The E-Sylum:  Volume 10, Number 29, July 22, 2007, Article 14


Fellow Numismatourist Dr. Howard Berlin writes: "My last numismatic
trip was in May to Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Frankfurt. While in
Frankfurt I was escorted around the Deutsches Bundesbank museum
and their numismatic library.

"All of my trips to museums around the world having numismatic
exhibits will be the subject of my regular column (with pictures)
in the soon-to-be-released WorldWide Coins, a bi-monthly magazine
of Amos Press, which will be available at next month's ANA show.
I think the leadoff issue will deal with the coins at the Roman
Baths of Bath, England. Other cities visited for subsequent
articles include Berlin, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, Tel
Aviv, Jerusalem, Cologne, Frankfurt, Athens, and St. Louis. Many
of these museums also have numismatic libraries, and most are
available to the public for research.

"On tap later this year In November is a trip to Venice and Milan.
I understand there is a coin collection on display at the Sforzesco
Castle (Milan). I'm not aware of any numismatic exhibits in Venice
though. Does anyone know of any? From Milan I go to Monte Carlo
and visit, besides the casino, the Museum of Stamps and Coins.

"In December I go to Stuttgart and Munich. Not much in Stuttgart
for me except the Mercedes Benz and Porsche car museums. In Munich
I have an appointment to meet with the Director of the Bavarian
State Numismatic Museum in the museum complex called the Residenz.
The medieval Bavarian mint is close by as well as the BMW car museum.

"In many of my trips throughout Europe, I have found that the local
city museum often has an exhibit consisting of a few display cases
of coins and banknotes. Sometimes, the treasury of cathedrals, such
as the Cologne Cathedral, has coins on display. The Cologne Cathedral
treasury, two levels below ground, had a display of 29 gold coins
from the approximately the 10th to the 18th century whose obverse
had the portrait of the archbishop of Cologne.

"In March of next year I have reservations for Copenhagen and
Stockholm. Both cities have well-known numismatic museums which I
will visit and photograph for future columns.

"Does anyone know specifically of any numismatic museum or permanent
exhibit in Paris and if so, if it has a web site? There are a number
of reasons why I have no great desire to visit France and in the many
years of traveling, I have never been in France.  However I would
bite my tongue when I'm in London in the future, take a 2-1/2 hour
train ride to Paris to visit the museum to gather material and pictures
for a future column, and head right back to London without staying
in France.

"Not all the museums I will visit are outside the US. There will be
some places that I probably will never get to, such as the some of
the numismatic museums in Russia, and other parts of the former Soviet
Union. I was once there 40 years ago, and am not sure if I want to go
again. I might have to write about certain places without having been

"However, I encourage anyone to suggest a venue worthy of my going
there and writing about. Perhaps I have already been there and written
about it and it is waiting to be published. Perhaps I have been
considering it but haven't bought airplane tickets for there yet or
am waiting for opportune time to group several places on the same
trip. If you e-mail Wayne with your suggestion, he'll pass it onto
me. I will do my best to answer all e-mails. If you read the magazine
or my column and have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line."

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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