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The E-Sylum: Volume 13, Number 36, September 5, 2010, Article 19


This extensive article from Coin Update interviews Dr. Alessandro Sassoli, founder of the United Future World Currency movement. -Editor

Few people had heard of the United Future World Currency movement until Russian President Dimitri Medvyedev held up one of the prototype coins in support of the concept of an alternative world currency to the US Dollar. He was heard to comment, “Here it is, you can see it and touch it. This is a symbol of our unity and our desire to settle such issues jointly.”

With this statement from Medvedev, the world's media glare focused on the idea of a worldwide single currency alternative to replace the US dollar as a potential and feasible alternative. Dr. Alessandro Sassoli has been behind the idea of this project for more than 14 years.

United Future World Currency Coin

Michael Alexander: It's a pleasure speaking with you today, but first, I have to ask, the UFWC came to the forefront of international media attention only after the Russian President held up one of your coins in support of your movement at the last G-8 meeting in Italy, why has it taken so long for the world to find out about this extraordinary project that you've organized?

Dr. Alessandro Sassoli: The idea of a super-continental currency began in 1996 during a meeting I had with professor Arthur Shlessinger Jr, who was an advisor to President Kennedy. But the time to go ahead with a detailed plan of action wasn't right. The new European single currency was on the minds of almost all Europeans and the world, and there were still a lot of problems to solve. The thought of an international currency had to be put on hold.

In 2000 and with just two years before the introduction of EURO banknotes and coins, I registered the trademark “Eurodollar”. The thought behind this was looking for a way of linking in a monetary capacity, the USA and Europe. We finally launched the project at the G8 summit in Italy, July 2009. The Cabinet of the Italian Prime Minister hosting the G-8 gave me their approval to present model coins to all the World Leaders attending.

It could have been the end of the subject there and then and all I might have hoped for was a “thank you” letter from their secretaries or personal assistants. It wasn't until Russian President Medvedev held up the coin with such enthusiasm during his press conference for all of the world's media to see and I was astonished! “That's our coin!” and the project of the United Future World Currency (UFWC) was really launched in a big way.

Michael Alexander: We're going to discuss the coins now, the ones which were presented to the heads of State and governments last year in L'Aquila. Can you tell me a little about their design and if they have any specific meaning?

Dr. Alessandro Sassoli: I'm glad you asked about this! Yes, the designs do have some symbolism. On the obverse of the one unit coins which we presented, the coin has the numeral “1” repeated five times in subtle layers which represent our five inhabited continents and the year of “2009” beside it.

The coin includes five stars and carries the inscription “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” which is of course the basic idea behind our concept and project. This was the side of the coin which was designed by Luc Luycx (who is the designer of the common reverse of the EURO-zone coins) and very well I must say.

The reverse of the coin shows a beautiful “Tree of Life” which also has five different kinds of leaves, each leaf can be found growing on all five continents. The inscription reads “UNITED FUTURE WORLD CURRENCY”.

The designer for this side was Laura Cretara who was the former Chief engraver at the Italian State Mint who also designed the Italian 1 Euro coin. I'm very proud of the high levels of craftsmanship which resulted!

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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