The E-Sylum:  Volume 9, Number 11, March 12, 2006, Article 2

REPORTS ON KOBLE SALES 99, 100, 101, 102

George Kolbe has issued a press release with information on the
prices realized for his 99th sale, and previews of the upcoming
100th, 101st and 102nd sales:

"Auction Sale 99 Results: Auction Sale 99, closing on March 9th,
2006, was quite successful. Over 86% of the lots in the sale sold,
bringing more than the total of ALL of the estimates. Some of the
sale highlights include: perhaps the highest price ever realized
for a regular issue non-plated Chapman sale, achieved by the brothers’
April 13-14, 1896 stamp sale, selling at $1,840; it was followed by
another non-plated April 22, 1911 Henry Chapman Siedlecki sale which
brought $920; William Butler Yeats’ elusive work on Irish Free State
coins brought $460 on a $200 estimate; the catalogue of the first
Toronto coin auction sale was avidly sought after, selling for $805
on a $250 estimate; Q. David Bowers’ first numismatic publication
realized an impressive $862; a complete set of Davenport works on
crowns and talers sold for $805; the monumental 1913 Tolstoi catalogue
of Russian coins brought $862; plated Thomas Elder catalogues of the
1908 Gschwend and Wilson sales were in demand, bringing $690 and
$661 respectively; a very fine first edition/first issue Red Book
sold for $1,955; Zelada’s 1778 catalogue of Aes Grave in the Cardinal
de Zelada collection was estimated at $250 and sold for $431; and a
special leather-bound edition of C. Wyllys Betts’ landmark 1894
American Colonial History Illustrated by Contemporary Medals saw
spirited bidding, finally selling for $2,875 on a $350 estimate.

Announcing Auction Sales 100-102: On Saturday, June 3, 2006, George
Frederick Kolbe/Fine Numismatic Books will conduct their 100th, 101st,
& 102nd auction sales at the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo.
Each catalogue may be ordered by sending $15.00 to Kolbe at P. O.
Drawer 3100, Crestline, CA 92325, or copies of all three catalogues
may be obtained by sending $25.00. The catalogues are also accessible
free of charge at the firm’s web site ( Details of
each sale follow.

Auction Sale 100: One hundred lots on various topics, including: a
remarkably fine copy of Ricaud de Tiregale’s superbly produced 1772
work on Russian medals; Pope Innocent XI’s superb large paper copy of
Claud du Molinet’s classic 1679 work on Papal medals; W. W. C. Wilson’s
Deluxe Edition of the classic 1913 Adams-Woodin work on United States
pattern coins; a collection of autographs of over 40 early American
Numismatic Association members; a handsome early edition of the first
numismatic book, printed in 1524; an exceptionally fine set of
Conbrouse’s classic catalogue of “Monnaies Nationale de France”; an
extremely rare 1820 work by William Congreve on methods to prevent
counterfeiting of bank notes; an exceptionally fine 1875 “Nova
Constellatio” edition of Crosby’s classic work on American colonial
coins; an 1867 photographic record of the medals of David d’Angers;
a very fine leather-bound set of Habich’s massive work on German
Renaissance medals; one of only five large paper copies of the first
substantial work on American coins; Edward T. Newell’s annotated
personal copies of several of his most important works on Greek coins;
a charming early nineteenth century illustrated manuscript on
Portuguese coins; a very fine example of one of only twenty-three
copies of the 1916 edition of Pye/Waters on 18th century British
tokens; classic works on Napoleonic medals; important original
letters by James Ross and A. Loudon Snowden; a very fine original
set of Corpus Nummorum Italicorum; etc.

Auction Sale 101: Part I of the extensive American numismatic
library formed by Alan Meghrig. Included is a complete set of the
American Journal of Numismatics, each volume individually bound;
perhaps the first published photograph of American coins, depicting
colonial coins in the collection of Dr. Charles Clay; Dr. French’s
extensively annotated copy of the 1883 Andrews work on large cents;
a very fine 1923 edition of S. H. Chapman’s work on 1794 cents; an
original 1892 Dr. Hall work on Connecticut coppers; a rare illustrated
1856 article on the San Francisco Mint; Copy No. 1, signed, of
Newcomb’s work on 1801, 1802, and 1803 cents; a fine copy of the
rare 1870 edition of the Maris work on 1794 cents; sets of The
Numismatist, Mehl’s Numismatic Monthly, and Scott’s Coin Collector’s
Journal; Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte’s inscribed set of Loubat’s
“Medallic History”; etc.

Auction Sale 102: Attinelliana, the remarkable collection of rare
early American numismatic publications and broadsides formed by
John W. Adams."

[Wow, wow, and triple-wow!  -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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