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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 2, January 13, 2013, Article 14


On Languages and Dialects
Ken Berger writes:

Bruce W. Smith refers to the Chinese dialects. I would argue that the word languages is a more acceptable term. Normally, dialects are intelligible to people who speak different ones (e.g. Australian English, British English, American English, etc.), whereas languages are not. In China, although the written form of a character is universal (of course, I am not considering traditional versus simplified forms of the characters), the pronunciation is completely different. Hence, although two individuals are able to read the written characters, they are unable to speak to each other. For example, it may be said that a person can read Chinese but you cannot say they speak Chinese. They speak, Mandarin, or Cantonese, or Taiwanese or whatever. So, I believe the term languages is more appropriate than the term dialects.

On a similar note, people quite often refer to the different Filipino dialects. Again, this is incorrect. Although the different languages in the Philippines often share the same grammatical construction, the words (spelling & pronunciation) is different. As such, they too are languages and not dialects.

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Banks Had Taste
Dick Doty writes:

For what it's worth, the British Museum also has a 1796 quarter eagle, no stars, in proof, another donation from Miz Banks, around 1798. The woman had TASTE...

I don't think Sophie Banks ever married. If I come across a time machine, maybe I'll go back and ask her out. Of course, that Taste thing doesn't work in my favour... -Editor

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More on the Pour Buffle Medal
Serge Pelletier writes:

Leon Saryan wondered about the reason behind the award. Looking at the edge inscription “POUR BUFFLE” means either “FOR BUFFALO” or “FOR BUFFING WHEEL” in French.

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On E-Sylumites
Regarding my use of the term " E-Sylumites", George Kolbe writes:

Let's hope they are not turned into pillars of salt…

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Prominent Numismatic Author Arrested For Counterfeiting!
Bill Rosenblum writes:

I found this interesting even before I read the name of one of the people arrested.

I thought he was referring to suspect Monica Paradise until I read the name of the fourth suspect, David Bowers. -Editor

Four people — three men and a woman — have been arrested on suspicion of printing and passing counterfeit $20 bills in Teller County.

At about 10 a.m. Monday a suspect, identified as Monica Paradise, was taken into custody in Teller County and a search warrant was granted for a Woodland Park home, according to a Teller County Sheriff's Office media release.

The search warrant was executed by the sheriff's office, along with Woodland Park police and U.S. Secret Service agents, at about 5 p.m. Monday. Investigators seized counterfeit money and equipment used to produce the counterfeit bills, the sheriff's office said. Investigators interviewed two men at the home and they were arrested.

Of course, this isn't OUR Dave Bowers. A scruffy bunch. -Editor

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University of Colorado Offers Classical Greek Course Online
John Nebel writes:

Ancient Greek course online I've spent some time studying ancient Greek at Colorado University, and suggested that they do something similar online and the Classics department accepted a donation to get it off the ground. The online course is likely as intense as the on-campus ones, and highly recommended as the faculty are motivated, knowledgeable, and patient. One can't really do anything else for the duration of the course - commitment is required, but in the aftermath one will never again be intimidated by language.

Take a close look at the image - John thought I'd find it amusing, and I did! -Editor

Correction: Email Address For Leon Saryan
Scott Barman pointed out a problem in last week's issue. Thanks. Turns out I missed a quote mark and that kept an email address from displaying properly. The correct address for Leon Saryan is: .

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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