The E-Sylum:  Volume 7, Number 24, June 13, 2004, Article 1


  E. Tomlinson Fort, Editor of our print publication, The Asylum
  writes: "Lots of good news. The Spring 2004 issue of The
  Asylum is now being proofed and should be on its way to the
  printer within a week. The contents are:

  "The Quest to Build the Set," by Stephen Pradier. In which the
   author discusses the problems of putting together a complete
  set of The Numismatist.

  "Mendacity Rears Its Ugly Head," by Myron Xenos. In which
  the author combs through the evidence to reveal the identity of
  the greatest prankster in the history of numismatic literature.

 "Numismatic Sidelights: Perry W. Fuller," by Leonard
  Augsburger. An overview of the career of the man who
  catalogued the famous Baltimore hoard.

  If you have not joined the NBS yet, shame on you.

  We are presently hard at work on our special Summer 2004
  issue. The contents will be as follows:

  "Jean Foy-Vaillant: The King's Antiquary (1632 - 1706)," by
  Christian E. Dekesel. A massive study of the life and works of
  a numismatic writer at the court of Louis XIV.  This work has a
  full bibliographic listing of all Foy-Vallant's works, including
  those which will appear in the author's forthcoming multi-volume
  bibliography of 18th century numismatic books.

  'William Frederick Mayers: A Flashing Star,' by Pete Smith.
  A short overview of the career of the man who wrote the first
  essay on numismatic literature to be published in the United

  "An Annotated Bibliography of the Published Numismatic
  Writings of Walter H. Breen" by David F. Fanning. A huge
  listing of every numismatic work published by Breen (excluding
  auction catalogues, those will be featured in a later work) along
  with comments about the contents of each.

  "Blunders, Hoaxes, and Lost Masterpieces from the
  Numismatic Literature of the Renaissance," by John Cunnally.
  A well-illustrated study of ancient coins which did not exist but
  were imagined and illustrated in 16th century numismatic works.

  "Some Reminiscences," by Q. David Bowers. One of the
  country's leading coin dealers provides us with a number
  of priceless anecdotes of his experiences in the world of
  numismatic literature.

  "Creating The E-Sylum, The Numismatic Bibliomania
  Society's Weekly Electronic Newsletter," by Wayne K.
  Homren. The early history of the award winning newsletter
  of this society.

  "American Numismatic Pioneers: An Index to Sources," by
  Pete Smith. A lengthy annotated reference to the material
  dealing with persons prominent in US numismatics before 1876.

  "Recollections of 34 Years at Spink, 1969-2003," by Douglas
  Saville. A great essay recalling the experiences of the leading
  numismatic literature dealer in Europe. (Fortunately, he does
  not recall the pesky American who first blundered into his
  office in 1986.)

  The issue will be heavily illustrated and over 200 pages in
  length and only available to those NBS members who have
  either joined or renewed their membership by July 1.

  In addition to our regular issue, we will also be producing a
  special limited edition hardcover copy.  No more than 25
  copies will be produced. The cost is $100 and payment must
  be received by the treasurer by July 15th. Copies cannot be
  reserved without full  payment. David Perkins needs your
  cheque and you must be an NBS member to get one. The
  names of the subscribers to this hard cover will appear on a
  special page that will be bound inside. This limited edition
  will be distributed (I hope) at the NBS general meeting at the
  ANA convention in Pittsburgh on Friday August 20th. We
  will mail copies to those who cannot make the meeting.

  At the NBS general meeting we will be auctioning off the
  signed manuscripts of many of our contributors to the
  anniversary issue as well as the corrected proofs, back up
  CDs  and other material related to the production of this
  important publication.  Attendees will have the chance to own
  a piece of numismatic literary history.  All proceeds will help
  defray our production costs.

  Finally, let us not forget that after the NBS meeting on Friday
  there will be the Great Numismatic Libraries of Pittsburgh Tour.
  Open only to NBS members, at a cost of $20 per person, you
  can have a chance to see the numismatic wonders of Wayne's
  and my library (not to mention my complete set of Doc Savage

  All the money concerning the above should be sent to our
  esteemed treasurer: W. David Perkins, PO Box 212, Mequon,
  WI  53092."

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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