The E-Sylum:  Volume 9, Number 53, December 31, 2006, Article 1


Among our recent subscribers are Tom Caldwell and Bruce Lorich.
Welcome aboard!  We now have 1,024 subscribers.

This week's issue is being published on New Year's Eve - Happy New Year,
everyone.   I had a few extra hours this week since my wife and kids
left me (to visit relatives for a couple days!) so I made a dent in my
book review backlog.  Discussed in this issue are Eric Leighton's
"NUmiS WORTHY", "The Denver Mint: 100 Years of Gangsters, Gold, and
Ghosts", the "Tribute Edition" reprint of the 1947 Guide Book of
United States Coins, as well as the leatherbound "Limited Edition"
of the 2007 Guide Book.  Also, Jorg Lueke reviews Alan Stahl's "Zecca -
The Mint of Venice in the Middle Ages," and Bob Lyall gives us his first
impressions of the new book by Michael Finlay on Cumbrian mining tokens.

Dick Johnson introduces us to Historical Directories of the British
Empire, a very useful online digital library of local and trade
directories for England and Wales, and Karl Moulton comes through
with the missing Haseltine PRL page sought last week.  In other
follow-ups from previous issues, we reveal the answers to the quiz
questions on F.C.C. Boyd and First Spouses.  Finally, a new question
arises relating to a rousing long-ago Numismatic Literary Guild Bash.

We've covered a great deal of ground in our discussion topics this year,
and I've gotten a lot of great feedback from many of you.  It's a
pleasure to work on this each week knowing what a great group of readers
and contributors is out there on the other end of the wire.

It's time to close out another E-Sylum volume and start the next one
afresh.  This year brought us over the 1,000-subscriber threshold and
we had success in generating some income for the Numismatic Bibliomania
Society via the Google ads on the E-Sylum archive site.  Finally, we
developed a search engine specifically targeting the thousands of
great numismatic web pages we've discussed over the years.

What's next for The E-Sylum?  Who knows?  When we started this little
newsletter the Internet was still brand new to most people.    Now
it's ubiquitous and many wonder how we ever lived without it.  We were
a blog (web log) before there was even a word for what we do. Our plain-
vanilla text-only format has served us well, but with what seems like
every third person in the world now publishing their own blog, quite a
few tools and services are available to make the process easy.  So we'll
investigate some of these tools and see if any will do the trick for us.
Meanwhile, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Have a great week, everyone, and please keep on promoting The E-Sylum
among your numismatic friends, acquaintances and anyone who has an
interest in learning more about numismatics.  Thanks!

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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