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For a number of years Larry Mitchell compiled a General
Numismatic Bibliography for NBS.  Sections were published
one at a time here in The E-Sylum, then posted to the NBS
web site.

Martin Purdy writes: "An update to the NZ/Pacific bibliography
listing attached.  It doesn't claim to be exhaustive - it's
simply a list of those titles on my shelf other than those
already included in the NBS website listing, so there will
obviously be many more besides these that can be added in
due course. I hope readers find it of some use."

Andrews, Arthur (as per listing, but original printing 1921)

Bertrand, John (ps.): New Zealand Coin Catalogue, 1st ed.
1965, AH & AW Reed, 1965

Canterbury Branch of the Royal Numismatic Society of New
Zealand: They Made Their Own Money, the Story of Early
Canterbury Traders & their Tokens, RNSNZ (Cant'y) 1950

Carter, M & J: New Zealand Milk Tokens, Catalogue and
Appendices, The Authors, 2006

Chappell, NM: New Zealand Banker's Hundred, Bank of
New Zealand 1861-1961, BNZ, Wellington 1961

Coates, Alan: The Old New Zealand Money 1933-1967, 3rd
revised ed. 2005, The Author.

Cresswell, John C.M.: Collecting Coins and Medals,
Whitcombe and Tombs 1973

Cresswell, John C.M.: Numismatists of 20th Century
Auckland, The Author, 2005

Cresswell, John C.M., and James B. Duncan: Teutenberg,
A Master Engraver & His Work, Mintmark Publication,
Numismatic Society of Auckland 2007

Cummings, E.J. (ed.): Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote
Values, 21st ed., Renniks, NSW 2004

Doak, W.: The Elingamite and its Treasure, Hodder &
Stoughton 1969

Foster, D.J.: Foster's Catalogue of New Zealand Coins
and Tokens, Epping Duplicating & Printing Service, ND
(c. 1966)

Gartner, John: The Australian Coin Catalogue, 7th ed,
1975 (“Complete Coinage of Australia, New Zealand, New
Guinea, Fiji”), Hawthorn Press, Melbourne

Greig, R.M., H. Robinson & W.W. Woodside: Australian,
New Zealand Communion Tokens and Miscellaneous Series,
Hawthorn Press, Melbourne 1964

Griffin, R.H.: Bank of New Zealand Banknotes 1861-1934,
BNZ, Wellington 1987

Hanley, T., and W. James: Collecting Australian Coins,
KG Murray, Sydney, ND (c. 1966)

Heyde, G.C.: Renniks Unofficial Coins of Colonial
Australia and New Zealand, Renniks, S. Australia, 1967

Holder, R.F.: Bank of New South Wales, a History
(2 vols), Angus & Robertson, Sydney 1970

Lampard, William H.: Catalogue of NZ Coins, Tokens,
Bank Notes, Royal

Numismatic Society of NZ 1981 (published as a special
oversized edition of the NZ Numismatic Journal, vol.
16 no. 1 (60))

Lester, Roy S.: Fully Illustrated Guide to New Zealand
Coins and Varieties, 1st ed. 1967, Consolidated Press
Holdings, Wellington 1966

McNeice, R.: Coins & Tokens of Tasmania 1803-1910,
Platypus Publications, Hobart 1969

Mitchell, Howard: ‘Premier' New Zealand Coin & Banknote
Catalogue, 2007 edition, Philatelic Distributors Ltd,
New Plymouth

Morel, L.G.: Medallic Commemoratives of New Zealand
1865-1940, 2nd ed., New Century Press 1996

Morel, L.G.: Supplement to Medallic Commemoratives of
New Zealand 1865-1940, 2000

New Zealand Numismatic Society (now the RNSNZ):
Transactions, 3 vols., Wellington 1931-36, 1936-41,

Numismatic Society of Auckland Inc.: The Duodecimal
Coinage of New Zealand 1933-1965, A Series of Talks
Given to Enlighten those Too Young to Remember,

NSA, Supplement to “Mintmark”, ND (c. 2001)

O'Connor, V.: Whitcombe's Guide to Decimal Currency
in New Zealand, Whitcombe & Tombs 1965

Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Money and Banking in New
Zealand, Harry H. Tombs Ltd. 1963

Robb, Alistair: Banknotes of New Zealand, a catalogue
of every paper banknote used, The Author, Wellington 1999

Robb, Alistair: Coins, Tokens & Banknotes of New Zealand,
The Author, Wellington 1976

Robb, Alistair: Catalogue of the Trading Bank Notes of
New Zealand, draft copy, Wellington 2006

Robinson, H.A.: Auckland Tradesmen's Tokens, Numismatic
Society of Auckland, 1960

Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand Inc.: New Zealand
Numismatic Journal (periodical publication, 1947 to date,
ISSN 0028-8527)

Skinner, Dion H: Renniks Australian Commonwealth Coinage
Guide, 2nd ed. 1964, Renniks, S. Australia 1964

Skinner, Dion H: Renniks New Zealand Coinage Guide, 1966
ed., Renniks, S. Australia 1965

Skinner, Dion H: Renniks New Zealand Coin and Banknote
Values, Renniks, S. Australia, ND (c. 1982)

Squire, R.B.: Coin Catalogue New Zealand Australia New
Guinea Fiji (“Standard Catalogue of British South Pacific
Coins”), 2nd ed., Aug. 1966, World Wide Stamp & Coin
Supplies Ltd., Wellington

Stocker, Dr Mark: ‘Coins of the People': the 1967 New
Zealand Decimal Coin Reverses, in: BNJ 2000 (v. 70),
pp. 124ff.

Stocker, Dr Mark: ‘The Numismatic Birth of the Dominion':
The 1933 New Zealand Coinage Designs, Royal Numismatic
Society of NZ 2005 (published as a supplement to NZNJ no.
82, ISBN 0-476-01614-2)

Tye, J.R.: The Image Maker – The Art of James Berry,
Hodder & Stoughton 1984

Williams, M. & G. Shea, Bread Tokens of New Zealand,
Queensland Numismatic Society, ND (c. 2006)

de Young, Scott: The Decimal Banknotes of New Zealand
1967-2000, The Paper Issues, PJ Symes, Canberra 2000

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