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The E-Sylum: Volume 13, Number 24, June 13, 2010, Article 21


Regarding my recent car accident, Charlie Davis writes:

Frightening scenerio. Thank God all is OK although I imagine you will have aching muscles for a while. I can't believe Tyler played a game after that!

Wayne's car post crash

Dick Hanscom writes:

Tyler must be a true athlete, playing a game after such an accident! Does he play shortstop? Sorry, had to ask as I am a shortstop chauvinist. Thanks for all your work on The E-Sylum, especially under the circumstances this week.

Jim Duncan of New Zealand writes:

Buy yourself a lottery ticket! Or two. Time they made using a cell phone while driving illegal. They did so here a few months ago. Glad you are okay though - who on earth would take up the flame if you were out of action for any length of time? I drive a Toyota too, love 'em.

Denis Loring writes:

Scary. I'm glad you and Tyler are OK. Is the car a silver 2000 Toyota Camry? That's exactly what I have. Your story reinforced my faith in it.

That's right - my car was a 2000 Toyota Camry. I bought it December 31, 1999, ten and a half years ago.

Steve Shupe of Audi writes:

I am glad to hear that you are okay! Being in the automotive industry, from looking at the pictures that you sent, the vehicle crumpled as designed. Modern vehicles are designed to absorb energy from collisions by buckling and folding. This action absorbs the energy and protects the passengers. Yes, the vehicle may be destroyed, but the people live to see another day. (I am quite sure that the vehicle will be totaled)

Yep - it was a total loss. Roger Burdette writes:

Your accident photos certainly showed how good modern safety features are. In the 1980s you and your son would probably have been badly hurt and the other driver killed.

Bruce Perdue writes:

Glad to hear that you and your son survived the crash. Having been in a similar accident may years ago I can tell you that the whiplash may not show for months or years, but that I can point to that accident as the beginning of my back problems. I bent the seat back not quite as far as you did, but more than enough to know I had been hit hard! Be well!

My doctor warns all her patients against distracted driving, but none of them ever admits to having done it. It's almost funny - I'd just that afternoon read an article about new technologies that will let cars take over from humans when necessary to prevent accidents like this. Maybe Tyler will grow up to live in a less dangerous world.

Many thanks to everyone who wrote to me after reading about my car accident last week. Other well-wishers included Darryl Atchison of Ireland, Ken Berger, Dave Bowers, Gene Brandenburg, Dan Demeo, Larry Dziubek, Bill Eckberg, David Fanning, Chris Fuccione, Adrián González of Mexico, Nick Graver, Katie Jaeger, Tom Kays, Larry Koblenz, David Lange, Bob Leuver, Bob Metzger, Pete Mosiondz, Jr., Karl Moulton, Mike Paradis, Bill Rosenblum, Dave Schenkman, Tim Shuck, Jeff Starck, Michael J. Sullivan, Saul Teichman, George Vanca, Harry Waterson, and Tom Wetter.

I'm doing pretty well now, and have a brand new car parked out front, thanks to my insurance policy and a decent credit rating. Hopefully this one will die peacefully, of old age. Bid generously in Joe Levine's Baltimore auction - I consigned some nice medal lots to the sale!

And while I hate to make promises, the Gods of Family Time Scheduling have thus far smiled upon me. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I hope to attend part of the Whitman Baltimore Coin Expo next Saturday, June 19th. I hope to see some of my readers there.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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