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The E-Sylum: Volume 15, Number 23, June 3, 2012, Article 7

LIA MEISSNER 1936-2012

Harvey Stack forwarded this note about numismatist Lia Meissner of Bogota,Colombia. Thanks. -Editor

LIA MEISSNER nee Steuer, Born May 14. 1936 succumbed to Emphysema on May 14, 2012 at her home in Bogota, Colombia with her two sons at her side.

Lia moved with her family to Bogota, from Roumania in April 1940 escaping World War II. She married Peter Meissner on April 19th, 1958 and had two sons, Antonio and Robert.

Lia became interested in coins and collecting in 1965 as she had some coins her father, who for business traveled throughout the world, had given her as a child. (a personal story from the two sons is attached to this obituary to illustrate how children can influence parents)

Shortly after her early encounter with the different coins of Colombian origin, as well as the rest of the world, she traveled to New York to learn more about collecting. She found near her hotel the offices of STACK's in midtown NYC, went to visit and met with Norman Stack. He discussed with her about collecting and the idea of not trying to collect the world at one time, but specialize if she could. Her Present Homeland, Colombia had a lengthily history, economically as well as traditional, and she already had a interest in her country.

Lia started to collect in earnest, putting together series of coins by ruler, mint and mint masters of Colombia and the mother country of Spain. Wherever she traveled with Peter, she visited coin shops, hock shops and various vendors as well as being invited to visit museum and collections World Wide.

Her knowledge of the series was so extensive, and collection so detailed, that it came the subject of various reference text and numismatic papers published in Colombia as well as throughout the world. As she traveled often to New York, she always remembered Norman and of course Harvey and Ben, as well as Harvey's son Larry who always tried to be of help to her, bid for her at auctions and find difficult coins to enhance her collection. Through the Stack Family she met Mortimer Hammel, who was considered one of the great experts of Latin American Coinage, and they exchanged ideas, which helped both grow more complete information and collections.

Lia was a long time member of the American Numismatic Association, the American Numismatic Society, and a number of international Societies, Associations and Clubs, in order to keep enhancing her knowledge and still build a outstanding collection.

Lia came to the United States often to attend the ANA Convention, the International Convention and Auctions in order to expand her coins or improve the quality of what she had.

She exchanged letters, papers and ideas with collectors who were interested in Coins of Colombia, and provided great research and history to all who called upon her for assistance.

The Numismatic World has lost a great friend, student, collector and one who encouraged collecting whenever she met with those who shared her dedicated interest in the Hobby.

The Stack Family will miss her greatly.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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