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On August 2nd the Edmond Sun of Edmond, Oklahoma
reported that "A former Edmond business woman who has
served as an auxiliary economic adviser to President George
W. Bush will now have her role formalized.

The president nominated Terry Neese as director of the U.S.
Mint to replace Henrietta Fore, who is stepping down. Neese,
an Oklahoma City businesswoman who lived in Edmond for
several years, will be the highest ranking Oklahoman in the
Bush administration if her appointment passes Senate
confirmation. That confirmation hearing is expected to happen
in September when Congress returns from its August recess,
said Brenda Jones, a spokeswoman for Neese.

Neese did not make any public statements Monday or
this morning about the appointment.

"She's completely focusing on getting ready for her Senate
hearing," Jones said today.

The appointment will take Neese to Washington, D.C.,
where she is looking for a home, Jones said. Currently,
Neese has been based in Oklahoma City and traveling
back and forth to Washington, D.C.

President Bush asked Neese to take the job during a
telephone conversation Friday evening, and word of the
nomination was posted on the White House Web site that night.

Jones said naming a successful business owner to the
U.S. Mint position makes sense.

"It's one of only government agencies that makes a profit.
If there's anyone who knows how to make a profit, that
would be Terry Neese," Jones said.

Edmond's Brenda Reneau, who is state labor commissioner,
praised the appointment.

"No one in Oklahoma, and few in America, can match Terry's
advocacy for small business. Her leadership of the bi-partisan
organization, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), has
made her one of the key players in development of a positive
and substantive agenda to raise the status of American women
in establishing good policies for a stronger economy," Reneau
stated. "I am proud of her personal and professional qualities
that have brought her to this important national position."

The Mint maintains physical custody of the nation's gold and
silver assets, and administers the national depository at Fort
Knox, Ky. The Mint also redeems and processes mutilated coins.

"President Bush could not have chosen a better steward of
national assets than Terry Neese, who has mentored thousands
of American women and men who are successful in today's
complex and integrated world economy," Reneau said. "I am
thrilled for Terry, and for our state, at this joyful news."

To read the full article, see: Full Story

The following is the full text of the July 29th White House
Press Release: "The President intends to nominate Terry Neese,
of Oklahoma, to be Director of the Mint at the Department of
the Treasury. Ms. Neese currently serves as President and
Co-Founder of Women Impacting Public Policy, a bipartisan
public policy organization advocating for women in business.
In 1975, she founded Terry Neese Personnel Services and
continues to serve as Chairman of the Board. She previously
served as a member of the National Advisory Council on
Indian Education and the National Women's Business Council."
Full Story

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[In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, Mint Directors
were men of science, such as Sir Isaac Newton and David
Rittenhouse, a renowned astronomer and first Director of
the U.S. Mint. I haven't researched this, but assume many
later Directors included political appointees who didn't have
experience in either science or technology. But what is the
Mint but a huge manufacturing operation? Shouldn't a Mint
Director have experience managing far-flung manufacturing
operations with a large workforce? It will be interesting to
see how the Senate explores Neese's qualifications.
And will she pass the Obama test? -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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