The E-Sylum:  Volume 10, Number 24, June 17, 2007, Article 13


Dan Hamelberg writes: "Just when I was going to find some time to do
some library duties, Patrick McMahon brought up some new Von Bergen
points, and my curiosity got the best of me.  My 1913 Von Bergen
"The Encyclopedia of Rare Coins, Stamps, Old Books, Paper Money"
has a 196 Chestnut Ave., Boston, Mass., address.  Also, the back
inside page lists a few other U.S. dealers as contacts, including
The Anderson Auction Co. in New York, and the Philadelphia Stamp Co.
There has been a shake up of the foreign dealers listed, with the
addition of contacts in Amsterdam, Holland, and Yokohoma, Japan.
The dealers in Leipzig and Hamburg have been deleted.

"I have a hardbound copy with C.N. Caspar Co., Milwaukee, Wis. on
the cover.  My copy is a navy blue with pink lettering.  Inside,
the blue covers are missing, but everything else is in intact and
matches up with the one described by Mr. McMahon.   The interior
title page that is headed 'The Rare Coin Encyclopedia.  Copyright
1901, By Wm. Von Bergen' has a sticker pasted in at the bottom of
the page.  It reads 'For Sale at and Trade Supplied by C.N. Caspar
Co., Book Emporium, 454 East Water St., One Door South of St.
Charles Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.'

"It looks like C. N. Caspar was a book store operation that sold
the Von Bergen Rare Coin Encyclopedia. I would guess that Caspar
purchased the books in quantity unbound, and then had them bound
up (in different colors) with their logo.  Of course I would imagine
that it would be possible that Von Bergen had the books bound for
Caspar if it would have created a nice profit - another question
to be answered.

"I stand corrected regarding the fixed price lists for Von Bergen.
The lists were contained in the Encyclopedias.  Mr. McMahon references
a list starting on page 130 of his edition. If I had found the time
at the time to look closer, I would have probably discovered the list.
I need a 36 hour day.

"I also have a 5th, 7th and 8th edition of the 1901 copyright date.
The fixed price lists start on page 119 in the three editions.  The
dealer page is the same as the 9th edition.  The 8th edition FPL page
is undated (as the 9th edition), but the 5th and 7th editions have a
September 1, 1903 date printed above the sentence that states 'This
price list annuls all previous ones.'  The coins listed in all four
editions are the same.  The prices listed in the 9th edition are
higher.  So it would seem that the 9th edition would have been
released sometime after September 1, 1903.  The 5th, 7th and 8th
editions also carry the number 896 in the front and back as Mr.
McMahon pointed out for his 9th edition.

"I have another Encyclopedia with a copyright date of 1901.  No
edition number is present, but the back inside page makes a reference
to number 896.  The inside front cover states 'The Rare Coin Encyclopedia
is now published instead of The Rare Coins of America which book is
now out of print and all the Quotations cancelled.'  The FPL does not
contain as many choices as the other editions listed above, but the
prices for those coins listed are the same as the 5th, 7th and 8th
editions.  The dealers listed are the same as all 4 editions listed
above. This copy must be the transition edition between title changes.

"So now we have more questions about Von Bergen.  It appears that
his numbering system for his catalogs was a bit erratic - some with
dates, some not.  Thanks for your comments, Patrick.  Now back to
the library duties..."

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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