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Ursula Kampmann submitted this preview of an upcoming coin auction in Switzerland. It could be an interesting opportunity for dealers and deep-pocketed collectors. -Editor

Rapp Coin Auction
A coin auction of a particular kind.

Rapp May 27 2013 catalog cover On May 27, 2013, the international auction house Rapp will conduct its second sale which exclusively offers coins and medals. It sticks to its principle. Only a few items will be offered as single lots. Most lots comprise entire collections. This makes it very likely for some lots to weigh as heavy as several kilograms. The focus will be on interesting lots with precious metals for investors. Ancient coins and medals from the 18th / 19th centuries, however, are likewise on offer. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to attend the viewing of the lots. It will pay off – not only financially. Rapp Auctions is famous for its genuinely Swiss hospitality and its outstanding customer service!

40 years of experience
The Auction house Rapp has gained a superb reputation with philatelists within more than 40 years. The company based in the small Swiss town of Wil ranges among the ten leading auctioneers for philately worldwide today. This house proudly holds a couple of records at once; like, for example, for the auction sale with the highest turnover in the history of philately: during that auction, over the course of eight days, stamps worth 33 million Swiss francs were auctioned off. Likewise the most expensive stamp of Switzerland, a Rayon I light blue with framed cross, was sold in 2008 for the world record price of 348’000 Swiss francs.

The starting prices comes to approximately 20% of the internal estimate Many bidders regularly attend the auction in person, since anyone who has ever been at a Rapp sale is well aware of the fact that the multiple lots will be called at 20% of the internal estimate. That promises good opportunities, notably for dealers and re-sellers. But the potential buyer must know than there has never been a lot sold for the starting price neither was any lot unsold. Prices rise rapidly, since many have calculated meticulously how much they can pay for a lot to make sure they still make a profit out of it.

From ancient to investor coins
As always, the offer will be worthwhile. Numismatically highly interesting lots will be offered for sale, as will be sets of bullion coins.

For example, we present two lots here, but naturally there is so much more to discover. Like, for example, a ‘numismatic collection with numerous world coins in one single lot. Including 42 gold coins.’ A number of the gold coins are numismatic rarities in attractive conditions, like a Friedrich d’or of Frederick the Great from 1775 in very fine to extremely fine; a double Friedrich d’or from 1839 in extremely fine; an extremely fine Saxon ducat from 1768; an extremely fine ducat from Hamburg from 1862, or a Bavarian ducat from 1816. What else is hidden in the ‘collectors stock’? Well, anyone interested has to find out for himself when attending the on-site viewing. By the way, this lot will be called out for 3’000 Swiss francs.

Our second example is a comprehensive collection featuring Chinese gold and silver coins, that were acquired at a time when no one expected a great potential of future collectors in China. It consists of ample series of commemorative coins in gold and silver or bimetal, respectively, including 30 gold coins whose fine gold content adds up to 250 grams in total, and more than 100 silver coins in addition. At the current market rate, the gold price alone amounts to much more than 10’000 euros – the calling will begin with 5,000 Swiss francs. Of course, the collector’s value isn’t even been taken into consideration here.

Viewing will pay off! But please be sure to register for it!
A thorough and meticulous viewing will surely pay off! But please remember that with the auction house Rapp things are a little bit different from what you might know from other coin auctions. We are afraid there is no way to look at the items rather spontaneously, right before the start of the sale. Even though, you can of course inspect at the day of the auction, but you are requested to register at any rate since the number of places is limited. Hence, make good use of the period prior to the auction. Take your time and examine the lots as of May 22, 2013. You may register via phone or simply via the internet.

Here you’ll be treated like a VIP!
Rapp provides its customers with a VIP service that is unheard-of in the numismatic world. If requested, the customers will be picked up by a chauffeur for free at the main station, either in Zurich or Wil, as well as – needless to say – at Zurich airport. During peak hours, however, it is better to take the train. It runs from Zurich Main Station or Zurich Airport, respectively, every 30 minutes. On the auction day, Rapp refunds all bidders the first-class rail ticket from Zurich to Wil. Anyone in need for a hotel reservation may well approach Rapp, too. The auction café, which is already open during the viewing, will provide sustenance for free. And it goes without saying that the auction house Rapp arranges a magnificent entertainment program to the sale.

Please order your catalogue in time
Make sure to order your catalogue in time at Peter Rapp AG, Internationale Auktionen für Briefmarken & Münzen, Toggenburgerstrasse 139, P.O. Box 276, CH-9500 Wil, phone +41 / 71 / 923 77 44; fax: +41 / 71 / 923 92 20. Email: A protective charge will be invoiced for sending the catalogue: throughout Europe EUR 30; to overseas countries USD 40. The protective charge will be refunded at a purchase.

You will find the auction on the internet as well as at as of May 1, 2013, at the latest.

Of course you can bid during the auction online or via the telephone (in real time).

Please read the terms of auction sale carefully. Here, too, there are some deviations from what you are used to. Dealers and collectors are treated equally: everyone pays an additional fee of 22%.

Things to know regarding the auction you will find at

Holy Roman Empire coin collection

Old numismatic collection of coins from the Holy Roman Empire, all denominations with many rarities and many rare mints. Starting with Sigismund Rich in Coins and ending with the early commemorative coins of the Austrian Republic. In some cases extraordinary condition or rare types, like Republic of Venice 1848 5 lira in FDC, or double thaler Rudolph II, 1609, Ensisheim in extremely fine, Francis Joseph I etc. etc. Starting price: 3000.- CHF

Comprehensive numismatic collection comprising world coins to the euro. Included are 32 gold coins with more than 300 g fine gold, DM commemoration coins from Germanic museum till Fichte, DM circulation coins with 57 J and much more. Broad selection of high quality. Starting price: 2000.- CHF

SWITZERLAND. 100 francs 1925 SWITZERLAND. 100 francs 1925 B. Extremely fine. Estimate: 5000.- to 6000.- CHF

Wayne Homren, Editor

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