The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 2, January 9, 2005, Article 7


Peeople tell me I don't miss much, but judging from the emails
I've received, I must be the last bibliophile in the U.S. to know
about the new leatherbound edition of "A Guide Book of
United States Coins" (also known as "The Red Book").

Nancy Green, Librarian of the American Numismatic Association
writes: "Happy New Year! The ANA Library received a
copy of the leather bound copy of the “red book” from Whitman.
Cary also has copies for sale in the Money Market."

Denis Loring writes: "I was given one: number 127."

Brad Karoleff writes: "I have received mine as a contributor.
It is larger than the "normal" Redbook with gilded edges to the
pages and a ribbon bookmark. There are 4 raised bands on the
spine and the leather closely matches the "original" red color of
the book.

There is a "certificate of limited edition" title page bound in the
front of the edition which has been signed by Ken Bressett,
the editor. The certificate is then also numbered as a limited
edition of 3000.

The interior pages of the book are the same as the regular issue
with an attractive gold border around the perimeter allowing
for the additional size of the work.

The cover letter I received with the book states that "The
book represents the premier release of an unprecedented
genuine leather bound edition, the start of what we hope will
become a yearly tradition."

I am thrilled with my edition and have purchased others as
Christmas gifts. I would encourage members to obtain one
as it is the first of what may be many to come."

Richard Jewell writes: " Not only did David Harper have an
editorial on the Deluxe Red Book on page 6 in the Dec 7th
issue of Numismatic News, but on page 4 of the same issue
there was a short ad mentioning the book. However, in the
December 27th Coin World issue on page 58 was the official
half page advertisement! I've purchased one and am in
possession of Limited Edition # 407 of 3000. Hopefully
Whitman will do the leather bound edition each year, it's a
really nice book."

[Rich brought his copy along to a meeting of the Western
Pennsylvania Numismatic Society (WPNS) Tuesday evening.
It's a thing of beauty, and worth the price, in my opinion.
What a shame the company hasn't been making deluxe
editions through the years. Let's hope sales are good and a
new numismatic literature tradition starts. -Editor]

David Crenshaw writes: "A Guide Book of United States Coins
Limited Edition 2005” is available at
email info at, or call 800-546-2995. If
you visit the website and select its image from the home page,
there is a slide presentation of a few pages of the book’s contents."

Stephen Pradier writes: "In response to your inquiry on the
leatherbound Redbook, it can be ordered from their website at
Order Info

(from the web site)
Guide Book of United States Coin Limited Edition 2005
Price: $69.95

In 1946, “The Guide Book of the United States Coins” was
introduced and voted the most useful reference guide. Known
as the “Bible of the Industry, ” this work has been a standard
source for historical facts, pricing, and technical information
relating to American coinage. Today, in its 58th Edition,
Whitman Publishing LLC is offering “The Official Red Book
A Guide Book Of United States Coins Limited Edition 2005”.
Each 6” X 9” leather bound publication is individually numbered
and personally signed by the editor Kenneth Bressett. Along
with gold stamped lettering on the cover and gilt edges to each
page, this book has acquired a collectible status in and of itself.
Again, this special production is for a limited time only, so
please act fast. (Note: The contents of this edition will be the
same as the regular edition.)"

Gar Travis writes: "I bought a copy for a fellow auction
cataloger and a copy for myself. I suppose most will be placed
on a shelf unwrapped - I have chosen to have mine handy for
quick reference in the office - creating perhaps the rarity of a
used copy in 50 years..."

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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