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The E-Sylum: Volume 13, Number 10, March 7, 2010, Article 7


Warner Talso has written a series of articles on a rare and interesting numismatic periodical called The Emergency Money Collector. They are being published in the MPC GRAM, an electronic newsletter for collectors of Military Payment Certificates and other war-related numismatica. With permission I'm republishing them here for E-Sylum readers. This first article appeared in the March 1st, 2010 issue (Series 11, No. 1903). Thanks, Warner! -Editor

Emergency Money Collector Spring_48 Cover In the spring of 1948, a new magazine was initiated by Arlie Slabaugh called The Emergency Money Collector. It was self published and initially consisted of four sheets of 8 X 11 paper folded in half (to make eight pages) and stapled on the spine. Think about it. A self-published magazine was no trivial task before desk top computers and printers. Arlie published only seven issues of The Emergency Money Collector (TEMC). However, they're fascinating because of the knowledge and attitudes of the time. I will review the issues individually in a short series for the GRAM.

First, an explanation on how I got access to this little known sidebar to our hobby. Arlie died 26 Sep 07. There was an obituary and many remembrances written in The E-Sylum, the on-line magazine of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. The editor of E-Sylum, Wayne Homren, noted he had a set of TEMC. I wrote Wayne and asked if I could read them. He said he didn't know where they were. He hadn't seen them since his last move. Well, Wayne didn't forget. Over two years later he wrote me and announced that he had found them. He sent them to me about 10 days ago and this is the result of my reading them. By the way, The E-Sylum is a very interesting electronic newsletter full of tidbits related to books and publications. You can subscribe by emailing Wayne at:

VOL. 1 NO.1 is the introductory issue and describes the intent of the magazine. It will be devoted to all types of emergency and necessity money (that's a new term!), to include siege coins, war monies, inflation monies of all countries, depression monies, hard times tokens, and more – all emergency issues. Subscription rates were 10 cents per copy or 25 cents per year. Advertising rates ranged from 50 per inch to $4.50 for an entire page. Advertisers could expect a guaranteed circulation of a minimum of 500 copies. Arlie also solicits input for other authors.

Ukrainian Occupation Issues: During the German occupation of the Ukraine in 1941 the following paper money was issued: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 Karbowana.

There is an announcement of MPC Series 461 and 471 associated with World War I. Of course this is a typo, he means WWII. At this point in history, these were apparently the only series known to Arlie. He also lists only two series of BAFSVs.

The feature article is a two page supplement to a book Arlie had recently written on the German Inflation (1920s).

All advertising is for coins and notes from Arlie's own stocks. One is a collection of 27 German WWI coins for $3.00. Also for sale was a Spanish 5 Pesatas note dated Aug.10, 1938, that "uses a feature to prevent counterfeiting not used on other paper money". Fine condition. 75 cents. I wonder what the feature was?

Arlie Slabaugh was a trail blazer and icon of our hobby. His is one of those names that I immediately recognize when I see it, like Raymond Toy or Jimmy Swails. People I've never met, but know of their work.

Arlie Slabaugh was born 26 Apr 25 and died 26 Sep 07. He was a numismatist with many interests. He wrote extensively, usually of topics slightly out of the main stream, such as Confederate currency, tokens, the German inflation, POW issues, and Mexican Revolution coins. He published a pamphlet listing Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) in 1963

In 1941, Arlie joined the American Numismatic Association and later that year he was stricken with meningitis (in the pre-penicillin days) and subsequently became permanently deaf. This illness never stopped him (although many have stories of hard it was to understand him and communicate with him). He received the Krause Publications Ambassador Award in 1989. The ANA honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, the Medal of Merit in 1991, the Glenn Smedley Award in 1997 and the President's Award in 1997. In 1981, he received the coveted Numismatic Literary Guild Clemy Award.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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