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The E-Sylum: Volume 12, Number 33, August 16, 2009, Article 3
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Numismatic Bibliomania Society Secretary-Treasurer David Sundman prepared these notes on the August 7, 2009 General membership Meeting. There were approximately thirty people in attendance. -Editor

Old Business:

1. President Dan Hamelberg reported on the results of the NBS Board Meeting held on 8/06/2009 in Los Angeles.

Report on August 6, 2009 NBS Board Meeting proceedings

a.) The slate of Officers from the recently concluded mail ballot tabulated by David Lange, was read into the minutes and approved as follows:

Dan Hamelberg, President
Dan Freidus, Vice President
David Sundman, Secretary Treasurer

Board of Trustees:

P.Scott Rubin
Frank Campbell
Leonard Augsburger
David Fanning
Marc Ricard
W. David Perkins.

b.) Bylaws revision: the NBS Board of Trustees voted to amend the by-laws, increasing the number of Trustees on the Board from six to nine, plus officers (total of 12). This increase left three vacancies on the board that needed to be filled.

c.) Gifts:

At the suggestion of Board of Trustee member Marc Ricard, The Board voted to establish a $1,000 scholarship, to be given to a designated Young Numismatist to go towards attendance to ANA seminars. In addition, to encourage new collectors of numismatic literature, the NBS would offer a discount of 50% to YN’s to join the NBS.

In other action at the Board Meeting, at the suggestion of board member and incoming President Dan Hamelberg, the NBS Board voted to donate $1,000 to the ANA Library, and $1,000 to the American Numismatic Society Library.

New Business:

a.) President Dan Hamelberg asked for and accepted nominations from the floor for the above three board vacancies:

John Adams
Syd Martin
Martin Logies

Those members in attendance voted unanimously and Adams, Martin and Logies were elected Trustees, bringing the full board to nine members.

b.) Treasurer’s Report.

David Sundman then presented the Treasurer’s Report:

Balance as of 6/30/09 $22,189.01
Balance as of 7/30/09 $18,478.69
Accounts Receivable (Advertising) $ 810.00

As of 6/30/2009 there were 375 current members (includes 34 life members and 14 comps) compared to 381 last year. In the past year there were 28 non-renewals and 17 new members.

Collins Award

c.) As voted on by the membership and tabulated by David Lange, the recipient of the newly established Collins Award for the “favorite article by a first-time Asylum author” was Bill Bugert for his article entitled “The Martin Luther Beistle Book on Half Dollars”. Bill will receive a check for $500. The Collins Award was established this year in memory of Jack Collins, whose family donated $1,000 to the NBS, in addition to the valuable book on 1794 Dollars, which will be auctioned off at this meeting. Proceeds of that sale will be used for future literary awards.


Numismatic Literature Dealers in the audience were asked to report on new books, and upcoming auctions:

George F. Kolbe

New Books for sale:

1. The Feel of Steel: The Art and History of Bank Note Engraving in the United States by Mark Tomasko, price $600-150 copies printed by Bird & Bull Press.

2. The Washington Pattern Coinage of Peter Getz by George Fuld, based on original research by Jack Collins. Pre-publication spiral-bound edition price $75; cloth-bound edition price $110; (a spiral-bound proof edition appeared in the NBS auction).

The next Kolbe auction will be January 9, 2010 in NYC in the Waldorf, featuring highlights of the The Stack Family Numismatic Library. For more details, see

Karl Moulton:

Karl announced his upcoming book, John J. Ford, Jr’s. 1950s Correspondence and The Franklin Hoard. This is a compilation of correspondence from a lot purchased from the George Kolbe auction, of various correspondence from John Ford in the 1950’s, at New Netherlands. The publication will be sometime after the first of next year. There is a lot of history on the Franklin Hoard. Forms the basis of what the Franklin Hoard material was. Karl has categorized the hoard, pictures, handwritten notes, invoices, pictures, etc., The object is to provide a public record accounting.

