The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 11, March 13, 2005, Article 3


"The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage
and Advertising Prop Money" by Fred Reed has been
published by McFarland Inc., N.C. Some of you veteran
readers of The E-Sylum may recall that this book was
conceived on line in an exchange of E-Sylum messages
initiated by Numismatics International Librarian Granvyl
Hulse, who challenged E-Sylum readers to do such a book
and offered assistance.

Fred Reed, author of the award winning "CIVIL WAR
ENCASED STAMPS: The Issuers and Their Times",
thought that was a worthy task and stepped up to do the
job. That was four years ago.

Fred writes: "Now, in case any of you have been holding
your breath, you can breathe once again. My book,
"SHOW ME THE MONEY! The Standard Catalog of
Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop
Money" is out now."

Word at Reed residences in Oklahoma, Texas, California
and Florida is that it is the family's most beautiful "baby"
ever. Father and "son" are both reportedly doing well.
Specifics of this newest addition to Reed's numismatic family
are impressive: 788 pages, 2071 pictures (according to the
publisher's count. "I'll take their word for it," Fred notes),
includes bibliography and an extremely comprehensive

Fred adds: "the book could have been a lot bigger but the
publisher printed the Index in teeny, tiny type---my
apologies to those who like the large print versions of
Reader's Digest and Playboy.".

SHOW ME THE MONEY catalogs more than 300
different series of prop notes, comprising more than 1,800
types, and over 2,000 varieties covering more than a
century of movie making. Virtually all are illustrated with
large, excellent quality photographs.

"Prop money is graphically exciting," Reed says. "Film
characters vie for it, lie for it, steal it, kill for it, fondle it,
and even examine it and philosophize about it just like
people in normal life," he notes.,

Many of these notes are truly historic, and a good number
of them have been confiscated by the Secret Service at
various times ("full details disclosed in the book," Fred

Several hundred pages of historical and movie information
make it a good read ("Get it? - Good REED!"),
as well as hundreds of illustrations from Reed's large
collection of movie stills and movie posters depicting
money, which make it a visual delight, according to those
who have seen it.

The book also includes a catalog numbering system, prices
every note, gives rarities, provides eras of film use for most
varieties, and specific instances of use for many of these notes.

In addition to lots of spade work, Reed interviewed
Hollywood insiders such as prop masters, set decorators,
and art directors, and production crew members.

He also viewed more than one thousand movies ("yes, that's
right, 1000-plus") to write its authoritative text.

Fred writes: "Eventually (hopefully positive) reviews will
appear in all the RIGHT places, but E-Sylum readers can be
the first on their respective blocks to see it themselves since
it is already for sale on both and"

"The ISBN is 0-7864-2037-5 (Orders filled in 2-3 days
according to those sellers)," Reed reports. It is also available
from the Publisher, McFarland Publications, 1-800-253-2187
or Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640 and has appeared in that
firm's fall, winter and spring catalogs, as well as publisher's
trade ads in BIG REEL and elsewhere.

As a special offer to E-Sylum readers, they can order the
book straight from its author for $82.50 postpaid at this

Fred Reed
P.O. Box 118162
Carrollton, TX 75011-8162

The book won't be autographed (note: it will be shipped
from North Carolina) but E-Sylum orders from the author
will receive an autographed, GENUINE prop note from
author Reed's personal collection that they can tip into the
book or use as a bookmark. "Since it will be a genuine
$100 prop note, the book will be practically free," he
affirms, "just don't try to spend it or he'll have to do an
update chapter about his readers and the Secret Service."

Many E-Sylum readers have assisted in the preparation
of this work and all are acknowledged. Fred writes:
"If you feel so moved to purchase a copy, I would
appreciate your feedback because I'm already deep
(30-years' worth) into my next book on Abraham Lincoln
--and I don't want to make the same dumb mistakes all
over again."

[I'm looking forward to getting my copy, and I hope a
number of our readers will order copies as well. This
is an obscure but very interesting and important topic.
Here's our chance to be know-it-alls and trump our
movie buff friends with our knowledge, all thanks to
Fred's monumental effort. Congratulations, Fred!

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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