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The E-Sylum: Volume 13, Number 22, May 30, 2010, Article 30


The previous article is yet another example of the damage counterfeits and reproductions can have on the collecting hobby, just as Harvey Stack describes in his editorials. -Editor
Harvey Stack writes:

It was really great that you published scenes from the "Chinese mint" which makes all the counterfeits in the last issue of The E-Sylum. I think copies should be sent to the Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission, Commerce Commission, all the newspapers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post as well as all coin publications, the Professional Numismatists Guild, the American Numismatic Association, and the American Numismatic Society.

These images show what exists and what we all are facing. Though your circulation is small, it is important that all this has been shown. This is a great piece of evidence which could make a dent in the heads of the officials who don't care about how a market can be diluted and hurt.

Someone might consider also trying to reach Michael Castle of Delaware at the House of Representatives to give this a push.

The E-Sylum has readers in high places at all of the major U.S. coin organizations and publications. Outfits like the American Numismatic Association and Coin World with their much higher number of members and readers are much better positioned to grab the ears of officialdom. The "Chinese Problem" of counterfeits and reproductions is already well known there, and I'm sure their voices will be heard on behalf of our hobby. Meanwhile, we'll continue to discuss the situation and pass along relevant information. The problem is far too big to ignore much longer. -Editor

To read Harvey's Stack's pleas for regulation in this area, see: HARVEY STACK: ACTION NEEDED AGAINST COIN FAKES AND REPRODUCTIONS (

Coin World editor Beth Deisher writes:

Most of the images posted from were published in Coin World in December of 2008. They and a 3-part series about Chinese counterfeits are posted on our web site under Reference/Chinese Counterfeits. They are NOT behind our firewall. They have been available, free to everyone since publication. Here's the link to the first in the series

I'm not sure why Susan re-posted this material again at her site. It is essentially almost three years old. Nor was the interview with Fred Weinberg new. I talked with Fred after reading the E-Sylum last week. He hasn't talked with Susan in more than a year. He was surprised also to see it presented as NEW information.

However, regardless of when published, if it helps to inform people about what's going on, so much the better.

BTW, the images (with the exception of the China Mint and Fred) were provided by the counterfeiter interviewed in our articles.

The articles came to me through a May 19, 2010 "About Coins" email newsletter. I republished the Chinese Counterfeit item because of the recent interest in the topic. I hadn't recalled seeing the Fred Weinberg interview and assumed it was new. His tour of the mint was described as "a few years ago", but it was obvious from the photos of Fred he was much younger then. -Editor

Ron Ward writes:

I especially enjoyed the section on Chinese fakes. Take a look at eBay #300428034647, 100 PCGS 1909 P VDB MS-67 - MS62, 2 rolls, 100 pieces - starting bid $9999.00 Something obviously very wrong. This dealer has no other coins listed. Today on eBay I noticed that several Chinese dealers are selling BU 1909-S VDBs labeled COPY starting bid 10 cents each. I think they are not only counterfeiting the coins but also PCGS holders.

To view last week's images of Chinese counterfeiting operations, see: CHINESE COUNTERFEIT COIN DIES, MINTING MACHINERY, AND FAKE COINS (

Gar Travis sent this link to a web site offering copies of rare U.S. coins including 1870-CC Seated Dollars, 1877-S Trade Dollars, 1874-S $10 Golds, 1875-CC Trade Dollars, and 1871-CC Liberty Seated Dimes. Buyers can choose examples with or without the word REPLICA or COPY.

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Jinghuashei Coins (

Wayne Homren, Editor

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