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Michael Sullivan is speaking on a numismatic literature topic at the upcoming Memphis International Paper Money Show, along with other E-Sylum regulars and other hobby luminaries. Check it out, and send us a report! -Editor

The speakers series for the 2012 Memphis International Paper Money Show to be held June 8-10 has shaped up to be particularly strong this year with a diverse range of topics so there is something for everyone. The Nation's top researchers and speakers are on board.

Speaker Series Schedule:

Friday, June 8th
10:00 a.m. 19th Century Counterfeits - Sullivan
11:00 a.m. Short Snorters and Other Numismatic Souvenirs of WWII - Fellers
12:00 noon Seal Varieties on backs of 1875 & 1882 Natls - Huntoon & Shiva
1:00 p.m. Currencies N. Vietnam during the American War - Daniel & Urce
2:00 p.m. Official Counterfeiting - Boling
3:00 p.m. Birth of Confederate Paper Money - Wolka

Saturday, June 9th
10:00 a.m. New Natl Bank Note Census - Shiva
11:00 a.m. $1 Legal Tender 1928 Red Seals - Yakes
12:00 noon Paper Money of Palestine and Israel - Chambliss
1:00 p.m. Inside the Treasury - Loftus
2:00 p.m. Series of 1929 Replacement Notes - Simek
3:00 p.m. $5 Series of 1882 BB Title Block - Huntoon

Official Counterfeiting
By Joseph E. Boling

Official counterfeiting is government-against-government. As you would expect, this most often happens in times of war, although sometimes it goes on without hostilities. Probably the most famous instance is the German counterfeiting of British "white" notes during WWII, but there are many more examples. Even the US has been involved in faking notes of other issuers. This talk will cover as many cases as we can squeeze into fifty minutes.

Paper Money of Palestine and Israel
By Carlton Chambliss

In 1927 Palestine Currency Board was established under the control of the Bank of England within the Palestine and Transjordan mandate authorized by the League of Nations after World War I. The Board issued notes in 6 values. The United Nations partitioned the region into Jewish and Arab states in 1947. The Zionists created Israel in 1948 upon the departure of the British. The private Anglo-Palestine Bank developed two sets of notes for use in Israel, an unissued provisional series printed in Tel Aviv and an issued series printed by the American Bank Note Company. The Anglo-Palestine Bank was renamed Bank Leumi Le-Israel in 1951, and notes were issued with the new title in 1952, at the same time the 1948 issues were retired. The government Bank of Israel was organized in 1954, and it has issued all Israeli coins and currency since 1955. Bank of Israel issues are rich in variety.

Currencies of North Vietnam during the American War
By Howard Daniel and Roger Urce

We'll profile and illustrate specimens, issued currency and coins used in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. We're particularly delighted to show you pieces not listed in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. These two guys are in-country mining this stuff from recesses you never dreamed of. Short Snorters and Other Numismatic Souvenirs of WWII
By Ray and Steve Feller

In this fully illustrated talk we will discuss wonderfully interesting notes and tokens that were saved as souvenirs from WWII. We will start with Short Snorters- notes featuring signatures of WWII comrades. We will share stories about the people behind the signatures, including some famous folk. We will also discuss other numismatically- themed souvenirs from the war, some amusing and others deeply powerful.

Inside the Treasury - National Bank Notes from Behind the Scenes
By Lee Lofthus

Get an insider's look at the real-world operational stresses that forced several prominent design features to appear and disappear from the faces of large size National Bank Notes. See how the layouts on small size nationals almost came out vastly different than they did. Have you ever heard of the bad fire that caused a shower of $10,000 gold notes? Come inside the Treasury Department to the days of national banking through authentic vintage photographs never before seen in the numismatic press. After you see this, you'll never look at your notes quite the same as you did before!

$5 Series of 1882 Brown Back Title Block Layouts
By Peter Huntoon

No canvas ever was used more effectively to display bank titles than the spacious faces of $5 Series of 1882 nationals. Huntoon has seen every proof made for the series and will show you every great layout that ever was made, plus some that weren't so great!

State and Territorial Seal Varieties on the Backs of Series 1875 and 1882 Nationals
By Peter Huntoon (presenter) & Andrew Shiva

The cutting edge research that will be unveiled here will reveal previously unexpected and undocumented varieties on numerous state seals on issued national bank notes. In addition you will be amazed to learn there are seals that were used but have never been seen on surviving specimens. The beautiful seals that you love to collect are not a cut-and-dry curiosity about which everything has been written, but rather they represent a pursuit that requires a serious second look.

The New National Bank Note Census - Hickman/Kelly/Gengerke/Huntoon rolled into one
By Andrew Shiva, National Currency Foundation

Dealers and collectors this is hot! National Currency Foundation organizer Andrew Shiva will explain what the foundation is all about and its goals, and how it will operate the revolutionary new interactive online National Bank Note census. You'll see by means of a projected interactive display that the census already is available online, just how comprehensive it is, and how easy it is to use. We are now at 356,000+ reported notes and growing fast.

Series of 1929 Replacement Notes
By James Simek

Misprinted Series of 1929 national bank notes discovered at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing were replaced with make-up notes, not star notes. The replacements were made and substituted in 6-subject sheet form. The Nation's leading authority on 1929 replacement notes will use a lavishly illustrated presentation to explain everything about them including why they were used instead of star notes, how they were made, how you can identify them and which varieties are scarce or rare.

19th Century Counterfeit Currency Detection and Prevention Literature
By Michael Sullivan

This presentation provides an overview of 19th century literature devoted to counterfeit currency detection. American works will be emphasized with select British material included because the two nations employed similar technologies to ward off counterfeiting. Important people involved in bank note engraving technology and counterfeit prevention such as Congreve, Dye, Heath, Hodges, Perkins and Thompson will be discussed. The presentation is augmented by a superb parallel exhibit of 19th century counterfeit detection publications.

The Birth of Confederate Paper Money
By Wendell Wolka

The intriguing story will be told of how Confederate paper money and bonds were ordered, produced and shipped to the South at the start of the Civil War.

The Complete Story of the $1 Legal Tender 1928 Red Seals
By Jamie Yakes

The Series of 1928 $1 United States Notes are at the top of the list of avidly collected small-size type notes. Their beauty coupled with their flash-in-the-pan issue greatly boosts their allure. Despite this, very little is known about them. This presentation will tell their story from A to Z: Why the Treasury thought they needed them, when they were printed, and when and where they circulated. Plus, learn why Puerto Rico factored into their story.

For more information, see:

Ray Czahor adds:

Final plans are set for the Philippine Collectors Forum (PCF) on Saturday, 9 June, in the Nashville Room at the Memphis Convention Center, 1-4:30PM John Riley will chair this meeting and the agenda for the meeting is below. Dr. Greg Pineda, whose collection will be auctioned off on Sunday will be the featured speaker as he will talk about how he obtained many of the famous rarities in the auction. Neil Shafer who has cataloged the auction will add his insights as he has noted many of the lots. Door Prizes and refreshments are planned. If you are attending please respond to John Riley ( and me (

Wow - what a great lineup - looks like Memphis will be the place to be. -Editor

Wayne Homren, Editor

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