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The E-Sylum: Volume 14, Number 43, October 16, 2011, Article 16


From Europe Dave Hirt writes:

I brought some newspapers with me, and did not get around to reading them for some time. I found an article in the weekend edition of the August 13-14 Wall Street Journal that I REALLY enjoyed reading it, thinking "This is me"!

It was titled BROWSER'S DELIGHT, by Henrick Bering, and was about the joy of reading through auction catalogs. He said that as a boy their house was filled with auction catalogs, and he became interested in them. Of how he took them with him on trips to read when things are dull.

I remember Armand Champa telling me that he also did that. Of how everything else stops when an auction catalog arrives. "That's me"!

The catalogs discussed are mostly art and antiques, but book catalogs are mentioned. It was such a surprise to find this great article, and for sure I will save it.

George W. Rode, ANA Pioneer
Pete Smith writes:

E-Sylum readers should note an article by our own Wayne Homren in the October 2011 issue of The Numismatist. Under the title of "Anonymous Pioneer," Homren tells the story of George W. Rode who was a founding member of the Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society and Charter Member 12 of the ANA.

The sub-heading of the article makes this remarkable claim, "In the late 1850's, George W. Rode embraced and nurtured the blossoming public interest in the hobby." Later in the article it mentions that Rode was born in 1858 or 1859. Thus the young Rode was already nurturing the hobby by the age of one. This must be a record for the accomplishments of a young numismatist.

Naturally, that should have been "the late 1800's". That part was added in the editing process.

Many thanks to The Numismatist editor Barbara Gregory and her staff for publishing the article this month, coinciding with the ANA show which took place in Pittsburgh this week. Rode was a real pioneer of the numismatic hobby in the U.S., and played a key role in holding the ANA's first true convention in Pittsburgh in 1892. -Editor

Dan Tague's Money Art
Dick Johnson commented (in terms not entirely suitable for family consumption) about Dan Tague's Money Art. He writes (in part):

His folded currency is not art. It's dollar bills he has played with. Tsch!

"Live Free or Die"

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: THE ORIGAMI-STYLE MONEY SCULPTURES OF ARTIST DAN TAGUE (

Joe Boling writes:

Apropos of our earlier exchanges about newspaper websites not saying where they are, The News Tribune that reported the Lakewood challenge coins is a Tacoma newspaper. Lakewood is between Tacoma and Ft Lewis (now known by the incredibly ugly name "Joint Base Lewis-McChord").

Lakewood Challenge Coin

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: CITY OF LAKEWOOD CHALLENGE COIN (

Buy Paul Bosco's Inventory For One Low Price
Alan V. Weinberg pointed out this amusing eBay lot posted by dealer Paul Bosco:

1400s-2000s, About 50,000 pcs, all kinds, many gold.
Current price: $7,687,503.00
End time: Oct-18-11 20:35:02 PDT

NOTHING HELD BACK!! The complete Paul Bosco inventory, probably now well over 50,000 pieces, since I just bought 600 more, including a full Society of Medalists set and the official 1925 Paris Art-Deco Expo by Pierre Turin (bronze & silver pair). Many were acquired in the early 1990s. There are 300+ different medical and music medals. It includes the THOUSANDS of medals put aside for my future auctions , in these specialties:

  • Printing/Franklin
  • Military
  • Numismatic (see WEBSITE for listing)
  • Judaica (see WEBSITE for listing)
  • Simon Bolivar (see WEBSITE for listing)
  • Golf
  • Aviation (the Otto Kallir Collection, plus additions)
  • Renaissance (including the Max Falk Collection)
  • Turkish Wars
  • US Art Medals
  • World Art Medals
  • Unlisted V.D. Brenner & Karl Goetz medals

Something like 4,000 medals are listed on my website. ONE PRICE GETS THEM ALL!!!

If you are concerned about whether or not PayPal can process a $6,000,000 transfer, well.........We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

If you would like to come to my store to examine the material, I may need a letter from your banker. DEFINITELY from your psychiatrist.

You will probably never BE Paul Bosco. In practical terms, BUYING Paul Bosco is the closest you can get. Do not let this unique opportunity slip thru your fingers.

For more information about me, see my About Me page or Google me to find my website.

This listing cost me one cent.

Darn! That last eBay purchase of mine put my PayPal balance just under the minimum bid. -Editor

To read the complete auction description, see: 1400s-2000s, About 50,000 pcs, all kinds, many gold. US/World. BOSCO INVENTORY (

Wayne Homren, Editor

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