Karl will send review copies to most of the principals involved in the controversy and get their written input as an addendum. 250 copies will be made, the pre-publication price is $350 (hardbound) Reg. price $395. This is a most interesting study of one of the most controversial topics in numismatics in the past 50 years. For more details, see Karl’s website:

The year 2009 is proving to be a bumper year for libraries coming out for auction. Dave Bowers has sent Karl 340 cartons from his research library. He has scheduled three sales for next year. These auctions contain much that David Bowers has used to put his wonderful books together.

The Annual NBS Auction:

Dave also sent some pictures. This one shows Brad Karoleff calling the NBS auction flanked by Dan Hamelberg and Nancy Green. -Editor

NBS member Q. David Bowers arrived after completing his participation at the PNG’s "Share the Knowledge Seminar" where he was the featured speaker.

Hamelberg-Karoloff-Nancy Green NBS Auction 2009-08-07 Brad Karoleff then called the auction amidst much kibitzing, with all six lots enthusiastically bid, particularly by Hamelberg Adams and Orosz. The grand total realization for the six lots was $14,550.10, smashing the previous NBS auction record of $7,201.00 established just last year.

Of particular note this year, was the World Record price of $7,500.00 received for the Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and American Coins, by Q. David Bowers, which had been signed by all in attendance at the NBS Symposium on Thursday, August 6th. Thanks to all who participated.

2009 NBS Auction Results

Lot #1. 1794: The History and Genealogy of the First US Dollar, by Jack Collins and Walter Breen. Donated by the Collins Family to the NBS/ Sold for $5,000.00

Lot #2. Special images from upcoming book, Pictures of the First United States Mint: The Numismatic Legacy of Frank H. Stewart, by Joel Orosz and Leonard Augsburger. Sold for $350.

Lot #3. The John Weston Adams Collection of Medallic Distinctions Awarded to North American First Peoples, Stack’s catalog, January 13-14, 2009. Sold for $300.

Lot #4 Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and American Coins, by Q. David Bowers, signed the author and all in attendance at the NBS Symposium held August 6, 2009 . Sold for $7,500.00

Lot #5. The Joseph Brobston Collection of United States Half Cents. New York, 1999. 24pp reprint of Stacks 1963 fixed price catalog, Special limited (25) hard-bound edition. Sold for $600

Lot #6. The Washington Pattern Coinage of Peter Getz, by George Fuld. Special edition. Sold for $500

Total raised: $14,550.10

At the close of the auction the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

David Sundman

Numismatic Bibliomania Society
PO Box 82
Littleton, NH 03561

Ray Williams writes:

I saw that Syd Martin was elected as one of the new Directors of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. I have to say that I've worked with Syd on a number of numismatic projects, and he is professional, knowledgeable and a good person! He wrote THE book on Wood's Hibernias and in doing so has set a new standard for future authors to follow.

He is the C4 Newsletter Editor and I attribute a great part of the success of C4 to the quality of our quarterly publication. I could go on about his involvement with ANS and other organizations, but I'll just close by saying how fortunate NBS is to have him on staff. As the old saying goes, "If you need to get something done, ask a busy man". That's what NBS has done.


DAVID SKLOW - FINE NUMISMATIC BOOKS Sale #8, Saturday October 3, 2009, highlights are now posted on my web site (catalog will be posted next week).

The sale includes: scarce and limited edition Red Books; long run of The Numismatist, long run of deluxe Bowers & Merena catalogs, Rare 1910 work on Clearing House Loan certificates by James Cannon; runs of Bluestone, Hesslein, Elder, Kosoff, Charles Fisher, Ben Green catalogs; Complete set of the Numismatic Scrapbook; Three volumes of British Historical medals by Laurence Brown; Several Mitchiner’s on Jetons; numerous scarce periodicals; Deluxe leather Russian Silver Coinage by Julian; Bound Coin Collectors Journal 1934-1945; Deluxe Bound Stack’s catalogs; Rare 1962 First Printing of the 1804 Dollar Book by Bressett & Newman;

PH: (719) 302-5686, FAX: (719) 302-4933. EMAIL: USPS: Box 6321, Colorado Springs, CO. 80934. Contact us for your numismatic literature needs!

Wayne Homren, Editor

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