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The E-Sylum: Volume 12, Number 41, October 11, 2009, Article 3


Publisher Scott Tappa forwarded the following press release about two new editions of Krause Publications' U.S. paper money guides. -Editor

Large or small, Krause Publications has U.S. paper money collecting covered with the recent arrival of two new books.

Standard Catalof of U.S. Paper Money Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money

The new edition of Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money and Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money are both available, and bring to the table more pricing, color photographs and listings of notes than ever before. A perfect pair, together these two guides represent the most thorough information about U.S. paper money available today.

This 28th edition of the Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money is written by noted collector and author George S. Cuhaj with market analysis by William Brandimore, contains details about nearly 200 year of U.S. currency, and features notes in full-color photographs. This book is a superior introduction to the world of U.S. paper money, with coverage of everything from large and small-size currency, silver and gold certificates and Pre-Civil War treasury notes, to fractional currency and military payment certificates.

With listings of paper money dating back to 1812 through recent issues and current market value in up to four condition grades, this book's organization, larger-size listings and design make it easy to use and comprehensive in scope.

Also making a spectacular return is Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money back, now with full-color photographs as well. The color photos make it easier to identify the differences between similar notes, and even notes of the same series. For example, the difference between a dark forest green, light yellow green and dark blue green United States Treasury Seal is an important detail for properly identifying the note and determining value, and with this book these intricate difference are more easy to see.

In addition, this ninth edition of the Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money contains current market values in up to four grades of condition, serial number data for notes from 1928 to 2006, and precise quantities of notes printed or observed.

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About the Authors

Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money author George S. Cuhaj is an experienced and accomplished collector and researcher. He is the editor of both the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money and Standard Catalog of World Coins series, and has been part of the Krause Publications Numismatic division since 1994. Market analyst William Brandimore has been collecting paper money for more than 15 years. He is the immediate past president of the Central States Numismatic Society, and also serves as the U.S. paper money pricing analyst for Krause Publications.

Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money author John Schwartz authored all of the editions of this book, as well as the Standard Handbook of Modern U.S. Paper Money. Author Scott Lindquist is an active dealer with a 28-year career. He's handled and researched many of the greatest paper money collections of the 20th century.

I asked author George Cuhaj for some more background on the Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money. His comments are below. Thanks! -Editor

A bit of history: The basis for this book is the Krause-Lemke hard-cover "Green" books which for 24 editions were a staple, and also the basis for US listings within Bank Note Reporter and the special issues of Coins Prices. For more than half that time Bob Wilhite was the behind the scenes editor getting the product out, as Chet was "retired" and Bob Lemke moved into the Sports division of the company. Once Wilhite retired, Joel Edler did the pricing updates and I or Randy Thern did the book production.

As with many of our publications, the book has a head-to-head competitor to another reference used within the field. But our book adds a different twist and is marketed differently, thus remaining a successful venture for the firm.

It was during the lead up to the Y2K computer craze that developed the PM line-editing book production system into field-based relational database. The book data for this book - in addition to the three volumes of the World Paper Money Catalogs were retyped! (and then as the next book production period commenced the text needed to be edited).

In one of our management waves to put color into the b&w products the SCUSPM was targeted for a makeover and it was decided to do it in color. We were able to photograph many of Chet's US type collection (Nationals and US types have recently been auctioned, and at least one of those auction firms did not bother to make mention that the notes were plate notes in this book.) and get some additional photos from others.

The changeover from the Green editions to the color versions came concurrently during the period of Edler's retirement, and the market analyst position has been filled since by off-site consultant William Brandimore, who also uses this book's database to form the monthly BNR price listings. I work with Bill to modify the database text, get new listings entered.

This year, for example, we have added the plate number / district position varieties to the 1914 Federal Reserve Note series, increasing the listings by nearly 120.

This catalog was one of the first in the numismatic area to include the Civil War Era Postage Stamp Envelopes, and again with Chet's collection as a basis, the section has doubled in size and was recently re-numbered.

The final area of the book to become color will be the Military Payment Certificates, and that is this year's project to get ready for the 29th edition.

There are great price reductions available if readers order on-line at

Wayne Homren, Editor

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