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The E-Sylum: Volume 15, Number 26, June 24, 2012, Article 19


Corrections to the June 17, 2012 Issue
Last week I excepted an article and noted "Rumors in India that a certain coin contains gold have led hoards of people to buy them up." Kavan Ratnatunga and Allan Speedy chimed in on the correct location of the story. Allan writes:

The Swat valley is in fact one of the North-South orientated valleys of Northern Pakistan, NOT India.

My wife and I were in Swat during our honeymoon in the year 2000. Here are some scenic photos:

Kavan writes:

It reminds me of a story from Lanka. A few years ago someone placed an advert in a local newspaper that they will pay Rs700,000/- for a Rs 1 currency note of 1940 with QEII, non-existent note. I later saw an image of a 1952 note which had been clearly Photo-shopped. It generated an uncanny interest among those who knew nothing about currency notes, and spiked the price of all Rs1 currency notes of that era by 10 times, which was probably the intent of the scammer who probably had an excess notes to sell.

I took it up with the editor of the Newspaper and told him that his newspaper was used to execute a scam. He explained that it was impossible for them to detect and prevent such adverts.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: RUMORS DRIVE CROWDS TO PURCHASE ONE-RUPEE COINS (

In Dick Johnson's item on the memorial service for Bert Bressett, he wrote "Internment was to be in back in Keene, with a memorial service later in June." Joe Boling writes:

That's interment, not internment.

In the "There you go again" department, Gene BrandenBURG writes:

Wayne, I'm giving you free-of-charge - a tattoo for the inside of your eyelid which reads "BRANDENBURG, NOT BRANDENBERG". It's the same spelling as the gate and/or the concerto. Bach managed to get it right and with practice, you can too ! Any tattoo parlor and eyelid of your choice !

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: WAYNE'S NUMISMATIC DIARY: JUNE 17, 2012 (

The last two were typos, but the next one was a brain-o: -Editor

Joe Boling writes:

Howard Daniel hasn't been to Europe lately (as a Numismatourist). You got it right two lines later.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: THE NUMISMATOURIST'S LATEST TRAVELS IN EUROPE (

Sorry! That of course was Howard BERLIN. Dunno how I managed to get that wrong. We'll correct the archive versions. -Editor

On the Smell of Money
Elizabeth Hahn writes:

His Money cologne Your posting in the latest E-Sylum about the smell of money made me remember an entertaining article I saw recently about a company that creates perfumes with this exact smell! There is even a website that directly sells the scent:

The full article is here (Money is slide / photo 9) in this link:

Here's the product blurb for the Men's version. What woman could resist your charms! -Editor

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: THE SMELL OF MONEY (

Kudos from Readers

Dave Bowers writes:

Nice to have you back!

It's nice to be back! I missed everyone. I'm still getting bits of my computer environment back in place, but the newsletter is back in business. Please excuse the out-of-date auction calendar. Dealers - let me know if you have any changes or editions and I'll enter them when I make the update to roll off the past sales. -Editor

Greg Burns, Editor of "The California Numismatist" writes:

I browse each issue of "The E-Sylum", whether or not each specific item within it "speaks to me". As an editor/publisher myself I find it hard to believe you're able to churn this little gem out every week. Fifteen volumes is quite an impressive accomplishment. It's a great benefit to all who read it. You must have the stamina of a twenty-something. Congratulations.

International Bank Note Society Book Judges Sought
Howard A. Daniel III writes:

I recently attended the International Paper Money Show in Memphis and was present for a couple of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) board meetings as a Director and head of the YN Committee. One item that came up was the need for replacements for the two judges of new paper money books and IBNS Journal articles. One of the judges has been doing the job for over 25 years and would like some relief. I immediately thought about our NBS members and that some of them are likely IBNS members too. And with our love for books and articles and writing them, NBS/IBNS members would be great judges. If any NBS/IBNS member is interested, please contact me at HADANIEL3@MSN.COM. If someone is interested and not an IBNS member, please contact me too.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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