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The E-Sylum: Volume 12, Number 1, January 4, 2009, Article 3


Charlie Davis has planned a January 31st mail bid sale of "Numismatic Literature Surplus from the Library of the American Numismatic Society and Other Consignors". Highlights include:

American Journal of Numismatics Volumes 1-25
Superb deluxe Beistle Early Half Dollars
Early Q. David Bowers Publications
Crosby Early Coins of America
Superb 1925 Browning Early Quarter Dollars
Elder Magazine complete
Superb set of Frossard’s Numisma
Husak Large Cent Catalogue; 3/100 deluxe edition
Mehl’s Monthly bound in by Alan Grace
First Notice (1950) of the "D" punched on 1804 $
Fine original Newlin on Half Dimes
Raymond 1935 Standard Catalogue leatherbound
Early American Cents - signed
Scott Coin Collector’s Journal complete
Long run of Red Books, signed and special editions
World’s Greatest Collection, Dr. Judd’s full calf ed
Demetrio Numismatique Egypte Ancienne
Mionnet complete in 16 volumes
Complete bound SNG Copenhagen
Blades List of Medals 1869
Blades Numismatica Typographica
Burns Coinage of Scotland, large paper
Lavoix Monnaies Musilmanes, 3 volumes

Here are a couple other lots from the sale that I thought I'd highlight as well.

From the sale catalog: Lot 68

68 [CHARLOTTE MINT]: [Two Photographs of the Charlotte Mint Building], two glossy photographs, the first nominally 8x10", possibly made from a copy negative, showing the mint building from the front as originally constructed, obelisk type memorial to the left, markings on the reverse suggest the photo was to be used in a newspaper. Second photo, 2½x4½" depicting the building as reconstructed, 1930s automobile parked in front, view similar to that shown on Birdsall page 35. (50.00)

Two photographs, the larger showing the mint as originally built in the 1830s and the smaller after its depression era reconstruction. Curiously Birdsall’s The United States Branch Mint at Charlotte does not contain a photograph of the original building.

Our old friend Joseph N. T. Levick was mentioned in the description of lot 90. From the sale catalog:

90 THOMAS L. ELDER: The Elder Monthly/Elder Magazine, 1906-1908, all issued, 23 numbers in 19, 404 pages total, red cloth, card cover of Vol. 1 No. 1 mounted on the front board, hinges just a trifle loose. Near Fine. (750.00)

Davis 346. Elder's first house organ filled with news, original articles, and public lynching of his enemies, who in the early days were any collectors who did not pay their bills (names and addresses published) or who wrote letters displaying their ignorance of numismatics. On rare occasions there was praise.

In noting that J. N. T. Levick was known to be getting the "interesting little disks together in 1852," Elder posed that "numismatics can hold a man in his later years. Mr. Levick can be found at every sale, minutely examining the pieces, making careful pencil notations, buying whenever anything suited his taste, and pricing his catalogue with the precision of clockwork. We doff our hats to J. N. T. Levick, the "youngest" coin collector in America."

In general, dealer’s periodicals are considerably scarcer if not rarer than the auction sale catalogues each produced, and those of Thomas Elder are no exception. Initiated in March, 1906 as a monthly, Elder shifted to a bi-monthly format in June 1907 when several large consignments competed for his time. After changing the title to the Elder Magazine for the last two issues, he suspended publication entirely.

To view the sale catalog, see:

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