The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 50, November 27, 2005, Article 1


Among our recent subscribers is Bill Hunter of Pittsburgh.
Welcome aboard!   We now have 822 subscribers.

A few readers have reported problems with AOL again.
AOL was rejecting last week's E-Sylum email message.
All it gives me is a vague message about there being a
URL in it that generates complaints, but it doesn't tell
me which one. Anyone who missed the last issue can read
it on the web site at this address:
Esylum V8N49

Another reader wrote to describe a problem with the formatting of the issue,
but unfortunately I've lost the note - please resend!  I've been using a
different mail system for the last few weeks, and that is why some of you
have noticed some changes.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Speaking of
formatting, the previous paragraph (beginning with "A few readers...") was
formatted to have line breaks keeping each line to about 70 characters or
less.  This paragraph (beginning "Another reader...") has no line breaks.
Let me know if you have a format preference.  For years we've maintained the
70-character limit because it's the lowest common denominator that seems to
work on every email device around.  But if it's unnecessary for the majority
of our readers I won't bother doing it anymore.

In his issue, George Kolbe reports highlights of his
recent numismatic literature sale #98, and the market
continues to be strong for quality material.  Sale 99
and the magic 100 are on the way.

Fred Schwan reports that a new edition of Gene Hessler's
Comprehensive Catalog of U. S. Paper Money is in the works,
with a new co-author.  Fred also describes the extensive
set of hoops a publisher must jump through to obtain
publication-quality images of currency from the Bureau
of Engraving and Printing.

In the "interesting numismatic-related trivia" department,
we learn about a fight over the subsequent sale of Krause
Publications' parent company's new owner, and some interesting
facts about a Los Angeles home owned by former coin dealer
and jailbird Bruce McNall.

In the international banknote area, we learn of an
embarrassing "typo" found on an about-to-be-released
note and the planned recall of high-denomination Swedish
notes.  In Columbia, counterfeiting is a family affair
- a network producing millions of dollars a month in
fake cash has been broken up.

In the numismatic personalities department, remembrances
of Bill Spengler continue to arrive, and we have some
further discussion on gold coins and medals owned by
the Saint-Gaudens family.

Lastly, we examine a new Act passed by the U.S.
Senate calling for Presidential $1 coins, changes to
the Lincoln Cent, and the creation of several new
commemorative and bullion pieces.

Off-topic: an interesting article on modern covered bridges: Covered Bridges Story

This week's quiz: What numismatic personality likely
witnessed an historic event aboard the Lusitania?
Read on to find out.  Enjoy!

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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