The E-Sylum:  Volume 10, Number 6, February 11, 2007, Article 1


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This week's issue opens with reviews of three numismatic books;
Bob Lyall discusses the new Michael Finlay book on mining tokens,
Roger Moore introduces a scarce but intriguing novel centered on a
Virginia copper coin, and I take a look a new edition of Bowers'
Buyer's Guide on U.S. dollar coins. Also, John Adams highlights two
books of special importance to collectors of early American medals.

Next, Dick Johnson puts out a call for a co-author interested in
working on a book about the future of U.S. coinage.  Dick also
responds to questions about the proposed revaluation of the U.S.

Last week's mention of Karl Moulton's call for an end to printed
numismatic auction catalogs generated numerous responses from readers
on both sides of the issue.  On a related topic, new initiatives at
the Library of Congress and Princeton University continue the trend
toward digitization, which in time could open up new vistas for
numismatic researchers.

Research questions this week involve alloys of U.S. pattern coins
and ship tokens of the French cruiser Lamotte-Picquet.  News items
of interest (and use to future researchers) include articles on the
U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, a planned redesign of Canadian banknotes,
and alternative local currencies in use in Europe.  And in news you
probably couldn't find anywhere else, learn where to obtain notes
from the loot of the infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper.

E-Sylum readers are a great bunch of folks, and several are planning
to run for positions on the Board of the American Numismatic
Association.  John Eshbach shares his platform with us, and Cliff
Mishler announces his intention to run as well.  I had the pleasure of
dining with both gentlemen at last October's awards banquet at the
Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists convention in Pittsburgh.

John is a PAN stalwart, exhibit judge, tireless ANA volunteer, super
numismatist, and one of my numismatic mentors - an all-around great
guy.  Cliff is an A-list ANA donor, known for his longtime column in
Numismatic News and his leadership of Krause Publications.  Other
E-Sylumites mentioned earlier as Board candidates include Wendell
Wolka and Joe Boling, also great numismatists, hardworking ANA
volunteers and numismatic authors as well.  If you're an ANA member,
look for their ads, review their position statements, and contact
them with any questions you have; I'll be happy to forward messages
to them.

Also within this issue are an online tribute to the late U.S. colonial
coin dealer Mike Ringo, and a note about a web site loaded with
information on bookplates, something all bibliophiles should consider
for their numismatic libraries.   And if you've ever wanted to own a
million-dollar coin, the Royal Canadian Mint may have something for
you next year.  To learn more, read on.  Have a great week, everyone.

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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