The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 39, September 11, 2005, Article 1


[The publication of this issue was held up until September 13
by a problem with our email list configuration. Sorry for the
delay. Glad to be back in business. - Editor]

We now have 783 subscribers on this sad anniversary of the
September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Our subsequent issue
included accounts of the event from numismatists in the city,
and reports of numismatic auctions and other activities affected.
The issue is archived on our web site at this address: esylum_v04n38.html

On that day we had just 416 subscribers, so we've grown
to nearly double that number. Eric Cheung's online diary of
the day's events as seen from his home in lower Manhattan
has disappeared from the web, so the quoted passages in
the E-Sylum are our only record outside of what may exist
deep in the bowels of the Wayback machine. This disappearing
web page phenomenon is why I'm typically so liberal in quoting
passages from web pages. In all these years no copyright
holder has ever complained, and often these snippets are the
only remaining record we numismatists have of an item's existence.

Coincidentally, I recently discovered an old local newspaper
in my files. The headline? "Blast rocks NYC Towers." The
date? February 27, 1993. "An explosion apparently caused
by a car bomb in an underground garage shook the World
Trade Center in lower Manhattan with the force of a small
earthquake shortly after noon yesterday, collapsing walls and
floors, igniting small fires and plunging the city's largest building
complex into a maelstrom of smoke, darkness and fearful

Our attention today is on a disaster involving Mother Nature,
Hurricane Katrina and its horrible aftermath. Coin World ran
a story in the recent issue about some of the numismatic
personalities from the area who fled and were safe, but at press
time a number were still unaccounted for. Many are likely to
be alive and well at locations outside of the area, but little is
known because of the magnitude of the disruption. Our thoughts
are with our fellow numismatists and all affected by the tragedy.

While clearing out the E-Sylum "I'll get around to this sometime
soon" pile, I discovered a letter from ANA Treasurer Adna Wilde.
Dated July 29, 2004, it referenced a query in the July 26, 2004
issue of The E-Sylum. My apologies to Mr. Wilde, but I guess
we keyboard junkies don't know what to do with snail mail.
If I can cut and paste it into The E-Sylum, in it goes in a lightning
flash. If it has to be retyped, it often ends up on the ever-growing
pile next to my computer. Mr. Wilde's query is published below,
but the "pile' phenomena is related to another subject near and
dear to my Editor heart. Often I'll get a note from a reader
wondering if I saw this or that item in the numismatic press.
Since I subscribe to and read an awful lot of publications relating
to U.S. numismatics, often the answer is yes, I've seen it. But
that doesn't mean I've had the time to comment on it. So please -
if you see something that you feel would be of interest to your
fellow readers, fire me a quick email quoting the relevant passage,
and badda-bing, badda-boom! - it'll show up in the E-Sylum.

Our interesting word of the day is "Natatorium," and personalities
mentioned in this issue include Farran Zerbe, Howard Gibbs, James
Earle Fraser, Joseph Lesher, Nadia Comaneci, Mark Spitz and
Bob Denver. What do they all have to do with numismatics?
Read on and find out!

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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