The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 18, May 1, 2005, Article 4


George Kolbe forwarded the press release for his upcoming
sales: "The second part of the John J. Ford, Jr. American
Numismatic Library will be sold at public and mail bid auction
on June 4 & 6, 2005. At the same time, the outstanding Craig
and Ruanne Smith Library will be sold. Two hundred lots
from the Smith Library and four hundred lots from the Ford
Library will be sold publicly at the Long Beach Coin &
Collectibles Expo on Saturday, June 4th, starting at 2:00 PM.
The remaining lots from both libraries will be sold via mail bid
auction on June 6th. The Ford sale is being held in association
with the New York coin firm Stack’s. Illustrated copies of
both catalogues may be ordered by sending $35.00 to George
Frederick Kolbe, Fine Numismatic Books, P. O. Drawer 3100,
Crestline, CA 92325. The catalogue is also accessible at the
firm’s web site:

The estimates of the 1,150 lots in the two sales total nearly
one half million dollars. Many rare works on American, ancient,
and foreign numismatic topics are featured, among them: a
superb leather bound set of The Numismatist, 1888-1952,
including the first six original volumes from the library of the
first A. N. A. president; a remarkable American Bank Note
Vignette Book featuring 76 superbly engraved plates, many
comprising vignettes utilized on South American bank notes;
the first illustrated numismatic book, Fulvio’s 1517 Illustrium
Imagines; a complete, handsomely bound set of the American
Journal of Numismatics; a complete, most attractive leather
bound set of American Numismatic Society Numismatic
Notes and Monographs; a handsome leather bound set of
Ars Classica auction sale catalogues of ancient coins; two
American Bond Detectors, one being the rare leather bound
edition; a number of Chapman Brothers auction catalogues
with original photographic plates, along with a number of
the firm’s unique Bid Books; rare early works on counterfeit
bank notes; a number of classic works on Latin American
coins and medals written by José Medina; Colonel Green’s
deluxe full morocco edition of Browning’s classic 1925
work on quarter dollars; several hardbound sets of classic
19th and 20th century American auction sale catalogues
originally in the George Fuld Library, including the W. Elliot
Woodward series; several rare Thomas Elder auction
catalogues with original photographic plates; fascinating and
historically important early correspondence written by Walter
Breen, John J. Ford, Jr., and other important American
numismatists; original photographic illustrations for New
Netherlands Coin Company auction sales; important
Americana, including an extensive selection of nineteenth
century American Directories; eight remarkably fine original
copies of Crosby’s 1875 Early Coins of America, including
John Robinson’s superb Subscription Copy; a fine
hardbound set of B. Max Mehl auction sale catalogues and
a set of Mehl’s Numismatic Monthly; Edgar Adams’ plated
Woodside and other classic United States pattern coin sales;
Ormsby’s 1852 Description of the Present System of Bank
Note Engraving; an original copy of Attinelli’s 1876
Numisgraphics; rare works on printing medals; a very rare
1840 Brasseaux work on Napoleonic medals; classic works
on large cents and American colonial coins; an 1850 Eckfeldt
and Du Bois work featuring actual samples of California ‘49er
gold; Harry Bass’s annotated set of Walter Breen monographs
on United States gold coins; superb leather bound works on
various numismatic topics; ; important British sale catalogues
featuring content on American medals and coins; and much

Those interested in learning more about these two sales or
in accessing the catalogues online may do so by visiting:"

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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