The E-Sylum:  Volume 11, Number 12, March 23, 2008, Article 4


Dennis Tucker of Whitman Publishing writes: "Here's a quick
update on some of the books we're currently working on:

"Katherine Jaeger's Guide Book of United States Tokens and
Medals is in the final stages of production and scheduled to
go to press in a couple weeks. This book has been a lot of fun
to work on. Its scope is amazing --- Jaeger has pulled together
resources on exonumic Americana spanning four centuries: colonial
tokens, die-struck merchant good-fors, art medals, presidential
commemoratives, Civil War tokens, fair and exposition souvenirs,
space-flown medals, transportation tokens, prison chits, arras
tokens, etc., etc.! (If ever a numismatic book deserved TWO et
ceteras, it's this one.) She also covers engraved, tooled, and
otherwise altered coins (hobo nickels, love tokens, capped coins,
and others). Most of the book's photographs, numbering in the
thousands, came from a special arrangement with the American
Numismatic Society. It will debut later this spring. 304 pages,
6 x 9, full color, softcover; foreword by Q. David Bowers;
valuations editors Steven Tanenbaum and Steve Hayden, with
assistance from Anthony Terranova, Paul Cunningham, and others.

[So what are "Arras Tokens"?  That's a term I'm wholly unfamiliar
with.  Can someone fill us in?  -Editor]

"The second edition of the Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins,
1795-1933 (by Jeff Garrett and Ron Guth), produced in conjunction
with the Smithsonian Institution, will be out in about ten weeks.
The second edition is being updated with recent auction results,
new third-party grading population reports, valuations, and
recent research. The first edition won the 2006 'Best Specialized
Book, U.S. Coins' award from the Numismatic Literary Guild, and
has been a best-seller. With gold making headlines in the
mainstream press, and gold coins seeing strong market activity,
I anticipate the new edition will be another popular hit.

"Another volume on U.S. gold coinage is Q. David Bowers' Guide
Book of United States Gold Dollars, the latest in the Bowers
Series. Readers can expect a hearty dish of everything they love
about Dave's writing: colorful history, carefully researched data,
and a detailed date-by-date study of every coin in the series.
304 pages, 6 x 9, full color, softcover; foreword by David Akers;
valuations editors Larry Stack.

"We're working on an updated second edition of Dr. Richard
Doty's America's Money, America's Story. Doty explores the
USA's national identity as seen through the coins, tokens,
paper, and other money we've developed and used through the
centuries, going back to colonial times. This is a grand book
--- the perfect volume for everyone who wonders, "Is there a
book that covers the whole scope of American money?" Many of
the illustrations come from the Smithsonian's National
Numismatic Collection (where Doty is curator).

"Most E-Sylum readers are familiar with Doty's work, and know
of his expertise in Latin American and world history, in addition
to that of the United States. That expertise guarantees his
readers a solid education in our money's connections to Spanish
America, Europe, and other regions outside our boundaries. Our
money didn't magically start in 1792 with a little half disme!
This has been another wonderful book to work on. It will come
out in advance of the Smithsonian's unveiling of the newly
restored Fort McHenry "Stars and Stripes" this summer. 256
pages, 8.5 x 11, full color; hardcover; foreword by Q. David

"This is just a quick sampling of some of the books we have
scheduled for a busy spring and summer season.

"In other news, I just received in our Atlanta office an
advance copy of Harlan J. Berk's 100 Greatest Ancient Coins.
It's always a pleasure to finally get the finished book in
hand, after months of manuscript development, editorial work,
image gathering, layout design, typesetting, proofing, etc.
It's a double pleasure when the book is as beautiful as this
one---another fine addition to the "100 Greatest" library.
(This advance copy is one of about a dozen currently in our
possession; the rest are sales samples and one reserved for
author Berk. The main shipment from the printer will be
rriving shortly, and the book will be on shelves nationwide
next month.)"

[Many thanks to Dennis for the preview of books in the
Whitman pipeline.  Wow!  So many books, so little time.
But keep 'em coming!  -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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