," reporting that ?The amendment to the Constitution
  of the United States, abolishing slavery, has passed!?

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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