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The E-Sylum: Volume 13, Number 21, May 23, 2010, Article 5


Ursula Kampmann, Editor of CoinsWeekly writes:

We have started a campaign, called "Coin Collectors for Cologne" in cooperation with the Civic Archive of Cologne. The aim is to ask coin collectors all over the world to help financing the cost of restoring the numismatic papers and documents, which have been damaged during the break-down of the archive.

I would be happy, if you supported this campaign. And there are two good reasons for it:

1.) The numismatic sources have certainly not priority, when public funds pay for the restoration. This means that the precious material won't be available for scholars, if we do not take action.

2.) A successful campaign uniting coin collectors and coin dealers all over the world will give us the opportunity to demonstrate to all of our critics, that coin collectors are willing to protect cultural property.

If you want to get more details on the campaign, please read the press release attached and visit CoinsWeekly at Coin collectors for Cologne (

Here is the press release. -Editor

Coin collectors for Cologne
Please help to save numismatically valuable manuscripts

About one year ago, horrible pictures spread through the media after the collapse of the Cologne City Archive on March 3rd, 2009. It was a disaster for the protection of cultural heritage. In the biggest municipal archive north of the Alps were roughly 65.000 valuable records and documents stored – from as early as 922 until the present day. Indifference and sloppiness seemed to have destroyed that precious heritage of mankind.

Today, about a year later, we know that 85% of the archive materials were rescued. But they are in a terrible state. After all they were exposed to parts of the building that came crashing down and extinguishing water. At present the valuable objects are stored in a refrigerator being shock-frozen and wait to be restored. It will surely take decades, and the restoration will cost several hundreds of millions of Euros.

Cologne's numismatic collections
In Cologne not only imperial records and literary remains of writers were stored but numerous sources on numismatics as well. In the Early and High Middle Ages Cologne was one of the most important trade centres in Europe and hence the inventories are of greatest interest to European numismatics. Inventory “90” (trade) alone contains more than 100 files and office books from the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times devoted to coinage. In total, the economic-numismatic section spans more than 40 metres of shelve including the inventories of the Hanseatic League and the European long-distance trade. Of course, the numismatic sources are far from being the top priority for any restoration. This is where private initiative is called for.

Coin collectors as the true custodians of cultural assets!
Collectors all around the world, let's show that true protection of cultural heritage is near and dear to us! Let's assume responsibility for our common past across all borders! Share the costs of the restoration of numismatic objects!

Münzwardeinbuch zugeschnitten Kopie As a first project, the persons responsible in the Cologne City Archive have chosen a Münzwardein book from the 15th century that needs moderate restoration (Inv. 90, no. 959). The book is a typical functional script on paper that provides an actual insight into the methods of a Münzwardein. For its restoration 2.500 Euros are necessary.

Please help to save the present source plus many more and donate money to cover the expenses. Dr Max Plassmann of the Historical Archive Cologne has assured us that every object whose restoration is funded by coin collectors will carry the additional remark „Restauriert mit Hilfe der Aktion „Münzensammler für Köln“

15th century Cologne Munzwardein book
The remains of a Cologne Münzwardein book from the 15th century.

More information on this initiative is available on the internet at

These are the account details: Account holder: Freunde des Historischen Archivs der Stadt Köln e.V.; Account number: 19 00 45 89 59; Bank code: 370 501 98; Sparkasse KölnBonn.

It is of vital importance to fill in the reference with "Patenschaft Münzwardeinbuch" to make sure that your donation will be used for a specific purpose.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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