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The E-Sylum: Volume 12, Number 8, February 22, 2009, Article 4


Lately we've had some inquiries about how collectors can catalogue their collections online. John Sallay forwarded the following press release about a new web site that helps collectors do just that. -Editor
NeoCollect, LLC will be announcing this week the launch of, a new website for serious collectors of fine art, antiques and other valuable collectibles – starting with numismatics. NeoCollect helps collectors manage and showcase their collections, connect with others and share their expertise. This pilot website is currently set up for coins, medals and tokens, but NeoCollect will soon be adding templates for art and antiques. NeoCollect was started by John Sallay, who is the Vice President of the Medal Collectors of America. He is a longtime collector of early American antiques, Betts medals and school award medals.


Background – John observed that over the last few years, although the Internet has made it much easier for collectors to buy, sell and research items of special interest, it has not yet helped serious collectors manage and display their collections on the web, or share their knowledge more broadly through the items they have collected. Major museums have adopted sophisticated software to manage and display their collections online, but because it’s extremely expensive and difficult to use, even most museums have not yet placed many of their holdings on the web.

By taking the basic concept behind museum software, simplifying it and providing it online for collectors to use – even those without a lot of computer experience – NeoCollect allows collectors to:

  • Easily and inexpensively manage and inventory their collection
  • Enjoy their collection, even if it is stored away for safe keeping
  • Share their collection with others
  • Connect with other serious collectors
  • Work together to build knowledge and publish their research
  • Find, buy, sell or trade items

NeoCollect represents a major advance beyond home inventory programs and collector registries since it operates completely over the internet, and is highly flexible and very easy to use. Most importantly, it is also extremely private, with every collection and each item completely private and viewable only by the collector until he or she decides to make them public. And even when collectors decide to share parts of their collection with others, they can keep their identity private by displaying only their NeoCollect user name. Or, if the collector prefers, he can provide a brief personal profile and description of his collection.


For a brief tour, see the Overview video ( ) and other visual tours ( ) or read the NeoCollect About Us page ( ).

Major Collections Now on NeoCollect – Selections from a number of major numismatic collections are already on display on NeoCollect. In addition to portions of John Sallay’s own collections (, NeoCollect now includes selections from the Kittredge Numismatic Foundation collection of European talers ( and nearly 200 extremely significant American medals owned by West Coast collector Alan V. Weinberg (

Included from the Weinberg Collection are rarities such as the Morgan L. Mott San Francisco gold nugget medal which came from the Ford Collection, the large-size Jefferson Indian Peace Medal reputed to be Jefferson’s own example, and the hand-engraved silver medal given to the captors of Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, from the Garrett Collection. Other major items represented on NeoCollect include Early American or “Betts” medals from the collections of both Tony Lopez and Skyler Liechty.

NeoCollect allows collectors interested in similar items to connect with each other by joining or starting a NeoCollect community. Community members can link their collections to a community for others to browse. The community’s classified section can even help members build and refine their collections. A Medal Collectors community has already been established on NeoCollect (

Publishing via NeoCollect – Although it is not yet set up, NeoCollect will enable its user collectors to publish at relatively low cost their collections, catalogues, research and other writings directly into physical book form through its partnerships with selected print-on-demand book publishers. This capability is expected to be available within the next few months.

To visit NeoCollect, see:

Wayne Homren, Editor

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