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The E-Sylum: Volume 16, Number 17, April 28, 2013, Article 13


At my request, David Sklow forwarded descriptions and images of a few lots that caught my eye in his upcoming mail bid sale. Thanks! -Editor

Paine's Early Paper Currency of Massachusetts
251. Paine, Nathaniel. REMARKS ON THE EARLY PAPER CURRENCY OF MASSACHUSETTS: READ BEFORE THE AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY, APRIL 25, 1866. Cambridge: Press of John Wilson and Sons, 1866. 66pp. 1 engraved plate, 3 engraved text illustrations, 4 mounted photographic plates of early paper currency. Large 8vo. 27.5 x 18cm. Original tan/cream paper covers. Fifty copies on large paper. No.16. Four mounted photographic plates, [1]-Massachusetts Bill of 1690, facing page 16; [2]-Massachusetts Bill issued under Act of 1713, facing page 22; [3]- Specimen of the small bills issued by Massachusetts in 1737, facing page 32; [4]- Specimen of a Manufactory Bank Bill of 1741, facing page 40;

Sklow MBS19 lot 251 One of only seven accounted for examples, No.12 sold by Bowers & Merena in the Armand Champa Library sale part one lot 441 with 4 plates; No.16 offered here; No. 28 in the ANS Library and bears no plates; No. 32 sold by Kolbe in John J. Ford, Jr. Library sale part one lot 737 and had only 3 plates; No. 37 in the Boston Athenaeum and lacks one plate; No. 39 in the Library of Congress with only 3 plates; No. 41 sold by Kolbe in the John W. Adams Library sale 44 lot 353 with only 3 plates; the example offered here is inscribed on the front cover in fountain ink and thought to be in Paine’s hand- New Jersey Historical Society from Nathaniel Paine;

Ex: New Jersey Historical Society with their oval stamp at top front cover and title page; few library marks on cover; covers chipped, as are the first few blank pages; spine worn off; internally sound and clean; of extreme rarity and importance; not present in the Bass or Fuld libraries; one of only two extant with all four photographic plates; Davis 820: Newman page 196: Sigler 1974: Very Good. (1500.00)

Henry Hines and His 1799 Large Cent
381. Hines, Henry C. ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH 1940. OF HENRY C. HINES HOLDING FAMOUS 1799 LARGE CENT. [New York]. November 3, 1940. Black and white 11.5 x 7cm original photograph. Photograph of Henry C. Hines holding the famous 1799 Large cent he paid $2500 for; he is dressed in suit, tie with vest and hat and has a huge WILLKIE button pinned on his suit jacket;

Sklow MBS19 lot 381 obv Sklow MBS19 lot 381 rev

the reverse of the photograph has inscribed in fountain ink – “Henry C. Hines holding famous 1799 cent that he paid $2500- for; First picture ever taken of the famous cent & its owner together. Age 84-8-1, Late P.M. 11-3-’40, gevaert 116, F.8 6ft. 1/25” the last information is obviously the camera settings used to shoot the picture;

the envelope the photo is tipped in is from The Chase National Bank, Museum of Moneys of the World, 13 Broad Street, New York 15, N.Y.; the building Hines is standing in front of, could very well be the Chase National Bank; in Pete Smith’s work, American Numismatic Biographies, 1992, he mentions the 1799 cent purchase; Hines was born in 1856 and died in 1946; a rare and interesting photographic; Fine. (100.00)

The Australian Numisma
1004. Gartner, John. NUMISMA: AN OCCASIONAL NUMISMATIC MAGAZINE. Melbourne, Australia. 1961-1968. Issues 1-8, 10-12. 12mo. 16pp. each. Self covered as issued. March 1961-November 1968; a most interesting periodical; front of No. 1 March 1961 states-“some twenty years ago Sidney K. Eastwood of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., prepared a paper on the ‘Coins and Tokens of Jersey,’ bring Atkins’ list down to 1937. Having a small hand-press he set the article, together with one by W. W. Woodside on the ‘Commemorative Coins of the British Empire’ and issued it under the title of Numisma. Thus was the title revived which Ed Frossard used for a similar publication from 1877 to 1884.

Sklow MBS19 lot 1004 The first issue of Numisma was printed in May 1939 in an edition of 75 copies, and the last issue, No. 7, appeared in October 1948. It was sub-titled an occasional numismatic pamphlet, the seven issues spread over a period of ten years testifying to its correctness.

The original contributors remained the only contributors through the years. Recently I was most fortunate in obtaining a complete set of this rare pamphlet from my friend, Bill Woodside, and the thought arose to carry it on from the other side of the world. Sidney Eastwood has given the project his blessing, and he and Bill Woodside are again original contributors.”

This interesting publication is not limited to Australia or the Pacific, but contains articles concerning every area of numismatics; in the first issue an article on the Franklin Press Token and U. S. Political pieces appear; the first four issues are secured with crimson cord as issued, the remaining issues are stapled as issued; a great and scarce periodical; eleven of the first twelve issues spanning eight years; Fine. (50.00)

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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